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  • Richibew4617 September 2006
    Three Moons has been called quirky, but I enjoy it for just that reason. It is not just a rehashing of old tired formulas, but a new twist on a few old successful ones ......Think of it as Northern Exposure meets the end of the world. This show has turned into one of my favorites very quickly. It has charm, interesting plot twist, decent acting and and great relational tensions. The only problem I found is the moons look painted in the background. With today's technology I do not see why that one aspect cannot be improved. I hope the writers continue working on this project, and the "Powers that Be" allow the fan base to find and fall in love with this show. I look forward to each episode, and would not like to see the show lose support.
  • daniel-j-doughty11 September 2006
    This is a fun little show that I look forward to every week. I had my Tivo filled up with automatically scheduled shows, so I had to manually search for it each week. And I DID. Which is a sure sign that it's a good show. I'd never go out of my way that much if it wasn't.

    The plot isn't overly complex and others comparisons to Northern Exposure and Gilmore Girls is apt. Except this family has a teenage boy and girl so the interaction is actually a bit more real and less Nancy Drewish. The kid's trying to get laid and the mom's trying to crack it down.

    And the overtones of the world ending are actually interesting in a farsical sort of manner. There is a general fear of the world coming to end via pandemic or nukes or evil squeegies from planet x that we all live with today. Instead of ignoring that fear, this show sort of throws it all on it's head. It says, OK, so maybe the world is ending. Now what are you going to do? Which is a day by day sort of attitude I can get behind.
  • skorblick6 September 2006
    I missed the first 2 episodes, so I did not see what exactly happened to the moon. And I don't know how much background was given on what everyone was like before the 'three moons'. But I have seen the last three episodes, as well as scenes from prior episodes. I have enjoyed them. This is a nice change of pace if you have had enough of all the CSIs and Law and Orders on the air! It is nice to watch a show where something horrible is not going to happen to someone (or everyone!) all the time. It reminds me a little of Gilmore Girls and Northern Exposure. There is enough horrible stuff on the news all the time. We need some lighter entertainment - and this has given me some. Very good cast, and excellent guest stars.
  • Listed all over as a "quirky" comedy, the writers must have hemorrhoids after the strain of forcing "quirkiness" without creativity, intelligence or any semblance of real humor.

    The device of a comet smashing the moon into three parts is used to let all the inhabitants of this small town "live for today." With no hope for living beyond a few days, these people do not do what we would expectÂ…there is no mass lawlessness or genuine loosening of inhibitions. Children still attend school; people still sue each other over egress through property lines; and people still buy houses.

    The writers disrespect the audience with every line, stretching credibility beyond stupidity. What we have is a dozen or more characters who all attempt to scream quirky, charming, and innocently funny. Notice the word, "attempt." It fails.

    Where is the real creativity shown by the writers of Nip/Tuck, Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives, Dead Like Me, Eureka, Gilmore Girls, etc.? There is none of the humor or intelligence seen in these other series. Saying something is quirky does not make it interesting.

    I expected so much more from the show's promise. For some reason, I have sat through episodes with the HOPE that this could become my new guilty pleasure. Despite an obvious low-budget effort, it doesn't even achieve qualities of campiness. It has all of the panache of an after-school special. And even though it shows on ABC Family, one can't even blame an effort to be family-friendly on the failure. Even themes of bedhopping. Witchcraft, arson, voyeurism and statutory rape raise all the interest of cottage cheese.

    Please drink plenty of coffee before sitting through an episode. I've never taken the time to write or pan any show before, but I feel as if I've been set up and can never get back the several hours I've spent watching this show. Without prior expectations, I'd give it a C-, but after raising my hopes, it rates a D-.
  • Only just discovered this - yes I'm late to the party! It's not really my kind of thing on paper but on screen it works very well. Family unit is shaken by the sudden departure of the (frankly useless and irritating) husband meaning that they suddenly lose everything and have to rebuild their lives. This is against a backdrop of general anxiety about the splitting of the moon into three chunks and what might happen next.

    The main characters are mostly likeable - this was a nice show for Elizabeth McGovern who is charming in everything she's been in. Her son and daughter are played by actors who would have driven me crazy had there been any more than 9 episodes. Rob Boltin is great and a very appealing male lead and there was a supporting cast of fun characters to help the story along.

    It's not sci-fi (thank God) and it's quirky and a bit silly but very good fun. Just wish it had ended differently! So near and yet so far...
  • jlmooney124 October 2012
    This was a very cute, fun show that my daughter and I really liked. It may not be very realistic but the stories are very good. There's not enough family programming available on TV these days. This one was a lot of fun and we hate that it wasn't picked up for a second season. I love the premise of the story, which is of course just a vehicle used to tell the stories of the various characters. It was much like "On the Beach" a novel and movie I really enjoyed when I was a teenager. The end of the world has always been a great premise for science fiction writers to tell great stories and this show is in that vein but with out much of the violence and bloodshed associated with apocalypse.
  • This show sure was quirky but that doesn't mean it was good and it certainly wasn't funny or well done.