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  • AishFan10 March 2006
    Here it comes again--Emraan Hashmi with chart-topping music, an interesting story, and of course the kiss. You'd think you've had enough, but this power-packed combination never ceases to entertain. The strength is basically in the story. Emraan gets lucky every time. Surprising though that no Bhatts are involved. I could've sworn this was a Bhatt film. Anyways, I must start out with the music, which is definitely the highlight of the movie. It is absolutely excellent and the best soundtrack of 2006 so far. Dino suddenly makes a comeback with 3-4 movies within a month after disappearing for like 3-4 years. He returns as a much improved actor. He suits his role of a serious, chivalrous man, as oppose to the wacky guy in Aksar's remix music videos. His acting has improved since his first (and last memorable) film, Raaz. Udita has also improved very significantly from her last film, Zeher. Emraan's his regular self. Cinematography is good. Ending is a bit disturbing but interesting nonetheless.
  • Dream_Woman6 January 2008
    Now i really loved the music in the film, it was great, god what is it with Emraan Hashmi every film that he releases the music is just ace, he must have a great voice or maybe it could be his looks??.

    Emraan's role was very good in the film, he played a photographer. and i just love Dino Morea he is another actor that is so underrated and needs to get noticed more anyway i am really looking forward to seeing more if his films in the future.

    Udita again disappointed me in this film she was wrongly casted and i really don't know where her talent is but she did make a nice couple with Dino Morea, i thought that they looked pretty cute . I do suggest that you guys should watch this film but it is up to you, i mean i liked it but everyone is different.
  • guyroy-114 April 2006
    weak direction, weak plot, unimpressive music, i wonder why Udita Goswami is there in the movie world in the first place ? she tried to reveal a lot of her talent (mostly skin) but failed to impress.

    music wasn't that impressive as well, only one song "Jhalak Dikhlajaa" was worth listening to.....

    Aksar, the title ? well they tried to justify the title of the movie in the end, but it didn't make sense..

    there were many unwanted twists and turns in the story, which made it more boring. however if someone's a Dino Morea fan, please go ahead and watch it.
  • udita_mittal29 May 2008
    I often wonder how movies like this even get made, and the most shocking part is that people actually pay to watch them.

    With Aksar it appears as though the director made up the story as he went along, adding twists and turns when he liked, no matter how ludicrous they were. The script was non existent with inane dialogs such as "Jo Sheena Roy pehenti hai, wahee fashion hota hai" and "Yeh Versace hai Madam" (yeah right).

    Every one of the characters was shallow and underdeveloped. Acting was awful. Constumes (lycra for Udita and awful suits for a stocky Emran), locales (the numerous houses that were used for interiors did not even vaguely resemble a Victorian mansion), screenplay etc etc, just one word- rubbish.

    For those people who love Hashmi and his movies, watch it. As for me, I'll never get those two and a half hours back. The only redeeming factor was some of the music which was decent.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What movie is this??? A horrible movie with the old boring concept of infidelity which has already been achieved by the "Bhatt camp". The movie starrs EMRAAN HASHMI, UDITA GOSWAMI AND DINO MOREA. The movie has "No Base". It just goes like this... Dino an Udita are married and living in a rich mansion. However Dino doesn't like Udita to the heart as he wants only her wealth. He loves someone else (Tara Sharma). So he bribes Emraan to have an affair with Udita so that he could catch them and finally split up with Udita.. How BORING!! However Emraan falls in love with Udita and vice versa. Lastly when Udita gets imprisonment for killing Emraan, Dino pretentiously tries to save her showing his false love to her. Udita on the other hand does not understand this and feels that he loved her truly. So she lends all her wealth to Dino. Finally Dino comes out of the police - station and goes with Tara with all the wealth. What a fraud!! The songs are good and are the only thing good in the movie. Now the individual ratings: (Out of 5) Emraan: * * Udita: * 1/2 Dino : * 1/2 Overall acting: * 1/2 Direction: * * Story: * Music: * * * 1/2 Final rating: * 1/2 Poor performances and poor casting....... Music: Good... I rate the movie: 1.5 / 10 (Dont waste your time !!!!)
  • Peter_Young6 February 2010
    Aksar is an awful movie. The script, the story, the acting are all simply laughable. Dino Morea plays a man who pays Emraan Hashmi to seduce his wife. Yes, this is as ridiculous as it sounds. Both Morea and Hashmi offer incredibly and unsurprisingly bad acting. Udita Goswami plays the aggressive, capricious and angry wife. She is good-looking but has zero acting talent. The film has one hit song called "Jhalak Diklaja" which is composed and sung by Himesh Reshammiya. I never could understand the hype around this song as I never found it particularly good though it is catchy. The film is supposed to be a thriller but instead it just looks like a comic strip thanks to the terrible direction and writing. Avoid this cheapo at any cost.
  • mridulm8429 June 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    First thing first, I watched AKSAR first time when I was in my school days and I liked it then,but after watching it recently I thought it is not worth your time.

    Basic plot is Dino offers Hashmi an ace photographer to seduce his wife Udita so that using their affair a reason Dino can get a divorce..but things go awry after sometime and a murder happens

    Everything except music and location are poor. Not a single time the suspense raises. Acting is bad. Story,direction bad. Only Dino looked decent. Hashmi did not have great screen presence. Udita is wasted.

    It was full of flaws which you can easily find out after watching it. So don't watch it unless you are a fan of Hashmi or if you can watch any film.