The Colonel: The brigadier wants you to know, your gallantry, your courage, your fortitude, are an inspiration. And I want you to know, that you are some of the finest soldiers I have ever seen. You have seen things in this place no man should witness... some of these things you must forget. For history will remember you. And in the years to come, others will wish that they had your conviction. Remember, remember that glory is not the exultation of war, but the exultation of man, man's nobility made transcendent in the fiery crucible of war. Faithfulness and fortitude... gentleness and compassion... I am honoured to be your brother.

[from trailer]

Dan: Suppose it'd be inappropriate to ask for leave on the grounds of compassion at this late juncture?

Sam: What grounds would they be then?

Dan: On the grounds that I don't wanna get me head blown off.

Dan: Good news boys!

Blue: You dying?

Dan: Ha! Better, it's mail.

The Doctor: We got nothing for you, got nothing for anyone.

Jack Scholt: You got any hope?

The Doctor: Where there's life, there's hope son. Courage feeds on her. You boys have been in for a beating, there's no doubt about that. No one's been looking after you, no one has even thought about you. Criminal, sending you up this place, no experience, no training, nothing. Now... now you have got to make a stand, can't budge an inch. You have got to die here. All of us. We have to.