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  • Me, I'm glad That WWE RAW is back on the USA Network.

    RAW is the greatest wrestling show in the world.

    WWE A.M. Raw is a show that The USA Network wanted since both the WWE and The USA Network were working together again.

    WWE A.M. Raw is a show where they show WWE fans highlight from RAW without having some dumb interviewer talking about RAW, and that's good enough for me.

    While the show is on, they're will things like whats going on in the world of WWE.

    I think that both The WWE and The USA Network brought a great show for fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

    All in all, WWE A.M. Raw is a great show to watch just to watch RAW again.

    Check it out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pros of this show: 1)The work done by the wrestlers: The wrestlers, especially the male wrestlers, make WWE look so real and hardcore that I am addicted to watch it.

    2)The titles are distributed evenly. It is good that titles are also based on the size of amateur wrestlers can fight for cruiser weight championship 3)Some of the female wrestlers are fully clad in decent clothes and make the show look like Trish Stratus, Shanique(she has left wwe) etc.

    4)Ladder matches are the best matches in WWE as they are highly entertaining and done only by well trained wrestlers Cons of this show: 1)Some of the wrestlers are completely useless and should be removed. eg. Val Venis,Candice Michelle,Boogieman 2)Story mode of the show: It is bad to show Undertaker as a person risen from the dead or Hornswoogle as a midget always hiding under the ring area. It makes the show look more unreal.

    3) Please do not include celebrates in the show.

    4) Please show matches that are suitable for children.

    5) THey should bring female wrestlers who are more athletic and suitable for wrestling.

    Overall, it is an addictive show but as newer episodes are coming, it is becoming stupid.