Lori Gunderson: Get outta my room-ah!

Principal Picker: They kicked off their sunday shoes. soon, inevitably, their feet became loose.

Lori Gunderson: Dancing is my life-ah!

Darnell: Have you ever broken a Puerto Rican's arm for sweatpants money?

Gabriel: Let's abraca-do this. Do not stop till I say 'ta-daa'!

Kimberly: Kip's a jerkazoidomaniac. I hate him.

Yamagashi: Sweep my deck. Sweepy up, sweepy down.

Darnell: You have to call her honey or baby before you talk about her butt cheeks, that way she knows you nice!

Kipp: Kimberly! Get me some towels!

Gabriel: In the meantime, lets all get some icecream. But you guys have to pay, alright, cause I'm a janitor.

Yamagashi: I'm Mr. Yamagashi and I am quite gay. Quite gay.

Darnell: Peek-a-boo, I'ma hump you.

Lori Gunderson: Gabriel, how are you so manly?

Gabriel: [after a pause] I take steriods.

Gabriel: Her foot actually came loose!

Principal Picker: Gabriel, you can have our dance instructors job back.

Gabriel: And?

Principal Picker: And it's ok to have sex with teenage girls.

Mr. Gunderson: Honey, we are so proud of you.

Mrs. Gunderson: I'm so glad you had sex with the janitor.

Darnell: You ever break up a fight in the projects while holding a baby?

Darnell: You need some new gear, with that shirt on we might get jumped by 8 Decepticons or somethin'

Deb: Don't even think about it. The janitor's mine.