• Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    Near the end of the film as Angier is lying shot on the floor he tells Borden that entering the machine on stage each night was hard, not knowing if he would appear on the balcony or drop in the tank.

    Previously, it is shown that the cloned items always appear elsewhere, while the original item remains in the machine. Tesla's experiments with the top hat and the cat, along with Angier's own experiment with himself, all end with the cloned item appearing outside the machine.

    While it is logical to assume the clone always appears elsewhere, Tesla clearly doesn't know himself which is the original and which the clone when referring to the hats. It could be that the clone is created in the machine, with the original being transported elsewhere.

  • Revealing mistakes

    Near the end of Cutter"s Summation, Alfred Borden picks up his daughter with left arm. It is very quick camera shot, but all five fingers are revealed.

  • Revealing mistakes

    When Sarah hangs herself in Borden's workshop, you can tell that the rope is attached to the top of her back and not around her neck.