• WARNING: Spoilers

    Pierre Peders (Steve Buscemi) is a political journalist who has been assigned an interview with a popular soap opera star, Katya (Sienna Miller). She arrives an hour late, doesn't apologise and immediately succeeds in convincing the maitre d' (David Schechter) to give them the best table, which up to then was occupied. The couple on that particular table (Elizabeth Bracco and James Villemaire) complies and is happy to vacate the table for her. Later, another fan (Jackson Loo) asks her to autograph his i-pod. Pierre becomes so irritated with her attitude, full-mouthed, cocky, brainless, answering the ever-ringing mobile phone with a stupid dog tone, that he leaves the restaurant without the interview. However, she has immediately noticed that he hasn't seen any of Katya's films, and only has overheard about her sexual relationships with several men. When he leaves, he picks up a taxi. He watches as Katya talks for a while to the paparazzi waiting outside, and then leaves by foot. Pierre's taxi driver (Craig "muMs" Grant) starts talking to Katya, saying how much he loves her, that he likes her tits, so his taxi crashes into a van in front. Pierre bumps his head on the inside glass of the taxi, so Katya takes him home.

    After she tends to him, they drink a lot of alcohol, and keep on talking. Her mobile phone is always ringing. She says that she knows what men like in women, for example high-heels and fishnets, because that way, women look like easy prey. Pierre tries to ask her questions, but they are very stereotypical. He watches on the TV the political interview he should be doing at that moment, asking about the last sexual scandal of the politician of the moment. She laughs about him, and he finally admits that he has seen some of the horror films Katya has done.

    Pierre tells her a terrible story: his brother Robert (Michael Buscemi), a graphic journalist, had fallen in love with a prostitute in Bosnia, and got her pregnant. The local militia gang-raped her and killed her foetus, sending it to Robert in a bottle. Pierre reads Katya's net diary, where she expresses feelings of loneliness, depression, darkness inside of her. Pierre considers that this is proof that she realises her films are bad, her own lack of talent, the uselessness of her relationship with her boyfriend Ethan...

    Katya also seems to be intent in avoiding her boyfriend. She doesn't pick up his calls and doesn't open the door when he knocks. Pierre tries to lead her to express those feelings to him. When she refuses to acknowledge the existence of those feelings, he shows the computer diary. She gets really angry that he has read it. Pierre sends that diary to his own mobile phone and makes a deal with Katya. If she tells him her secret, he will tell her his secret.

    So Katya sits in front of Pierre's camcorder and tells him that she has cancer, and that it is probably deadly. She gets really emotional, and Pierre says that there is no way he's going to make that piece of news public. Afterwards, she insists that he tells her his secret. He admits that he exaggerated his brother's story, that he has started to invent his sources so that his editor doesn't trust him anymore, and then he admits in front of a camcorder to a murder: he and his wife had come back after their daughter died, and both had problems with alcohol because of their angst. One day, when he was completely drunk, he saw his wife fall to the floor, drunk and breathing heavily; he didn't even bother to check whether she was alive, and didn't phone for an ambulance. He just left and when the police came to talk to him, he played the sorry widower - tears and shock.

    Pierre picks the videotape from Katya's camcorder thinking that it is the recording in which he appears. Instead, he picks the videotape where Katya and Maggie (Tara Elders), a fellow star, prepare for the next instalment of City Girls, the stupid soap opera which they star in. Pierre phones his editor saying that he has Katya's private diary and that he got some exclusive smashing news: she's got cancer. When he hangs up, Katya phones him: she tells him that he's stolen the script for the episodes of City Girls she is recording - so he hasn't got her diary - and that the story of the cancer sickness is part of the new script and part of her character's feelings. Pierre is terrified: he realises that Katya has the videotape where he admits to the murder.

    Alone at her luxurious loft, Katya watches Pierre's videotape, and he cannot do anything about it.