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  • I like Donna Marie among the largely unsung new wave of Brit porn stars (dating back a decade or so), but this vehicle is creaky.

    It's made by a team I'm unfamiliar with: Vicki Holloway and Ric Porter, and other than the rudiments of gonzo porn has little style or substance. Lengthy opus (2-1/2 hours) has been completely forgotten by me a week after screening, not a good sign at all, and the cast apart from Donna is weak. A couple of the guys have forged real careers, notably Pascal White who is still out there humping and Stefan Hard who was one of the busiest cocksmen in Britain.

    With Donna's big breasts the main draw, the show's vignettes merely cover the bases: besides anal sex, there are threesomes, facials, lesbian sex, outdoor sex, latex fetish action.