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Melanie Hill: Ditchwater Sal



  • Lamia : Limbus grass! You dare to steal truth from my lips by feeding me Limbus grass! Do you have any idea what a big mistake you've made, Ditchwater Sal?

    Ditchwater Sal : [scared]  How do you know my... Who are you?

    Lamia : Look again.

    [Lamia shows her true identity] 

    Ditchwater Sal : [kneeling before Lamia]  I shall not seek the star, Your Dark Majesty. I swear.

    Lamia : Seek all you wish.

    Lamia : [casting a spell]  You shall not see the star, touch it, smell or hear it. You will not perceive her even if she stands before you. Pray you never meet me again, Ditchwater Sal.

  • [Dunstan walks round the market at Stormhold. He sees a beautiful lady and stares at her. An older woman talks to him] 

    Ditchwater Sal : [to Dunstan]  I don't deal with time wasters.

    Ditchwater Sal : [to her slave girl]  Get over here and tend this stall. I'm off to "The Slaughtered Prince" for a pint.

    [Ditchwater Sal walks away and the slave girl approach Dunstan] 

    Slave Girl : See anything you like?

    Young Dunstan Thorn : [seeing her]  Umm... Definitely.

    [the slave laughs] 

    Young Dunstan Thorn : I mean. What, wha-wha-what I meant was...

    [he sees some flowers] 

    Young Dunstan Thorn : These ones, the blue ones. How-how much are they?

    Slave Girl : They might be the colour of your hair. Or they might be all of your memories before you were three. I can check if you like. Anyway, you shouldn't buy the bluebells.

    [she takes a white flower] 

    Slave Girl : Buy this one instead. Snowdrop. It'll bring you luck.

    Young Dunstan Thorn : But what does that cost?

    Slave Girl : This one

    [meaning the flower] 

    Slave Girl : costs a kiss.

    [the slave girl places the flower in Dunstan's jacket. He is going to kiss her on her cheek, but she turns her mouth towards his. They kiss passionately] 

    Slave Girl : Is she gone?

    [meaning Ditchwater Sal] 

    Slave Girl : Follow me.

    [she walks to the caravan behind her and Dunstan follows her. He notices she has a chain tied round her ankle] 

    Slave Girl : I'm a princess. Tricked into being a witch's slave. Will you liberate me?

    [Dunstan cuts the chain, but it fastens itself again] 

    Slave Girl : It's an enchanted chain. I'll only be free when she dies. Sorry.

    Young Dunstan Thorn : Well... If I can't liberate you. What do you want of me?

    [she gives him her hand and they both climb into the caravan as the camera pans rapidly backwards and upwards] 

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