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Kate Magowan: Slave Girl, Una



  • [Dunstan walks round the market at Stormhold. He sees a beautiful lady and stares at her. An older woman talks to him] 

    Ditchwater Sal : [to Dunstan]  I don't deal with time wasters.

    Ditchwater Sal : [to her slave girl]  Get over here and tend this stall. I'm off to "The Slaughtered Prince" for a pint.

    [Ditchwater Sal walks away and the slave girl approach Dunstan] 

    Slave Girl : See anything you like?

    Young Dunstan Thorn : [seeing her]  Umm... Definitely.

    [the slave laughs] 

    Young Dunstan Thorn : I mean. What, wha-wha-what I meant was...

    [he sees some flowers] 

    Young Dunstan Thorn : These ones, the blue ones. How-how much are they?

    Slave Girl : They might be the colour of your hair. Or they might be all of your memories before you were three. I can check if you like. Anyway, you shouldn't buy the bluebells.

    [she takes a white flower] 

    Slave Girl : Buy this one instead. Snowdrop. It'll bring you luck.

    Young Dunstan Thorn : But what does that cost?

    Slave Girl : This one

    [meaning the flower] 

    Slave Girl : costs a kiss.

    [the slave girl places the flower in Dunstan's jacket. He is going to kiss her on her cheek, but she turns her mouth towards his. They kiss passionately] 

    Slave Girl : Is she gone?

    [meaning Ditchwater Sal] 

    Slave Girl : Follow me.

    [she walks to the caravan behind her and Dunstan follows her. He notices she has a chain tied round her ankle] 

    Slave Girl : I'm a princess. Tricked into being a witch's slave. Will you liberate me?

    [Dunstan cuts the chain, but it fastens itself again] 

    Slave Girl : It's an enchanted chain. I'll only be free when she dies. Sorry.

    Young Dunstan Thorn : Well... If I can't liberate you. What do you want of me?

    [she gives him her hand and they both climb into the caravan as the camera pans rapidly backwards and upwards] 

  • [after the witches have been destroyed, and retrieving the stone] 

    Slave Girl : [Una telling her son Tristan that he is the final remaining heir and the new king of Stormhold]  It's you, Tristan.

  • [Catching up to Yvaine, who is about to cross the wall] 

    Slave Girl : [to Yvaine]  Stop. If you cross the wall, you'll be turned into stone.

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