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  • Despite the movie being critically panned, I went to a theater and saw the movie....enjoyed it fully like many others in the audience... The story is nothing revolves around 3 guys-one deaf,one mute and one blind- who happen to stay in the same apartment and fall in love with a neighborhood beauty., get in trouble with a villain-played well by Gulshan Grover...of course all in good humor....Dino has improved but still a long way to reach some reasonable level, Celina will do well to take acting lessons...Anuj, Kim and Jimmy do the climax, Gabbar, Mogambo and Shakaal get beaten by Anthony, Salman from Tera naam and Mangal Pandey !!! Total Timepass...
  • Sherazade10 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film was undoubtedly hilarious but the acting as well as the script was just really, really out there. Okay, a guy named Soprano (played by a seemingly hop-headed Gulshan Grover) in a very Snow-White's-evil-step-mother sort of way believes that he is the worst villain of all time and he has the power mongering goons to prove it. And in case that does not convince you, then he was the Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden & co. posters displayed all around his mansion to further drive home the point. Anywho, inspired by the success of Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen & Priyanka Chopra's world class beauty pageant wins, he decides to begin organising the kidnap of local Indian beauties with the hopes of marketing them on the international black market (I kid you not). Both social and political unrest arises as the missing women's reports begin to mount with little or no upfront arrests or intervention from the police.

    Enter Tom(Dino Morea) and Harry(Jimmy Shergill), two room mates, one deaf and the other mute, who also happen to be condom salesmen (I kid you not) with little or no success. Their landlord's wife decides to add another tenant into the room Tom and Harry share to help them come up with the rent and avoid eviction. Dipak AKA Dick(Anuj Sawhney) is this new roommate, a blind man who en route the landlord's house, gets lost, ends up at Soprano's house and accidentally walks in on Soprano's operation but due to his disability is unable to witness anything. He is then taken by one of Soprano's goons to Happy Singh's(Rakesh Bedi) house where Tom and Harry live. The three men bond in no time but a rift forms in their friendship when they all fall in love with the same beauty, a girl-next-door(or is she?) named Celina (played by Celina Jaitley). They each take turns trying to woo her but to no apparent avail. Sexy Tom (Morea) has it worst as he constantly has to fend of a fish selling beauty named Bijli (played awesomely by Kim Sharma) who is also after him. The three men assume bodyguard roles when they successfully foil two kidnap attempts on Celina, Soprano's next and main target. But the plot twist of Celina's secret identity shouldn't be a shocker to anyone as either the scriptwriter or director fails to conceal this should-be-secret properly. There is absolutely no suspense there at all.

    The most notable aspect of the film is probably the eye-candy aspect of it. All three guys look so great that you even forgive them for flubbing their disabilities and not even bothering to act even. The girls looks great too, and Sharma even takes it up a notch by poking fun at her own voluptuousness. She easily outshines Jaitley who is more of a beauty queen than an actress, and is aware of this fact. The music is okay, look for two cameos by music superstar Himesh. Also, notable are the spoofs of Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan by Tom, Dick and Harry at a masquerade party. Sharma seemed to be spoofing Kareena Kapoor, but it wasn't a definite and who can blame her? The last thing any Bollywood actress needs is to get on Bebo's bad side, especially in a movie as Fluffy as TD&H. LOL!

    After the first hour of TD&H, I realised it was not to be taken seriously. Just enjoy the far-fetched plot, sexy cast and ridiculously hilarious slapstick scenes. The chemistry shared amongst the entire cast is what makes it all work. Kim Sharma & Dino Morea certainly burn up the screen with theirs. Their pairing was amazing! Shakti Kapoor & Avtar Gill co-star.
  • Gupta_m2 March 2021
    Himesh Reshammiya has done a great job here, presenting pop fused with Indian music in a refreshing manner. Zara Jhoom Jhoom was one of the most popular songs in 2006. Others like Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye and Cheena Re Cheena are also enjoyable for loop play during workout. The movie seems a little over the dose for comic elements but the plot and music make it thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Here is an another average comedy film just after pyare mohan but includes an extra character of a dumb person along with deaf and blind. Tom is deaf, dick is blind while harry is dumb....... this movie starts with dick coming to live along with tom and harry who r living in an rented apartment of Mr happy singh{Cool name Na}. they r always getting into mishaps and trouble.......... unless Celina and Kim comes in their lives and it takes a slight turn..........

    This movie can be considered sa an average film.... only comedy lovers would love the nuisance created by these 3 actors....Gulshan grover again plays the bad man in this movie who is into kidnapping girls..... There is a great performance shown by jimmy shergill and Dino morea and not to forget happy singh who plays a very good role.........but the anti comedy people would get impatient on the communication between these 3 monkeys............ Gulshan grover also plays his negative role well...... the climax is the best scene scene in the movie and has all the comedy including the scenes in is a good comedy with a little bit overacting...........

    it is overall an average and thats why it deserves a 6