• WARNING: Spoilers

    Mandy Moore (A Walk To Remember) and Billy Crudup (Almost Famous) star in this uplifting romantic comedy about life and love in the big city. Crudup is Henry Roth, a successful children's writer more comfortable with fiction than real people. When his only friend and collaborator (Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson) passes away, Henry must team with Lucy (Moore) - a beautiful but sassy illustrator who drives him crazy before eventually melting his gruff heart. Featuring Oscar winner Dianne Wiest and Bob Balaban in hilarious supporting roles. [D-Man2010]

    Dedication is a modern love story in which a misanthropic, emotionally complex childrens book author named Henry is forced to team up with a beautiful illustrator after his best friend and creative collaborator passes away. As Henry struggles with letting go of the ghosts of love and life, he discovers that sometimes you have to take a gamble at life to find love. [D-Man2010]