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  • You gotta watch this. This show is smart, funny and awesomely inappropriate! It's like a miracle to see a new sitcom that's new and funny. Oxygen is a smart network, I think...they know women can actually enjoy smart, rude comedy. Sex, underage drinking and drug use, accidental lesbianism, S&M, racism, laziness...all just part of the regular plot on this show. The two stars are genius, and the show has had guest stars like Maya Rudolph, Anthony Anderson, a bunch of other people from Saturday Night Live. The music is cool, especially for a sitcom. Watch! Monday nights I think but they re-run it a lot. I don't know where the two women who star in this show have been all this time, but it's fun to watch 'newcomers" who are middle-aged actresses with great timing.

    Campus Ladies is a hilarious improv/scripted hybrid surprise.
  • Recently my wife forced me to watch yet another shopping or wedding based reality TV show on the Oh! network. I was feeling a little emasculated when thankfully the show ended. What followed was a comedy called Campus Ladies. At first I disregarded it, I even thought I had seen this concept somewhere before. After only a few seconds it was beginning to dawn on me that this show was something special. Granted, I still get awkward looks when I tell the guys at work how funny it is, but I stand by it. Campus Ladies is a bold and racy comedy that gets away with things you'd only expect on HBO or Showtime. I've seen about four or five episodes and can't wait for more. So far I've seen these two smoke weed, be accused of date rape, and buy alcohol for underage guys. I'm sure the fundamentalists out there will have a field day with this show but for everyone else its a winner.
  • jerseychic571 September 2006
    I stopped watching sitcoms years ago, because it just seemed like they are the same corny themes over and over again. "Campus ladies" has had me rolling on the floor laughing with every episode. These women have the best chemistry together that I have seen in a long time. All the episodes are all original new ideas that are hilarious and fresh. I am very surprised that when I ask people if they watch it, most have never heard of it, but after i tell them about it, they end up becoming Joan and Berry fans too. I just wonder why so many people seem not to have heard of this show before, yet once they see it, become addicted to it as I am. I usually hate raunchy sex jokes and shows that center the whole theme around it, yet Campus Ladies pulls it off without seeming raunchy, its just FUNNY. I think a lot of it has with the characters and how naive they really are. Abdul and Drew also bring a lot of laughs to this show. Hope to see it back on for many more seasons.
  • imdb-53430 August 2007
    Thank you for taking an interest in the Oxygen Network. We are thrilled that you are a fan of Campus Ladies, we love the show too. Campus Ladies is critically acclaimed and a brave show that we adore. Unfortunately, it didn't perform as well as we had hoped so for now, after two fantastic seasons we will not be making new episodes.

    But we do have good news: we have just announced that we will be releasing the DVD of Campus Ladies! While we do not have a release date yet, it should be coming out soon – check back with our website for details.

    Too bad it was on a channel for women this is funny no matter what your gender.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Normally I avoid chick programming like the plague (such as the man-hating Gilmore Girls) but I stumbled on this show while channel-surfing and the writing is really, really good. It kind of reminds me of Strangers with Candy, although not as edgy. The two women are real goofballs. I laughed like hell when they decided to become lesbians and were making all kinds of lewd comments about their roommate, just because they thought it was the appropriate thing to do. In another episode they unwittingly "outed" their professor, as part of an assignment that she gave them.

    What I like about the show is that it moves really fast, and the one-liners fly like knives. The writers are very talented, and smart enough not to exclude channel-surfing males by filling the show with angry diatribes about men (cough)Gilmore Girls(cough).
  • rcinvb23 March 2006
    This is one of the funniest shows on TV! The ladies are great and so is the supporting cast. It is laugh out loud funny! The episodes deal with a different theme each week and each episode seems to top itself. The improv is great and you can really tell that the cast is having a great time. I can't wait for it to come to DVD with deleted scenes and expanded scenes. No word on when that is happening yet though. Until then you can also go to Itunes and download free pod cast of the episodes! They are not the full episodes but it will give you the Capus Ladies fix you are going to need while waiting for the DVD releases. Good times.
  • corlisa30 January 2007
    Ya know... this show has to be the most hilarious on television! I, like some other's, all have the same sentiments. I have no earthly idea why so many people have either never heard of this show or have heard of it but have just never watched it. I must say, my all time favorite episode has to be the one where Joan is trying to get Jason Alexander's attention and makes a total fool of herself in the classroom as well as when the gang was playing truth or dare and the young man asked Joan about the "shoulder pads"!!!!! OMG!!!! I thought I would absolutely die laughing I just couldn't stop. All in all, I would have to say "Campus Ladies" has the best writers I have ever seen and there couldn't have been a better cast.