King: Look at that confidence, I love it!

J.R: This crowd dosen't seem to share your opinion king, and quite frankly, I hope this comes back to bite him!

J.R: NO! NO! How can the referee ALLOW something like that?

King: C'mon J.R, you know the referee's helath plan dosen't include vision.

Tazz: He likes playing dirty, and it's easy to see why, he's pretty good at it!

Cole: He certainly is, and I hope he's proud of himself. Personally, I find it distgusting.

Tazz: Thank you captain obvious.

Cole: I just think it's unfourtanate whenever a superstar decides to cheat to win, rather then compete fairly.

King: I have a pretty good feeling on who's going to win this match!

J.R: Oh really? Enlighten us, King.

King: Wait! Why are you so eager to hear my predictions?

J.R: Cause I want to know who's gunna win. And nine out of ten says it's not the superstar you pick!

King: I think I know who's going to win this one, but I dont wanna say, I'm afraid I'll jinx it!

J.R: Come on King! Don't tell me you're superstitious?

King: Of course not JR! I'm not superstitious, because I know that's unlucky!

King: What the heck is a "government mule", anyway?

J.R: It's what you get beaten by when you're in a middle of a slobber knocker. And if you don't have the guts to stick around, you might run like the scalded dog, with the bad case of limbertake.

King: Alright alright, enough! I'm bringing out a translator next time I come up here with you again.

King: I'd love to hear your point of perspective Jr,but i'd have to get my head out of my rearend first!

J.R: And the good lord knows its been up there so long it would not be an easy task.

Steve Austin: [to Jimmy Hart] So put on your little cheap sunglasses, your little zoot suit and bring your 98lb ass out here before stonecold steve austin comes back there and shoves that megaphone so far up your ass they'll be able to hear your silent but deadlies in the back row!