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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is really the best sentai what so ever! The guideline for this SEntai is Magic that comes from courage it's also a "drama" series while the siblings (brothers & sisters that make the Mahou Sentai MagiRanger) are without a mother and a father are reunited to defeat their enemy one and for all! The big turn on the series is that their most "horrible" enemy is their father turned to a servant of evil 15 years ago while trying to destroy the ultimate hell god. So now Kai, Tsubasa, Makito, Urara, Houka and their teacher Hikaru-sensei/Sungel must fight the forces of evil residing in infershia to protect the surface world as well as MagiTopia a place deep in the clouds where they get legendary powers from Heavenly Saints (before their father was turned to evil he was also a Heavenly Saint), their powers come from different Saints, Kai receives his power from the fire saint, Tsubasa from the lighting saint, Makito from the ground (earth) saint, Urara from the water saint and Houka from the wind saint. Their teacher Sungel does not not a Heavenly Saint to grant him magic because he already is one.