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  • I watched this on the Cartoon Network. The movie was spectacular and superb. When they had the big race I liked it when it was being continued from The Amazon then all over the world and back to Hollywood. The races were crazy when every time they stopped for a break the next round they would change the racing style to underwater, on land, sailing or flying on nuclear powered jet planes. I liked the animation, the computer effects and the sounds. I liked the slapstick comedy, especially the bit with the penguins and when Tom had to wait for them to walk and it took about 5 minutes for Tom to race again so Jerry was miles away! I loved the movie and I think that 70% of the people on Earth would like this movie too.
  • Then what is this anomaly of a movie? Here's my theory; the studio wants some corporate cash in for Tom and Jerry not caring about how faithful, but the storyboard writers end up thinking "FORGET cash-ins they are boring, let's do what we WANT to do" and so they let their imaginations run as wildly as this 75 minute film would allow them. As a whole, the more modern retreads of the 50's classic cartoon has been hit or miss over the decades, some turning out to almost rival the classics, and some turning out abysmal, this is the most unique modernization I have seen out of any of them; but that also means this is the most "What-the-crap-did-I-just-watch?". This movie stars Tom and Jerry doing what they do best, chasing each other and breaking stuff, but this time they end up destroying the entire house, so they need to find a new home, and that is where they enter the race around the world for a huge mansion. And the story ends up so bizarre that all I can do is just smile. Who cares if this is faithful or not(well, it kind of is) it is one of the most entertaining modern attempts I have seen in a long while, which is a good thing.
  • ed_two_o_nine29 September 2008
    Well what can I say? Take a classic cartoon destroy the formula trying to modernise it and end up with a mess that neither works as a classic or a modern animated movie. The basic premise of Tom and Jerry wrecking their house, and in means of finding redemption separately entering a road race to win a new house. Feels tacked on to a series of set pieces which is basically an overlong and sub-standard episode of 'Whacky Racers' with an attempted send up of reality television. This really does not work on any level and does not better classic Tom and Jerry in any area. Do you self a favour and hunt put the classics to see what the fuss is all about.
  • I love anything to do with Tom and Jerry. I was disappointed with Tom and Jerry: The Movie, but I found both Shiver Me Whiskers and The Magic Ring surprisingly good. Sadly, the Fast and the Furry, out of the Tom and Jerry movies, is for me the worst, and I will explain why. I liked the idea of Tom and Jerry travelling across the world to find a new mansion, and I will say the movie starts off well. For me, there was very little other than the title, that made it Tom and Jerry, there was little of the comic violence that made the TV show a childhood favourite of mine. The plot, like another reviewer said, was highly suggestive of Tom and Jerry meets Wacky Races, and none of the supporting characters I found particularly likable. I wasn't too impressed with the flat animation, and the forgettable incidental music either. What disappointed me most, was that the film just wasn't funny. In fact, Tom and Jerry themselves were the only redeeming qualities to this dreck. 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • First off I have watched a lot of the original cartoons and this movie is not very good compared to them as it had a script that called for a more risque humor and dark comedy than in the original even though it is rated G. But the slapstick comic violence is still there and the animation was excellent.
  • There's not much to say other than it's fine for what it is. It may not be a classic but kids will enjoy it just fine. As the name suggest it's an obvious parody of The Fast and the Furious. As usual Tom and Jerry tear everything up besides each other but this time they destroy their house in the process forcing them to join a race in order to win a new one. In addition to competing against each other they also have to deal with their wacky competitors from a mad scientist and crazy elder woman accompanied by her equally nuts dog to a calm soccer mom. If that's not enough they have to traverse through various race tracks from different parts of the world.

    The animation's bright and colorful and it really updates the look and feel of the characters and scenery. It also helps with the slapstick gags. Particularly the beginning when Tom and Jerry do their usual shtick. The characters are funny and while some of cliched they do have fun with them. One character I thought was really funny was Grammy (Charlie Adler) as well as Gorthan (Tom Kenny) who's intimidating yet has a nasal voice. The driving scenes are awesome! It's cool to see the racers swerve and use their gadgets to either get out of trouble or try to off road their opponents.

    In conclusion the movies' fine. I grew up watching it and I think it's entertaining still. Kids will like it while adults may only tolerate it. Rev up your engine and hop on in.
  • This 2005 film of tom and jerry is actually a parody of fast and furious famous films of vin diesel,and its actually quite hilarious its seems rather a desperate attempt from mgm warner or makers of this to cash on the success of hollywood hit franchise but there are moments in this that are just pure hilarious to look at specially tom cat,tom actually cuts australia in half,the movie starts slow but when the race starts its goes in full action fast paced mode.if you love tom and jerry you will love this its not like the classics but fun in its own rating is 5/10