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Gabrielle Winters: I lost the girl I was babysitting... technically, of course. But it doesn't really matter... I mean, fuck it, people lose their kids all the time, right?

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Gabrielle Winters: If you want it told right... about me, the girl I lost that night... then the beginning's where I'll start.

[from trailer]

Eddie Gator: You're getting my karate gi wet!

Eddie Gator: Bridget! This towel is weird!

Gabrielle Winters: You have to tell it in a certain way, so that it sounds right... so it sounds realistical.

Dr. Carter Kaufman: So Gabrielle, some people say you're insane.

Gabrielle Winters: I don't agree with people in theory, but yeah I'm insane. That's why I'm here.

Dr. Carter Kaufman: And you're here voluntarily?

Gabrielle Winters: Of course. I had no choice.

Gabrielle Winters: See... logicalistically I can tell from your eyes that you're lying. How does that make you and Jesus feel?

Gabrielle Winters: What happened to that big funeral? That would be fun to go to... you should go to that.

Wendy Covner: We went Gabrielle, we're done.

Gabrielle Winters: Don't be done. Have fun, go back.

Gabrielle Winters: You have a temperature of at least three or four hundred!

Wendy Covner: Open the door.

Lucy Covner: You're gonna hit me!

Wendy Covner: I am not gonna hit you; you sound like your father!

Lucy Covner: I just wanted to use your car for one minute to run an errand before Gaby got here, okay?

Wendy Covner: Please open the damn door. Really, I'm not going to hit you. Also, I didn't know you were into the "F" work; when did that happen?


Wendy Covner: Open the door- which reminds me we're taking this lock out!

Lucy Covner: I don't want another slap mark on my face for later!

Wendy Covner: Well, there's not gonna be a later because you're grounded. Gabrielle's on her way.

Lucy Covner: Tell me why I'm grounded!

[Opens the door, her mother slaps her face]

Lucy Covner: Ow! Ow! What the fuck was that for?

Wendy Covner: Don't say the word "fuck"!

[Lucy is crying]

Wendy Covner: Oh please, you should try out for the drama club or something. Go get your essay so you're ready when she comes.

Lucy Covner: Something bad is gonna happen to you! You wait and see!

Gabrielle Winters: You see this you little bitch? You see that? What is that? What is that? What are these? Scars. Scars! This one, right here's a scar from when a piece of glass cut right into me, inside me, it went right inside me, it cut inside me, right inside the baby!

Lucy Covner: Inside the baby? I don't buy that.

[Gaby slaps her face]

Lucy Covner: Ow! Owhowhow! My mom does that! Why would you do that?


Gabrielle Winters: Wow, okay, you're being a bit much.

Lucy Covner: I am not! I am fucking out of here!

Gabrielle Winters: Wait can't you wait til tomorrow to go? I think your parents would enjoy watching you run away more that I would. No! It's your dad's room, that room! Don't lock the door, please; I can't see you when you're in there!