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  • I remember going home with WWF Smackdown for the PS one and thought that it was one of the greatest games I had ever played! Well I had played ever sequel to it and I was so disappointed with everyone that I played (from The crappy story lines to boring game play). But when I bought WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 (on sale :-)) I hadn't thought I would like it that much. Boy was I wrong. The season mode is great!(with two different stories for Smackdown and Raw. not to mention they didn't suck!) There are over a hundered different types of matches in exhibition! There is a very extensive challenge mode (were you can complete challenges for WWE dollars). I haven't tried the online mode but I expect it to be great! There are also enough WWE legends to fill a city! The graphics! How could I forget the graphics! This game has the BEST graphics I have ever seen! Everything looks so real! Anyone who's not a fan of WWE would even love this game too! Go out and rent it right now! Wait screw that go buy this game now!
  • The Smackdown games have a long history. Starting from the PS1, and releasing quite possibly the best wrestling game since No Mercy(Smackdown 2: Know Your Role.) they've remained very popular over the years, becoming the Madden games for wrestling fans.

    Not surprisingly, they've decided to make the Season Mode the biggest attraction, instead of focusing on other game modes. You can either create a wrestler or start with a wrestler from the show. Losing in Season Mode really does nothing, the storyline still goes in the same direction regardless. You have some option, which only rarely changes anything.

    The Create-A-Wrestler is scaled down from Smackdown Know Your Role. And some of the create-a-modes are missing from last year.

    The graphics are great on everything. Except the fans. They look like they where on the N64/PS1. And the character models are well done. Almost scary. But the greatest new addition, is "Everyone has ABS". No i'm just kidding. But I still don't know why everyone has ABS! There is some incentive to play single player. While playing exhibition mode, you have to do something specific to the challenges required, once you do these, you'll unlock more things like furniture and characters.

    Speaking of unlocking characters, you have to plug your PSP into the PS2 to unlock a certain character. Bullshit! And another thing, you do all these challenges and things to unlock something, THEN YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY ON IT! Which you have to earn first! Moving on, the gameplay is rather simple. Just hurt the characters in specific areas for awhile, make them submit, or save up your momentum and finish them off. While, the reversal system, if practiced enough, nothing will ever hurt you. It's that simple.

    The voice acting is better then last year, they no longer sound like they're reading from a teleprompter in an empty warehouse anymore. While the color commentary is just a joke. Playing the game over long periods of time will have their sayings memorized in your head for eternity.

    As for the music, it's probably only reserved for the Death Metal Rap lovers. If you're wrestling backstage, there's no commentary. Which makes it really boring.

    As for the online, it's great. WAY, and I can't stress this enough, is WAY better then last years.

    All in all, it's a solid wrestling game, but it doesn't hold a candle to No Mercy or Know Your Role.
  • Not bad at all. the 2nd best WWE game for the ps2 next to Here Comes The Pain. The new GM mode is just so cool and with the winning belt and everything else is just that good. this is what WWE should be
  • Thats_What_You_Get8 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    all i can say is that this is a great game,the wrestlers are awesome.there's brand new story lines involving triple h,big show,john cena and many other great wrestlers.the goals are easy to complete except for the legend difficulty "who's the real American hero ?" match.the best wrestlers on here are Eddie Guerrero,john cena,Chris Benoit and the rock {once you unlock him}.if your a fan of any other smackdown! wrestling games or any backyard wrestling games this is for you.also the legend wrestler are super easy to unlock and are the best ones.the matches are great including the elimination chamber,ladder match.parking lot brawl,bar brawl and backstage if your a fan of any smackdown! wrestling games or any backyard wrestling games this is for you.

    i hope you enjoy it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is just the best wrestling game that i have played...ever. The graphics are the best, the new wrestlers are also well created & also new match-ups are added as this is the best wrestling game out of the previous three.

    First off there are new matches like Lingerie Pillow Fight, Backstage Bar & the new General Manager Mode.

    Also new superstars like Chris Masters, Carlito, Basham Brothers, Spike Dudley, Gene Snitsky & many others etc.

    But the best thing about the game is General Manager Mode where you control the roster, release superstars & make the matches that you want.

    So far out of all the wrestling titles Just Bring It, Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain & Smackdown vs. Raw 1 this is the best game ever, it has it all the best season mode with real superstar voices, best graphics & all new match types as this is a must play game of the year.

    Overall: Definitely 10/10 & A+
  • SusanAdebisi25 July 2006
    A game with huge return to pull - I've put It In a draw & as good as forgotten about It for weeks but once played again It's enjoyable all over again.

    Takes a while to fully command the finer points like all 24 or so grapples, finisher reversals, tag moves etc once learned this game Is a joy. The ability to create superstars Is excellent down to the ring entrances lighting to their kneepads. TLC matches are possibly the best laugh a person can have without being arrested. Most fun to play are comedy heels such as HHH or my favourite Dupree - up taunt/left downed upper body grapple! The commentary Is generally good at points some of the slurs hilarious but at the start of every match we get "here we are from....(somewhere there not)....what a reversal" ad nauseum. Their mock shock over the ref being laid out & disgust over getting tooled up, most the finishers are pretty dramatic too.

    The gameplay Is brilliantly done specific cut scenes for many moves, on the PS2 the feel of the joypad Is naturally co-ordinated with what you're trying to execute. It looks as good as Playstation characters get, the random chants, entrances, expressions make for Impressive fine detail.

    Depending on the settings the coms AI can become very annoying reversing every other attack, needing 3 finishers to be put away whilst you take one and can't kick out. At times the AI Is un-speakably cheap -expose turnbuckle repeatedly whip Into taunt outside whip Into turnbuckle taunt outside by this time they've got a finisher and of course you can't escape! Worst are the good guys repeatedly coming off the top rope for extremely tedious cheap momentum. Honestly seeing any of the super heavies (taker & esp batista) sling you outside only to come gliding out the ring like Jeff Hardy for the 3rd time has me reaching for the reset button.

    The challenges are exactly that, In exhibition mode you can do pretty much whatever these are Interesting enough but It's GM mode that makes this so compelling, after a couple seasons the roster should be mostly 90's popularity players legends & CAW's making for an astounding card.

    Great game days & days of fun!
  • Before I had bought this game, I hadn't been following wrestling for a while. As a result, my last game had been WWE Smackdown!:Shut your mouth. The step up from that to this was just breathtaking. Elimination Chambers are Immensely brilliant, the challenges are clever and the story mode is so well thought out. The roster is very good, create-a-PPV I love, and entrances are great (booing/cheering for heels/faces). Graphics are amazing, and blood spilt on the canvas just adds a whole new dimension of realism. The only thing I would change is to expand the already broad Legends program. Still, I would recommend this game to anyone who's even heard of something connected to wrestling. It is just that good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is absolutely fabulous! I play it non-stop, everything in it is so good, from hearing your favourite wrestler's voice to power-bombing your opponent into a casket, it's all amazing. The challenges are slightly annoying sometimes, so I sort of cheated and hooked up a second controller to help me out, but it pulled me through to the funner challenges, which didn't need a second controller. Probably, my best wrestler is Chris Masters, because I just beat my opponent to a bloody pulp, then put in the Masterlock, and within five seconds, it's over. But, on top of all that, my favourite mode is General Manager mode. If there's one thing I don't like is that when you have completed two years in season mode, one on Raw, one on Smackdown!, you get infinite attribute points. I prefer slowly earning, attribute points and building up my created Superstars (The Man, Hot Stuff and The Machine).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just recently got this game for Christmas and I have to say that I am very impressed. It has much more than the last Smackdown! v.s. Raw, even though the first Smackdown v.s. Raw is good as well. I enjoy the new Buried Alive Match, Backstage Brawls and the Fulfill Your Fantasy Matches. It has great updated talent like Chris Masters and Carlito. It still has that Muhammad Hussan on it but who cares.

    Anyways this is a very enjoyable game for wrestling fans and even for some people who don't usually watch wrestling, I'm sure they will enjoy it as well.

    So I am giving this game a 9.5/10