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  • PRODUCTIONFL20 February 2006

    IVANA YOUNG MAN ---- Ivana Trump Selects Younger Boyfriend for 40-year old Millionaire Bachelorette Saturday, April 29 at 8PM* ----

    NEW YORK, March X, 2006 - When it comes to men, Ivana Trump's motto is "I'd rather be a babysitter than a nurse." In Oxygen's new two-hour reality special, Ivana Young Man, produced by Stone & Company, the famous socialite and businesswoman uses her mantra and life experience to help a 40-year-old millionairess bachelorette select a younger boyfriend of her very own. In Ivana Young Man, premiering Saturday, April 29 at 8 pm*, Ivana makes it her mission to expose the gold-diggers and find the guy with the heart of gold.

    The special follows Kathy, a millionaire and divorced mother of two, who wants to date a young man but doesn't know where to start. Enter Ivana Trump. The former model, world-class skier, novelist and famous ex-wife handpicks six 20-something suitors for Kathy and gives them several challenges to prove if they have the sophistication and the sincerity to win the millionairess' heart. The challenges include testing the handsome but socially inexperienced men at New York's most elegant restaurant and providing $2500 to the finalists to buy Kathy an appropriate gift. Matchmaker Ivana even goes as far as planting her own young boyfriend (AKA Paolo) among the group to get the scoop on every word said in Kathy's absence. The bachelorette's future is in Ivana's bejeweled hands as she eliminates Kathy's favorite suitor and outs one of the cocky gents when she learns he still lives with his parents. Ultimately, the unlucky contenders not up to Ivana's standards are dismissed in The Bedroom with her very own catchphrase that rivals the Donald's.

    "We love Ivana because she loves men, she knows exactly what she wants and is not bashful about getting it," says Debby Beece, President, Oxygen Programming & Marketing. "Ivana Young Man puts the women in control of their relationships … and they have a lot of fun doing it." Ivana Young Man encores on April 30 and May 1 at 8 pm. The special is produced by Stone & Company Entertainment and executive produced by Scott Stone, Sharon Levy, Jonas Larsen and Anthony Ross. Stone is one of television's leading independent producers (The Mole, Popstars, Fame, the Man Show, The Joe Schmo Show, Shop 'til You Drop). Among the company's current projects are Hi-Jinks for Nick @ Nite, TLC's America's Ugliest …, The Ride: 7 Days to End AIDS for LOGO, and American Dream Derby for GSN.