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  • Prismark1025 March 2018
    Saeed Jaffrey is Zoltan the Great, a veteran human cannonball, past his prime getting ready for his last act in a circus freak show which itself is past its best. Zoltan wants to go out at the top and he certainly succeeds as he heads towards the stars leaving the audience stunned.

    Shot in monochrome, director Robert Samuels makes good use of lighting and cunningly uses special effects. He also gathers a few familiar faces in this short film.
  • I saw this at its premier at the Enfield Film Festival in London and I was very pleasantly surprised, it was fantastic. The story revolves around an old human cannonball, Zoltan the Great, who works in a circus freak show getting ready for his final show. Beautifully shot in black and white, touching, with a great cast it also has some great effects for a short film on such a small budget (the director claims it cost only £8,500 which if true must have meant the producer is a master blagger). The writer and director Robert Samuels won the Enfield Film Award in 2001 with a film I have not seen yet but will do now. He has done wonders with Zoltan the Great and I look forward to seeing his future work.