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  • The directors of the chiller "Shutter" created another terrifying horror film. This creepy film tells the story about the surviving half of a conjoined twin who starts to "see" her dead sister when she returns home to visit her dying mother. Through flashbacks we learn how the beautiful relationship between the sisters transforms in to a repressive bond that forced one of the sisters to ask for her mother's support for a separation. When one of the twins dies, she angrily returns from the dead to haunt her sister. Strong story, strong cast dealing with recognizable themes such as rivalry between sisters, romantic jealousy and good old family guilt. A cut above all other scary movies in recent years.
  • In Seoul, the Thai Pim (Masha Wattanapanich) is informed that her mother had a heart attack in her hometown. Pim travels with her boyfriend Wee (Vittaya Wasukraipaisan) to Thailand to give assistance to her mother. Once in her home, Pim is haunted by her Siamese sister Ploy (Masha Wattanapanich) that died in the surgery of separation when they were teenagers. Wee asks his old friend and psychologist to have sessions with Pim to supersede the trauma of her loss. But when Pim's mother is able to speak to Wee, she discloses dark secrets from the past of the twin sisters.

    "Alone" is a creepy and scary horror movie and another great example of how magnificent is the Asian cinema in this genre. I do not know how many times I have startled with this film. The screenplay is fantastic and without flaws, and the story may be understood as a strong psychological drama (with the lead character insane and having visions, as the psychologist says, due to her guilty complex) or simply as a frightening ghost story. The direction and the performances are top-notch, with limited but efficient use of special effects. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Espíritos 2: Você Nunca Está Sozinho" ("Spirits 2: You Are Never Alone")
  • This film made tons of buzz from Thai media before its release, given the fact that it is a film of the director of "Shutter" (which became a blockbuster in Thailand a couple of years ago) and stars one of the most famous Thai actress, Masha Wattanapanich. As a result, it did surely not disappoint anyone.

    The film provides some familiar moments of horror, that can't help but remind me much of "Shutter". It contains, of course, twisted plot at the end, though one might have not expected it since the first half of the film gave no clue that there would be a twist at the end. The twist is a lil bit shocking, but predictable. The set is familiar: the hospital, Thai semi-traditional two-story wooden house, and so on. The film gave audience enough shots of creepy graphic, series of haunting moments and a room to breathe for next scary scene.

    The plot has some thing to do with myths about Siamese twins, which happen to have vital links to each other. Masha and her co-star did a good job, but they deserved better dialog.

    I can't say that this one is better or worse than "Shutter", since the film didn't take its audience further than "Shutter" had done (except that it took you as far as South Korea at the first 10 min). There is no originality to talk about here. So, if you like "Shutter", "Alone" will give you kinda rekindle feelings with another casts and stories.
  • Thai writer-directors Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom have shot to prominence in the horror genre with their debut movie Shutter, which I had regrettably missed its theatrical run here, but more than made up for it by being the proud owner of the (now autographed) DVD. In my opinion, having mustered up enough courage to sit through horror movies now (and find them really enjoyable, at times comedic though), I've shuddered at some of this genre's movies which keep on harping on the same thing, and got dumbed down by weak execution. Not Shutter, and definitely not Alone.

    If you think Banjong and Parkpoom are one hit wonders with their debut movie, then Alone will prove you wrong. Despite having counted on the usual lighting and shadow techniques, quick cut surprises and scares, and the pristine, well-crafted sound effects, it demonstrated that as long as you deliver the product with great technical skill and respect for the medium, it'll still be as enjoyable as watching it all for the very first time. Having a storyline which engages helps as well, and here the duo still seemed to have a thing or two for old photographs, this time showing the subject material of siamese twins, although not as grotesque as those shown in the Alone trailers.

    While the storyline isn't really that original, with the surviving siamese twin having to encounter the supernatural return of her deceased other, and if you look closely enough there are adequate hints of the revelatory twist to come, what mattered was how the subject again was being introduced and crafted, how tension and suspense were met out, and how easy it is to spook audiences when all the ingredients turn out right. Despite having some premise set up for the obvious, I was still taken aback at one of the scenes, and it is this constant sense of what's coming, and the expected delivery, which will easily make this a successful spook film for the mass audience.

    The duo had got the male heartthrob Ananda Everingham lead in their previous movie, and now the opportunity is given to the female gender - the beautiful and very photogenic Masha Wattanapanich, who plays the siamese twins Pim and Ploy. Starring opposite them in a Natthaweeranuch Thongmee kinda role, is Vittaya Wasukraipaisan as Wee, Pim's boyfriend. As Pim's mother (Ratchanoo Bunchootwong) is suddenly taken ill back in Thailand, the duo have to leave their careers in Korea, and journey back to the homeland, where the unexpected starts to happen. Pim's encounters with who she presumes is Ploy led to Wee thinking that she needs psychiatric help, but slowly, he too gets drawn into the web of supernatural intrigue.

    And in all earnestness, I'd say Masha had nailed her role to a fitting T. Given that Pim and Ploy's characters are key to the movie, she managed to bring out the vast differences in the character of the two sisters (of course the teenage actresses who played the younger versions also helped loads). In shedding light onto the ongoing mystery, the expected blast from the past recollection and flashback helped provide a certain richness to the entire backstory for all the characters, and in doing so, played on a common theme, one that at times I like to ponder upon - which I cannot elaborate further other than saying, is ignorance sometimes bliss, and can you live a lie?

    Alone is excellent stuff, even though the horrific moments might come few and far between, and there possibly was a sub-genre shift in the last 10 minutes or so. Nonetheless its numerous strengths easily outweigh the minute weaknesses, and in having delivered a superbly crafted tried-and-tested story, this could easily be a hit at the box office. Recommended for all you people out there who are itching for a good scare!
  • kosmasp24 February 2008
    If this movie had come out a decade earlier, it might have been hailed as an innovator of Horror movies, that do put some drama into the mix. But since then, a lot of movies came out, that might spoil the fun you can have with this one. It's a shame, because it seems to check every point/scare a movie like this should have. But as it is, there is one big problem:

    It is predictable. At least if you have seen a few horror movies over the last ten years, like I mentioned before. You will know where this is going after the first 10 minutes (the latest) and curse the movie makers for putting so many false scares in there, that are predictable too. Still I have seen worse movies, so if you don't mind being scared once in awhile and like your horror movies with a bit of drama mixed, you can still kind of enjoy this movie
  • I yesterday saw its Hindi remake/adaptation so i knew the suspense. But i didn't enjoy the Hindi version. And here for original, despite knowing the suspense i enjoyed the movie.

    During separation of conjoined twin girl one of the girl dies and she comes back to haunt the other girl and reveal some hidden truths. The movie starts slowly building the premise and in the last 25 minutes it picks up speed full time. Last 25 minutes are very good thrilling and carrying a good twist.The movies doesn't boast of too many horror or spooky scenes, but stays focused on its story with few typical horror scenes here and there.

    Both the main characters have done really well in terms of acting. Script was really tight .

    Some comparison with Hindi remake and why original is better

    => Whereas Hindi remake was confused even about the intention of ghost , this wasn't- everything was almost perfect and as per script in this.

    => Hindi remake was lost by trying to make it seem like an adaptation not remake(despite them copying many scenes with same dialogs) and this resulted in senseless tracks inserted in the movie and hence nullified the impact of the movie.

    => Characters in this are pretty well etched while Hindi remake had caricatures of them

    => Both the main actors here - Marsha Wattanapanich & Vittaya Wasukraipaisan acted very well while in Hindi remake the actors( Karan grover & Bipasha Basu) were terrible in terms of performance as well

    All in all good watch for lovers of horror movie . Will rate it 7/10
  • I'm in two minds about this one.

    On the one hand, I like the idea of a cojoined twin who died when being separated by an operation coming back to haunt her surviving sibling. And there is certainly plenty of angst to go around as we discover more about their past, and their connection to the man they both loved. Plus, that twist near the end is a doozie.

    On the other, it's laden with cheap, unimaginative frights which only work intermittently. Also, the action moves at a snail's pace... so by the time the big JUMP moment happens, you've probably lost interest anyway. The characters lack definition and purpose... And it's hard to take them seriously with names like Pim and Ploy anyway. In the worst case, as a girl is wheeled into the hospital calling out repeatedly for her boyfriend Wee, what is supposed to be an emotional moment turns into a guffawing contest.

    So, while I enjoyed the concept and set-up, some of the execution leaves something to be desired. Overall, a middle of the road 5/10.
  • This is the movie that makes me couldn't sleep well. It's so frightened. I When I watched it, I couldn't even predict the end of the story. This is so unpredictable stories. The movie combined the thriller story and ghost story. It made me scream and closed mu eyes. It is so tragic. I couldn't even open my eyes. The movie is about twin sisters that fall in love with the same guy. Their name are Pim and Ploy. The movie sets in Thailand. It sets in an old house that is so spooky. Actually, this is a good movie but I really don't like horror movies. It makes me scared all the time. For you who like horror movies, you should watch this movie. It really increase your adrenaline.
  • This's a new horror film from Thailand(not Taiwan : ), next to 'Shutter' and 'The Eye'(not Japan : )

    The main idea of this film is "You can't escape your past, it will come back and get you...Karma...Sin effects your mind" Yeah, I LOVE this idea !!!

    The lead character, Marsha Wattanapanich (Ploy, Pim) perfect for this role and delivers a very strong performance.

    I can't recommend this film enough to any fans of horror, but I guaranteed, you will not be disappointed, it wroth your time. OK Watch and Judge for yourselves : )

    If you like 'Shutter', you will like it : )
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think this will make my top 10 scariest horror movies of all time.

    Shutter delivered and watching Alone just made me want to start a fanclub for Banjong Pisanthanakun(director). He seriously needs to make a lot of movies. This is what Horror is baby! I can't help but relate this to Shutter because I loved these two films.

    Although Alone's story is a bit familiar, "seen that" type of movie(same with Shutter), what I like about how Alone(also Shutter) was made is the fact that it had twists..twists that you never expected. Or at least hadn't predicted. Or if you did, twists that are really a work of a brain. Something that a great mind could come up. Who would've expected the Pim we thought was Ploy all along??! If you did, well uhm, good for you but my slow mind didn' And woah, don't get me started with the shocks! Especially in the bedroom scene when she was lying and all of a sudden Pim's(Ploy) face was staring at her! Gaaaah!!! Although I find it a bit of too much for some teenage love to have made her do all that. Its just..eeehh.. But blah, I can forgive it if only for the amount of shocks it gave.

    And of course, the acting was excellent. Proves you don't need a lot of actors nor an expensive set-up to make a good movie. You just need an eerie house, a good amount of acting, ghost faces that aren't laughable and a very good story. Hands-down to Alone! Very well-done!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched Shutter while at a church retreat with a bunch of friends and enjoyed the movie a lot, so I expected a lot from Alone (which is by the same directors supposedly).

    Alone was not a terrible movie, every now and then it provided a bit of heart pounding excitement, overall it was a decent movie, but when analyzed, it's sort of "been done". The scares were scary enough, although the plot of twin vs. evil twin + lover is a bit overdone. And of course the twist, when you think about it, wasn't that big of a twist. A lot of the scariness is pushed to the last few minutes of the movie, such is the pattern with most horror movies.

    The acting was decent overall. The boyfriend played his part well, as did the mother of the twins. I couldn't really understand how the main actress couldn't remember which twin she was, seeing as how throughout the whole movie she'd been acting kind of sketchy anyway.

    Overall, decent movie. My youth group (including some of the kids I saw Shutter with) watched Alone while on a mini trip and they couldn't stop trying to scare each other with "Pim and Ploy" for months. So maybe I'm just being a tad bit harsh, being a fan of horror movies.

    In conclusion, if you're looking for a quick scare, decent acting, and mediocre plot line, this is a good movie for you to check out.

    I watched it alone (no pun intended), but judging from my friends' reactions, maybe you should watch it with a friend.
  • Have watched it like 5 times already My most view Thai horror movie It was so shocked when I first found out the ending
  • I watch a lot of horror films mostly from the last 20 years. So I am jaded viewer.

    I couldn't fault with execution of the film. It has good acting and good atmosphere but nothing splendid. What it lacks is a good script. I have seen too many similar movies so I was bored throughout. There was a twist near the end, but so many of these movies have twists near the end of the film. What about the rest of the film ? Why not just make it short movie of 30 minutes which would be much more enjoyable.

    Having said all that, movie is still half-decent. As I said before I couldn't fault with the execution. If you see it with the understanding that you are not going to watch anything new, then I guess it is tolerable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yesterday I saw "13: Game of Death", the first Thai production film I've ever seen, and a profound thriller. Having been so impressed with Thai cinema, I've decided to try "Alone", which the plot synopsis described as less thriller and more ghost-horror.

    The background story is very interesting and very disturbing. The entire subject of Siamese Twins is pretty peculiar to anyone who's never known such people in their lives, which is the majority of the world population. So any film about such a phenomena could have an eerie supernatural kind of scent to it (especially a horror film).

    The idea of the dead sister haunting the living one, whether that is in fact what's been portrayed in the film or the surviving sister was just delusional (not a spoiler don't worry), while not too original - was presented in a dark and startling manner that would scare anyone. The ending is surprising and startling, and caught me completely off guard. As a horror freak, I like to test myself and see if I can guess endings and twists before they happen. I'm happy to say I completely failed this time, which made the experience all the better.

    At a certain point near the beginning, we learn that the Siamese Twins had been separated through surgery. Then we see a scene that in my opinion should have been the cover picture of this film: a single swing seat, wide enough for two, but broken and detached from the chain on one side. That scene was so immense, emotional and sad, it really showed the artistic level of the director.

    The movie has no "horror cheats" whatsoever. No one died on account of a vehicle that wouldn't start or a cellphone that had no signal. No naked women were shown, The only slightly corny bit was the ghost attacking the main actress while she was in the bathtub, a scene we've seen far too many times.

    However, all in all - one of the best Ghost-Horror films I've had the scary pleasure of watching, and I'd recommend it warmly to anyone who's a horror fan and doesn't scare too easily.

    Another excellent film from Thailand, and another point for Asian horror.
  • atinder16 August 2009
    The plot When Pim learns that her mother is gravely ill, she and her husband rushes back to Thailand. The moment she arrives, the flashbacks begin - a painful memory that is long buried with a strange familiar feeling. The secret behind Pim and her family is slowly revealed: she was once a Siamese twin! Ten years ago, Pim and her conjoined twin sister underwent an operation to be separated but her sister died during the attempt. And now, Pim suddenly feels her relentless presence once more

    After watching the trailer for this movie, it looked really scary and I was really looking forward to it

    Now that I have seen it, I was very disappointed as it' wasn't that scary or creepy, it was very boring with a few scares here and there did not work at all.

    I don't want give away the ending, but there is turn in story at the ending of the movie, it was about in the last 10 min of the movie, which i (understood) don't think it worked well with the rest of movie