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  • Warning: Spoilers
    'The Office Girls' is one of the best lesbian pornographic films I've seen in recent times. Each of the actresses are absolute bombshells! All the women are of Eastern Europe decent and NO SILICONE! My only gripe is (like almost every pornographic film) is that none of the women can act. In their defense I see that they don't have much material to work with (ie. Groan, Moan). The cameraman (or woman?) is very skilled. He/she knows when and where to focus the Camera.

    The actual scenes themselves are up to 'normal' standard. Its the direction and editing that makes this one stand apart form the rest. For example, the moans of the women are kept to an acceptable level. There are one of those 'ultra loud' moans that you hear so often these days.

    Viv Thomas should win an award for this fine work!
  • The Office Girls may be a 9 year old film, but it does not suffer one bit compared to today's releases. Anyone who enjoys French kissing and other acts of love between pretty women will be enraptured by this flick. Back in 2007 the cover of The Office Girls caught my eye sitting on a rack in the "back" room of our local rental store. It was the luckiest "blind choice" I ever made with a rental, whether with porn or regular movies. Soon I learned that British director Viv Thomas and the mostly Eastern European women who populated his productions, were creating a type of female with female eroticism so much more real, beautiful, & steaming hot than their American counterparts.

    The problem with the vast majority of our homegrown g/g productions is that you can tell by the tentative, hesitant way that a lot of the American women approach French kissing each other, that they aren't really enjoying doing it. Thankfully, most European women don't experience the religious brainwashing that victimizes so many Americans, so being sexual to them is as natural as eating their favorite meal. This helps explain how in The Office Girls, the women can just slowly, deliberately gorge themselves on each others mouths and tongues. And they seem to want to just keep their focus on the other woman to maximize her pleasure. Very simply, it's like these women are genuinely in love and want to just relax and and savor every part of each other. In fact when The Office Girls was shot Nelly(also known as Nella) who is a quite beautiful brunette, was the live in girlfriend of Helena a very pretty blonde. Both women are slender and not the slightest bit masculine, and they share a knockout scene together. Sadly, for us girl/girl fans though, the stunning Nelly left girl/girl porn for the mainstream European fashion world 4 years ago. She's certainly beautiful enough to do magazine shoots in any country, and I hope she is healthy & and very successful. BTW,some of the women in The Office Girls (Like Nelly & Helena and Lisa & Stella, and Vera & Stella and Kylie & Lisa even spend some time licking the asshole of their female partners like it's the most comfortable, natural, and relaxing thing that they could be doing. I assume, and it appears, that these ladies just washed themselves quite thoroughly prior to an ass licking scene. Just have to say that with the pretty asses of the 20 something to early 30s cast, those goings on are super erotic.

    After all my rambling, anyone reading this surly realizes that The Office Girls, IMHO, is definitely one top notch example of women with women heat. But even as a fan of girl/girl porn, if you should be under the impression that women sticking their tongues in the butt holes of other pretty women sounds gross, I really doubt that you'd still hold that view after seeing these women in action. Kind of a shame that the rating system only goes up to 10. Well, how about a 10 quadruple + for the fine eroticism of The Office Girls.
  • Voicing my contrary opinion to the Party Line on IMDb, this Viv Thomas is typical of what's wrong with the overrated Brit director who has cranked out an endless line of Lesbian sex videos featuring Eastern European talent. Talent is something he doesn't have.

    The generic sex scenes have lame set-ups vaguely dealing with office workers, just an excuse for the interchangeable, never memorable, beauties for whom the fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for their careers as sex workers in the West a decade or so later, to smooch (Bonus "kissing" and "more kissing" footage is padding the DVD contents), fondle and lick their way to orgasm.

    IMDb-ers are fond of comparing Viv's output favorably to American porn, but any reasonable, even random, comparison of his hundreds of stinkers with the releases by Girlfriends Films, Sweetheart Video, Girlsway/Gamma or even the lowly Filly Films should refute this mindless notion. Or more obviously, mindless porn fans perhaps prefer Viv's Adult equivalent to video wallpaper over actual story-driven cinema.