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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Hrdina jedné noci" (The Hero of the One Night) is lesser-known comedy by Martin Fric, famous Czech director of many comedies and film dramas, with the king of Czech humorists - Vlasta Burian. It's a nice movie, but not the best of these men's films. Theme of movie was by Jaroslav Kvapil, Czech poet and dramatist, and the atmosphere of theater enfeebles the film incidence. Vlasta Burian plays perfectly, but the others rather second to his concert.

    The story is quite complicated. It's a belt of comical situations which make the story of Florian, adorer of the Middle-Ages and local tailor. He embroils with the town-council and has to leave the town. He settles down on the near-by ruins where he meets the group of film-makers who shot historical movie there. He is great dreamer and he considers them to be the real historical beings and tries to serve a princess. Every moment brings new gags and turns in the story, but many of them are expectable. It's a nice movie for favorers of the inter-war cinematography but there are many better films.