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  • The next door neighbors Nell Bedworth (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody Deane (Kevin Zegers) have opposite behaviors and hate each other: the virgin geek Nell is polite, sensitive and well-prepared to go to Yale, while Woody is rude and his greatest expectation is to join a mediocre university due to his abilities playing football. When Nell and Woody are assigned to visit together a museum, they argue in front of the statue of an Aztec god. During the night, their souls swap bodies, bringing difficult situations to them. They first try to damage the reputation of the other in the high-school, but sooner they discover that their dream of joining college would only happen with mutual respect and support.

    There are many movies of swapping bodies; therefore "It's a Boy Girl Thing" is not original. However this predictable story is very funny and this movie is an enjoyable entertainment. Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers show a great chemistry and have excellent performances. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Coisas de Meninos e Meninas" ("Things of Boys and Girls")
  • Body swap movies are nothing new and here the premise is the same; what raises it above are the two central perfromances which are strong and the overall sense of fun mixed with some good tackling of stereotypes...

    While pretty much forgettable, while watching we found it fun and charming and full of the right kinds of energies.

    If you've got young teenagers but still want a film you can all watch - and aren't embarrassed by the sexual innuendo that runs through this - then this is not a bad choice.

  • When " A Night At The Museum" was sold out at my local multiplex, I reluctantly purchased a ticket for "Boy Girl Thing". The reviews that I read were fairly miserable and I was expecting a clunker.

    I was completely surprised by how brilliant it was. Hilariously funny. Surprisingly moving. Great soundtrack. I was completely hooked by the journey that Nell and Woody went on in each other's bodies. I think both Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong are the stars of tomorrow. They might have been a little old for their roles, but it didn't matter. I was completely caught up in their journey. Even Sharon Osbourne made me giggle.

    It won't win any awards, but if you are looking more light-hearted fare that leaves you with a smile on your face, it's a complete winner.

    I guess it really shows what stupid idiots critics can be.
  • I have to admit first that I am a fan of this genre, although when I went in I was expecting something pretty run-of-the-mill. However, this is no teen B-movie but is actually a really funny premise and has a story with a surprising amount of emotional depth. I'm surprised no-one has made a movie about this before, but they haven't. It seems quite an obvious premise. A boy and girl who despise each other, end up swapping bodies and are thus forced to deal with each other's lives. It's like Freaky Friday but with a bit more edge and all the adolescent teen stuff which is what keeps it fresh. Whilst this stuff is funny it is the love story that really gets you and I was amazed to find myself getting emotionally drawn into the characters. Not often I say that about an American teen movie. Only negative is Sharon Osbourne who kind of pulls you out of the movie a bit, but other than a satisfying movie experience and a really pleasant surprise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a Boy Girl Thing is a blooming masterpiece! Even without comparing it to US movies it's still a funny, intelligent, and even moving film.

    I've read several negative remarks about how many references are made to male/female anatomy but they weren't gratuitous or as overdone as some have said. If you woke up in the body of the opposite gender wouldn't you be a tad surprised and dwell on the differences? Woody can't believe he has tits and Nell is terrified by the strange object sticking up in the middle of her bed. Even the last reference to anatomy is amusing since Woody's biological functions take hold while he's physically close to Nell and he, as Nell, is disgusted by the fact of adolescent erections. Come on, guys, we all know what it was like as a teenager when an embarrassing thing just popped up, so to speak, at the wrong time.

    Sure body swap movies have been done but so have a zillion other genres. It's a Boy Girl Thing can hold its own with similar fare. Samaire Armstrong is especially good as "Woody," walking and moving and acting "like a guy" and Kevin Zegers is good also but his characterization is more understated. His walk, facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. change noticeably as Nell but it's more subtle.

    It was pretty decently written and what it may have lacked in the script was compensated for by the main characters and the director. Some of the secondary characters were not as good as the rest but the parents, Nell and Woody, even brainless Breanna were believable.

    One of the main aspects I like is the understanding Woody and Nell achieve when they literally walk in each other's shoes (yeah, OK, that's a plot device in many body swap movies but "what the heck?") . Nell realizes her animosity toward Woody is mostly snobbery and Woody sees his loutish behavior for what it is. They both realize they are better people than that. The scene with Woody/Nell asking Nell/Woody "How does it feel to be a cheap slut?" makes Woody really understand how Nell feels for the first time. Nell sees Woody's parents are decent humans who are not, as her mother thinks, objects of scorn because they are not well educated. Everything piles up on Woody when Nell's mother declares Woody is "stupid and a loser" and adds "You told me so" to Nell/Woody, causing Woody to see how his treatment of Nell has made her despise him. Also, unlike Nell, Woody sees he's always gone along with the crowd without much introspection.

    Since the movie apparently spans only one week it's a bit of a stretch to expect characters to evolve so quickly but that's a minor quibble (they're both intelligent kids, anyway...). IABGT made me laugh and smile more than most new movies I've seen in ages. I'd watch it just for the bathroom scene when Woody/Nell remarks "Nice pen*s" to the guy standing next to him at the urinals. That has got to be one of the funniest scenes ever and a spot-on observation about (primarily) heterosexual male mores in our culture.

    Of course it ends as it does -- what would one expect, a startling plot twist? Like they never return to their own bodies and Nell/Woody becomes a lesbian and Woody/Nell becomes a Catholic priest? Besides, the end is realistically and romantically different in that Nell decides to take a year sabbatical before starting Yale (much to her mother's dismay) so she and Woody have time to develop their relationship. Although it's not explicit it would seem Woody has made the same decision unless the "sh*tkicker" college he'll attend is local or very close to home. The end makes no sense if Nell is taking a year off and Woody is moving away to attend college.
  • We have had several body swap movies but this one offers something that is a little different. It is very funny but at the same time has characters that you believe in and care for.

    This film gets plenty of laughs out of the sexual differences that other body swap movies have not dared to explore but don't think that this film is full of cheap jokes because it is not. There is so much more to this movie that it should appeal to all. The sound track is also excellent and a good cameo role for Sharon Osbourn.

    The target audience is the teen market but I think everyone can fine something to enjoy in this film.

    I went with my wife and two children aged 10 and 12, my wife through it was funnier than White Chicks and they also approved by saying we should purchase the DVD when released.
  • I know what you're saying. There are countless of movies out there involving body switches, either parental-kid (like Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday), and cross- gender, be it deliberate (like Amanda Bynes in She's The Man) or through inexplicable supernatural occurrence (like Jack Neo's Just Follow Law, or The Hot Chick starring Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams). Whatever the case is, it seems that such stories still can find a market and a demand, otherwise they wouldn't be made, will they? And comedies which arise from such situations almost always seem to recycle some jokes, removing plenty of lustre from what could have been funny, but not so, because of familiarity with the subject matter.

    Surprisingly, It's a Boy Girl Thing still worked, for me at least. Sure, it had the usual jokes with respect to changing and getting used to the new bodies, taking advantage of the change to get chummy with the boys/girls with ulterior motives, and doing everything just wrong deliberately so as to get back at the person whose body you now possess. But what this one had, was plenty of heart, pounding on the universal theme of empathy, of not being able to fully understand someone, until you get under their skin and walk around in it, in which case this movie of course took things literally.

    Samaire Armstrong stars as Nell Bedworth, who's into literature, and whose snooty, prim and proper parents are holding their hopes of her daughter getting into Yale. Her neighbour is school quarterback jock Woody Deane (Kevin Zegers), whose family is pretty much of the average joe, laissez faire type, whose dream for their son is to work at a sweatshop from 9 to 5. Naturally the school jock has a minor aspiration different from his parent's expectation, and that is to score a college education through football.

    It's no rocket science that the two of them don't get along, and as the opening credits illustrate, they get on each other's nerves ever so often, that some ancient god decide to play a prank on them by switching their bodies. Thus unleashing pandemonium in their lives as they have to grapple with living in a foreign body, as well as to ensure that they stay on their respective course to pursue their dreams. It also becomes the usual opposite attracts story, starting with their adversary with each other, to the inevitable finale, but what indeed was marvelous here, were the little scenes crafted where they have to begin to lean more about each other, and to gain each other's trust.

    What I felt helped the movie was its decision to junk a lot of unnecessary subplots that usually bloat such movies, to just keep it simple and very focused, delivering almost every time it called for a punchline, or during non-comedic moments with serious drama, while laying off the melodramatics. Simple words uttered, simple actions made, spoke loads and went the mile. The chemistry between Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers worked wonders too, whether they're playing it straight, or playing each other's characters, and sometimes there are situations where you just have to do a double take to put things into their correct perspective.

    If there should be a gripe, it would be the jarring edit made for an NC16 rating. This is one movie that didn't fear getting into the politically incorrect field, filled with nudity and plenty of coarse language, which I thought was somewhat of an adults-only version of a genre done so many times. And if you're a fan of rap and hip-hop, then you'll probably find yourself grooving to the soundtrack from Eminem to the Black Eyed Peas.

    This movie comes recommended. It's not perfect, but it was jolly good fun.
  • if you get over the fact that the human body neglects its own hormonal instincts of the host and transports the brain of a different owner and get over the fact that basically the people are practically falling in love with themselves and are over the idea that they are interested in someone who looks exactly like them as the movie progresses (not really hard things to get over because it's a movie and genre that is reliant on the suspension of disbelief -- esp. if you liked something as cute and fun as "she's the man") then i think this movie is tremendous with a kind of weak ending (in execution, not in conclusion).

    i think this movie is tremendous in moments but i never really laughed. the strength is in the lead actors really and probably the dad of the girl who was pretty cool. the theme of the movie is positive and i guess if you boil things down its all about trust. trust in following the characters, attaching yourselves to them (while knowing the ending) and trust in deciding to leave your brain at the door. i recommend this movie.
  • I'm not going to lie, really the only reason I had any interest in It's a Boy Girl Thing was because my man candy Kevin Zegers was a main star. Having said that, I thought It's a Boy Girl Thing was genuinely and truly a funny, enjoyable and nice little film to watch. It was entertaining and though the main gist has been a bit butchered, they were able to come up with fresh material that became indisputably likable and I was very pleased with the outcome of this movie.

    First of all, I thought the performances were believable and likable. Armstrong and Zegers have a cute chemistry and their individual performances were delightful. Even though the film is predictable, I really wasn't going to give it a hard time for that, because the performances are charming, the movie itself is well done and just a fun time, and I really don't think a film should be judged just because you know what's going to happen; it can still be satisfying and good fun. It's not meant to be an Oscar winning masterpiece, and it shows, but with the material they try to work with, they pull off a current, fun, teen rom-com.

    In the end, It's a Boy Girl Thing is nonetheless just a nice film to watch from time to time if you enjoy it for what it is. Armstrong and Zegers, as well as all the supporting actors and actresses, look like they have a fun time giving pleasant and congenial performances. The material is fresh for a plot that's running out of ideas and the movie is just well done from start to finish. I am glad I had the chance to watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After reading the synopsis of the film my hopes were not high. It sounded like a cross between the awful The Girl Next Door and the (plot overused) Freaky Friday.

    I was very pleasantly surprised. This is the best teen film I've seen since Mean Girls. The script takes a shop worn plot and enlivens it with decidedly adult jokes that will push it firmly into R rated territory. It also manages to entwine several teen movie clichés - the former enemies falling in love, climactic ball game where the "hero" saves the day, prom night fantasy, first love - and makes it work in a way that seems fresh.

    The film would not work if it were not for the gifted comic playing of Samaire Armstrong and particularly the lovely Kevin Zegers. Zegers proved he had acting chops beyond his good (and my they are good) looks in Transamerica and here he proves himself a talented and versatile physical comedian.

    Even Sharon Osbourne, admittedly in an undemanding supporting role, is pretty good.

    This is perfect fluffy date movie stuff with a bit more bite than the average. Anyone who loved NEVER BEEN KISSED will love this.
  • This movie was actually really good Kevin Zegers done a great he was really believable you could really see the difference from when he was a guy and when he was the girl and Samaire Armstrong was amazing also loved the man walk. It was kind of typical story line, a mix of Hot Chick and Freaky Friday I'd say,nothing new, what makes this movie stand from others is the chemistry they had on screen, they worked well together which made the movie so much better. The only think I disliked was the fact that Sharon Osbourne was the mother, she seems like a great person, but I don't think she's a great actor some scenes made me cringe, they should have cast someone else. But overall I was impressed.
  • The actors are mostly likable. The plot is amiable enough too. Thing is, it's been done before, and done much better. Consider Debbie Reynolds and Toni Curtis in 'Goodbye Charlie' (1964), or the Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin masterpiece, 'All of Me', where he acts out the movie while being possessed by a woman. Or one-hit-wonder Joyce Hyser's 'Just One of the Guys', where she becomes a guy (I forget why). Or the semi-good 'The Hot Chick', with the creepy Rob Schneider and the ever-so-hot babe, Anna Farris. All those movies explored the notion of girls and boys living in each other's bodies. Weener jokes, 'Hey, I got tits!' jokes, stumbling in high heels, 'delicate flower' young ladies belching at the formal dinner table, etc., etc. There is even a cinemagraphic grammar about that whole thing by now.

    Not to say there wasn't some appeal here. The cast is likable. Although the dude did seem really, really gay, even when he was not being possessed by a girl, but supposedly his own male self. I couldn't tell the difference. But the young woman actor who had to play a guy trapped in a girl's body managed really well. But there was also the obligatory black guy side kick, bitchy bimbo girl rivals, an unsympathetic 'Desperate Housewives' type mom, and cool slob parents, played by Sharon Osbourne (yaaay!) and Maury Chaykin (also yaay, but for different reasons).

    All in all, nothing 'wrong'. Nothing unpleasant nor unlikeable. Just kind of shallow, and very derivative. There was a group of what seemed to be 14 year old kids sitting up in the back of the movie theater I attended, and they laughed and oohed and ahhhed a little bit at some lame-ish jokes. Well, great! I hope they liked it. But I suspect that they are probably the major audience that would find this movie appealing or interesting. And that's OK. I gave it a 5 out of 10--- nothing bad, but also nothing great... just ordinary.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a refreshing change to see a movie which had not been heavily advertised and find a little gem in there. the Movie was hilarious with various scenes referring around the sexual differences but without reverting to crude and tasteless humour.

    I will not spoil the film for anyone but the part when Samaire Armstrong is in the shower and the "Large" lady is showering had tears rolling down my face and i have to say Samaire Armstrong is lovely, not seen her in a film before.

    The story was extremely predictable but it was a great improvement on the list of poor body swap movies that have been released in the last few years. I have to say as far as teen Comedy type movies this is almost ranks as high as the extremely underrated "The Girl Next Door" that has me rolling around the floor every time i watch it.

    I will finally say just give this film a try, there are a lot of poor films around there and you could do a lot worse than spending 90 minutes watching this entertaining movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No marks for originality, the plot is very Freaky Friday esq, and the characters were clichéd, i.e. the pretty but geeky girl with good grades and no friends, the dumb footballer with his plastic head-cheerleader girlfriend...

    BUT, the film did have hilarious moments, especially when Nell and woody are trying to make each other look bad, and at many other points throughout the film.

    The ending was very predictable as well - no twists in the plot or anything - and it was in general a typical teen romcom, but definitely worth a watch if you enjoy teen movies, or even just want a laugh. Saying all that, it wasn't a High School Musical style cheese-fest and did remain a bit of dignity =P

    Anyhoo, to sum up, it was no epic life-changing multi-award winning classic, but it was still surprisingly good and i would recommend if you liked clueless or mean girls type of thing
  • Warning: Spoilers
    -----may be spoilers I'm not really sure------------ i had the opportunity to see this film today after school. at first i thought "great another crappy teen romantic comedy" but i was pleasantly surprised when i actually watched the film for myself, it was a teen romantic comedy, i wont deny that but it definitely had an edge to it. its a very sweet story were the guy gets the girl in the end, but has plenty of sexual humour right from the start. i do mean right from the start, about a minute in actually. definitely worth watching. seriously if teen romantic comedies are your thing, go see it when it comes out in the cinema
  • There's an inherent problem with British audiences: they're quite fickle in regards to what they'll watch, especially the younger generations. While the storytelling and film-making of a brit-made flick may be good, setting a movie in Britain (British schools, British football, British women, etc.) is never as glamorous as the US counterparts. I always wondered why the British film industry didn't just go and make movies in the US with American actors. Which is why I was surprised to learn this was exactly the case with 'It's A Boy / Girl Thing'.

    Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers are the gorgeous headliners for the story - a girl and a guy switching bodies. The story's been done a hundred times over, and the script was especially very poor (sadly the first indication of it being a typically British film.) But the director took this script and did what he could with it, and he managed to turn it into something so wonderful that you forget about the bad lines and clichéd story elements and end up appreciating the overflowing emotion (not fake Hollywood emotion - it feels much more real), great cinematography (another indication of a British film), and the stunning music score (the football game scene is a work of art.)

    It was a very interesting and refreshing shift in paradigm to have the leading role change from Samaire to Kevin 30 minutes into the story. However it was, at times, difficult to keep track of who each character was referring to (for example, the female character would say to the male character, "your mother…" but she would actually be referring to the girl's mother. All very complicated!)

    The British director, Nick Hurran, turned a very clichéd and badly written script into something soft and emotional. He really did some amazing things to lift this movie above the typical and tacky romcoms, and took the acting, the music, and the camera, and harmonized it into an enjoyable experience for both sexes.

    A very American movie, inside of a very British film. Worth seeing for this refreshing experiment alone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first saw the ad for this movie, I thought it looked incredibly predictable and that it was going to be like all the other movies. I'll admit, it was quite predictable because they got together in the end, but it had clever twists. It was also really funny and sweet. At first you see how they try to ruin each others lives, then feel sorry for each other and you realize how they eventually respect each other's lives and like one another. Problems arise when the most important game of Woody's life and a Yale interview for Nell come whilst their bodies are still switched. The movie had a lot more meaning then I'd presumed. Definitely worth a watch.
  • It's a Boy Girl Thing I went to see the movie because it is a new movie, it is a college romance and it has been long since I saw one. I knew it was not a seriously romantic – but that is okay. I expected nothing special from this movie, something light, and I think it was delivered.

    The story is about a boy and girl – who are also neighbors and study in the same school, same class and hates each other. Things start changing when the boy and girl switch bodies (by a visit to a museum – in front of an ancient statue). They still continue dis-liking each other, but adjust to the fact of living like that; till they find a certain likeness and compatibility that ends up in love.

    As you noticed the movie has a very noticeable known storyline. There are quite a few funny moments in the movie. There are at least three small scenes that distract the main story line. The amusing parts were the most when the boy and girl explore the sexual side of other body. There are also good romantic moments (in the later half of the movie) that adolescents would like to see.

    The lead pair Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers are both TV stars and last year (2006) has been quite eventful in their career as both got good breaks in movies. This is the first and second movie in lead roles for Kevin and Samaire respectively. Samaire is a bit over-expressive but suits well the role when she plays the boy part. Kevin is good – a typical American youth. Nick Hurran (the Director) is also comes from television background.

    If you are not a teenager, just pretend to be one while watching the movie and chances are you will the like the movie – as I did.

    (Stars 5.5 out of 10)
  • Not bad at all! I was expecting something extremely silly, like Not another teen movie, with a light base on the romance story aspect, & just scenes of slapstick humor.

    But this movie is more romance based,and has a deeper storyline than than comedy. Its similar to all the other American teen films, like she's all that, she's the man, etc. But the romance factor is kicked up a notch or two.

    Some parts were totally lame, some parts were unique to this movie.

    Which is why i gave it a 7. Samaire Armstrong makes me want to give it an 8.

    Trust me, not a bad watch, Usually i hate American teenage movies.
  • For me it was great really watching this movie with my friends made our day complete. well I'm a normal guy living in Asia, well i mostly love horror and action, i don't watch too much LOVE STORY. But, this movie gave me chills, made me understand the true meaning of love. well for a guy like me i can say SPECTACULAR!. well if you would ask me i would like to request a PART 2 for this movie.

    As for SAMAIRE ARMSTRONG just wanna say i love her and i've fallen for her. if only she can read this i'd be glad to talk to her. please make a PART 2 for this movie i will support the story but i don't want the characters to change i love it when SAMAIRE and KEVIN acts for me making a PART 2 without a magic only COMEDY-LOVESTORY will SHOT THE HEARTS of young people like me! thanks!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know many of you may think or say.. "Hey not another body switching?!" "Hey, Let's not watch this movie, it's very predictable" or "Ok, they switched bodies... so what's new?" All I can say is.. "Go back home, re-think what you just said.... and watch the movie".. I, myself, thought that this is another Freaky Friday or Hot chicks but.. hey, let the movie speak for itself! If I were to exchange with some hot tempered chick, especially the one's who doesn't like me, I'd do the same to her.. I'd get even... Hehe, I got hooked when I started watching this movie and it never stopped me from repeating it again and again... Well, that's me, it's my opinion, my comment, all me... If you haven't watched this yet, then I recommend watching it.. But for those below 12, its better that your parents of guardians to sit with you so that you'd understand some of the funny scenes... This is a ten thumbs up!! And I'm never gonna be tired to keep on raising these thumbs up till I die! Watch it! Very Funny, Romantic and ... I don't know.. WATCH IT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the cast, but the body-swapping's been done before. The fact that they loathe each other and they're complete opposites is nothing new, and the reason why they switched bodies then switched back is pointedly vague. Also, I didn't appreciate the film ending with them riding off to God knows where without letting on what direction their relationship was taking exactly. Yes, she took a year's sabbatical, but what did she plan to do with it? The scene with the interviewer playing Snoop Dogg was funny, but it didn't help give me a satisfying ending. I'd have preferred knowing what the happy couple was going to do after graduating and summarily leaving home. Still, it's very, very funny without having to go downright disgusting or retarded, and they're a cute couple. (^^,) Not much in terms of special effects, but Kevin Zegers is eye candy enough, isn't he? (^^,)
  • I saw this movie earlier today with a free ticket and almost feel as if I had been ripped off.

    I only took a seat as I arrived at the cinema too late for another Happy Feet. The whole idea of a teen body-swap film had me cringing and feeling embarrassed as I asked the cashier for a ticket.

    I was surprised to see quite a few people in at the screening and even more surprised to see many parents taking young children. This movie is not for young kids as the jokes are mostly to do with erections and breasts.

    The only people that might actually like this movie are young teens and any serious movie goer is sure to be disappointed.
  • gantymj17 January 2007
    MY WIFE and I take it in turns to choose which movie to see, this was her choice but I did not complain too much as I had laughed out loud at the trailers and thought it might be amusing.

    Thats about as good as it gets... it is amusing but like so many movies these days all the funny parts are in the trailers so the rest of the movie is chick flick padding


    All in all a harmless date movie but definitely a chick flick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Warning spoilers!

    OK so we see the opening credits with two stick figures (one male one female) fighting. From child hood to teenage hood? Anyways this seems like an important part of the movie. Does this mean that the two main characters grew up together? Well this is where the messiness begins in this movie. Nothing is explained or clarified.

    So then we learn that the girl is a smarty pants and the guy is basically an idiot that is only interested in sports. We don't get much explanation as to why they hate each other. Does not seem like they disagree much. They both want a future. I mean everyone can't be a writer, or a football player, we NEED variety. Again, going with the theme of making no sense it's NEVER explained why they hate each other. We are just told they do, so they do. That's it.

    The mess continues...the rest of the movie is your basic body switching movie. Some ancient relic (once again not explained to go with the movie's theme of messiness) switches their bodies. And they don't switch back until they learned their 'lesson'. Which is ONCE AGAIN NOT EXPLAINED. Ugh, this movie is really stupid.

    At the end of the movie they 'realize' that they are in love with each other, what? Why? Oh yes, this is not explained either. Mutual understanding = love? Umm, is that not just called common sense? Like some person loves cooking, so they want to be a chef. Does that mean ALL the people who know this SIMPLE FACT are IN LOVE with this person!? Lol

    Oh dear, I'm not even going to get into the sexist stereotypes this move makes in depth. But basically here goes; all men like sports, there are only two types of women $1ut$ and uptight girls, women are put on this earth to only please men, and should be ashamed of themselves if they have any desires of ANY kind. Wow.... I'm not even scratching the surface, believe me.

    But the actors are good in this. Too bad they were not given ANY good material to work with. This movie delivers eye-candy and that's it. You will get no coherent plot.
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