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  • Great comedy-writing characters continue on USA! What a wonderful first episode! I am hooked. Shawn Spencer is my new hero-sleuth! The first episode managed to mix the introduction of all the characters into a deftly woven plot full of fun.

    I enjoyed James Roday's timing. He's got a character down pat on the first try. Dulé Hill is wonderful as Roday's partner in crimes. The rest of the cast is very good. The dating cops and the female interim Chief of Police round out a good cast that will welcome Corbin Bernsen as Spencer's ex-cop dad.

    Once again, there is a reason to stay home on Friday nights!
  • The first episode was a delight and so much fun to watch. They have managed to pick a fantastic buddy team that has perfect timing. Plenty of hearty laughs with this one.

    It's unusual for a pilot to have well developed characters, but Psych does dispose of this stereotype.

    The series does give us (the audience) a chance to think for ourselves and allows us to figure out "who dun it?" before Sean does. There are even little kinks here and there to throw us off. I like that.

    I can't wait to see more episodes, and I'm setting up a season pass on the DVR.

    Good job USA!
  • dmitrirlc20 July 2006
    It is unusual to find an intelligent comedy out there in the TV wasteland, but 'Psych' is unusual in many aspects. The writing is quick, intelligent and witty plus the acting is fast-paced and done in an almost believable way even though the premise would be considered far-fetched by some. The storyline does cause the watcher to look at the clues that are given and try to figure out who did what and to whom. James Roday is perfect for the part that he plays, bringing to the part some of the comic timing and zaniness that he showed in 'Repli-Kate', one of his earlier movies. This series shows that he has refined his craft since then. I hope that this series is given the respect and audience that it deserves
  • WinBear8 July 2006
    I thought this was a pretty good pilot. I was laughing pretty consistently throughout. I also enjoyed his observational skills and the way the special effects team highlighted them. The buddy relationship between Shawn and Gus was fun and I liked the dramatic tension between Shawn and his Dad, especially considering dad's feelings on psychics and private investigators. The supporting cast at the police station was adequate with the chief really shining compared to the two detectives having an affair.

    I also liked how they used Gus' very focused vocation-based observation skills to give Shawn a hand at solving the crime at the end. The whole conversation about Shawn needing Gus to take notes because Shawn zones out really rang true for me, plus Shawn occasionally needs the 'everyman view' for something he hadn't considered.

    I give this a thumbs up. It's one of the few summer shows I've picked up and so far, it is clearly the winner.
  • robert-head-123 December 2006
    Where did James Roday come from? Wow. I haven't seen anyone with this much star potential since Tom Cruise came onto the scene.

    The show's premise is refreshingly plausible, despite the seemingly dozens of shows in recent years in which detectives with 'special powers' solve crimes. The twist is that he *doesn't* have special powers beyond excellent training by a dad with burdensome expectations.

    Somehow it manages to combine youthful thirty-ish banter between buddies (Friends-style) with Monk-ish sleuthing and to charm our pants off at the same time.

    The only weakness may be the cartoonish antagonism of officer Carlton Lassiter, who hates Shawn Spencer and denies his results beyond all reason. Hopefully, the writers will find a more comfortable space for the character to occupy.

    Can't wait for the next season.
  • What can I say about Psych? A great, great TV series that has class written all over it! I've been a big fan of Dule Hill's since She's All That and he compliments James Roday's equally fine comedic talents.

    The series doesn't depend on punch-ups and curse words to get its point across (sorry HBO!)Instead you have top-notch people like Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Maggie Lawson (the ever so hot Juliet O'Hara!) and Corbin Bernsen that make up such a wonderful ensemble. Plus, the stories are inventive & fresh.

    I love the banter between Shawn Spencer (Roday) & Burton "Gus" Guster (Hill) and then Shawn vs Lassiter! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time and one can only hope this will get a much deserved DVD release in the future (with blooper reels guys!) The only gripe I have is that they could make the opening theme tune longer, have more of Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer and get Shawn a decent girlfriend who's not connected to the crime he's investigating! Love this show and it gets 10/10 from me! PS: Why is the color green associated with the show?
  • eba1213 July 2006
    Psych truly is a show for everyone. It's use of sarcasm and witty repartee is hilarious which obviously shows that USA Network knows how to define characters. I love the fact that they rely more on character performance rather than the solving of the crime, because it allows you to know the character and relate to him or her. Knowing a character really gets you involved in their life, whether it be your best friend, or someone on television Friday nights. If you want to fall out of your seat laughing, this show is definitely for you. Next weeks episode "Spellingg Bee" looks more promising than the premiere, if that's even a possibility. All else we can really do is welcome Psych, because it's obviously here to stay!
  • A funny CSI? The return of Moonlighting? PSYCH has great fun combining crime show and buddy picture. James Roday and Dule Hill are well-cast as best friends and hesitant investigation partners, and it is fun to see Corbin Bernsen in the role of gruff and demanding father - in stark contrast to his early "pretty-boy" work on L.A. Law. Very well written, with a fast-pace through the story and humor throughout, it is smart enough to keep you thinking and accessible (and appropriate) enough for younger family members. PSYCH has become our new "must-TiVo" show because it draws the entire family - middle school, high school, and parents - to the TV.
  • I thought that this show was really good and entertaining. A lot are saying that its like Monk, but I honestly don't see any real similarities, the story lines are completely different, and Psych adds a new kind of humor which I found hilarious. The only real likeness is that they are both detective shows. The main characters work very well together, and there was enough going on to make me want to keep watching, without being overwhelmed. The man playing Shawn Spencer (whose name I forgot) I thought was great and adorable, and I'm looking forward to watching him every week. I think it is a perfect companion show for Monk, a show I admire also. I gave it a 9 out of 10.
  • Psych is one of the most interesting and comedic series to come out this year. After watching the pilot episodes with one of my friends we were both hooked. James Roday brings his character, Shawn Spencer, a laid back cynical sleuth to life. The witty dialogue is enough to keep anyone entertained for the duration of every episode so far. The character of Gus played by Dule Hill is a brilliant contrast to Raday's character, creating excellent chemistry showcasing how opposites make great television. Over all Psych is a clever, interesting, and hilarious show. Although its not completely original and some concepts are a little far fetched, I think it will entertain anyone who takes the time to tune in Friday evenings.
  • cheribomb-295251 April 2018
    I just started watching this on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. I was unsure at first but now I am hooked! Love the characters and the plots!
  • Psych has been a good aspect of my life. It didn't matter what was going on in my life, I could always look to Shawn and Gus to lighten the mood. I got started late in the series; season 4 I believe. I had always seen the commercials and it honestly looked "too goofy." But, I was wrong, It was extremely clever. The duo of James Roday and Dulé Hill has unparalleled chemistry. The overshadow Laurel/Hardy and even the great Lemmon and Matthau combination. I was born in the late 80's, but the references were still amusing. I'm very sad the show is ending, but hoping to see many more years of these two together. In closing to end the review I will quote my favorite scene (which sums up the show completely).

    Shawn Spencer: Good morning, detectives! Collecting donations for the Policeman's Ball? Carlton Lassiter: We don't have balls. Shawn Spencer: I honestly have no response for that. Carlton Lassiter: Need I remind you, Mr. Spencer, what happens when you interfere with a police investigation? Shawn Spencer: Uhhh... The case gets solved?

    Take care and thanks for the wonderful show... You will be missed!!
  • I loved this show so much u am practically begging them to create at lest one more episode this was literally the best show ever created I have watched the season over and over again I would give it 1000000000 out of 10. So I really think the should create at least one more episode it was the best show in the world next to Doctor who. I normal don't like a show this much but come one it was the best show every created the creator was one of the best show producers ever to be alive and who else agrees that they should create another episode or even season of psych I do. I like that at the end they got married and the man stole the ring that cracked me up and it never gets old none of the episodes get old I think I am speaking for everyone when I say create another season or at least episode.
  • chark032520 November 2006
    This is such terrific show. I had DVRd it and was waiting for a chance to watch the last 2 episodes with my husband. Well, I got sick of waiting and I am so happy that I have these episodes to watch. It is smart, funny and interesting to watch. I love Dule Hill anyway--he is the main reason I gave this show a chance--and he plays his character very well. The supporting cast is very good. I liked Timothy Omundson on "Judging Amy" and it is disconcerting to see him as a not-so-nice guy, but his character has a few redeeming qualities. Corbin Bernson is difficult to watch because his character seems so mean, but he puts just the right touch on his character to keep him from being too hateful.

    How marvelous that it is coming back for another season!
  • I really wanted to like this show. I really did. But it just wasn't that great for me. I loved the idea. It was like a mix of Dexter (Where the super-cop dad taught the kid everything), Lie To Me (He notices the littlest things and can put a puzzle together quickly) and Suits (where he has a very photographic memory). I love all those shows. But this just didn't keep my interest.

    It was just silly to me. I know this is a small thing to complain about, but I really didn't enjoy how he had his "Psychic visions" It really took me out of their word when he acted so cartoony. Its awesome when he just holds his fingers to his head and says what he sees. Thats fine. But when he starts flailing around the room making weird noises. Thats what I don't enjoy. I wish it took itself seriously. I don't need shows to be very serious like breaking bad or anything. But I would have liked it to be more serious, but not take itself as serious? I don't know how to explain it. But shows like Chuck and Suits. They are serious shows, but don't take themselves seriously.

    I know there is definitely an audience out there for it, im just not part of it. I recommend that people give the show a try, but don't have as high of hopes I had going into the show. I gave it a 4 star rating because I like the idea, the writing is clever, and the actors are perfect for their roles. But its repetitive, cartoony, and frequently takes you out of their "world"
  • Believe it or not, Rachael Leigh Cook's minor involvement in this is NOT the reason I gave it 10 out of 10.

    The simple fact is every episode had a laugh out loud joke. Not a chuckle that's funny joke like most funny sitcoms, but a joke that was honestly so funny that one actually laughs out loud when they see it.

    That is so rare in sitcoms. That is so rare in life.

    So why does Psych do that? Well a good reason is that fact that James Roday and Dulé Hill are mindbogglingly brilliant together. Literally they are possibly one of the best comedy duos that television has ever seen. They work so well together it is uncanny.

    And then the ensemble cast. Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, and Kurt Fuller are all at the top of their games.

    In fact the only one dangling is poor Maggie Lawson who was unfortunately stuck with playing the straight man...the one straight person in a cast of hysterical. And she did it well, she was the level, sane voice in that we could relate to.

    So Maggie didn't have a chance to shine while Roday and Hill played off one another in a manner that is best described as magic.

    It is not the best sitcom on television...but it is one of the few that has a moment, in nearly EVERY episode, that makes you laugh out loud.
  • Network: USA; Genre: Comedy, Crime/Mystery; Content Rating: TV-PG (occasional mild language and violence); Available: DVD; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

    Seasons Reviewed: 2 seasons

    Friends since childhood, Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) quite literally get a chance to play detectives when Shawn's keen eye for details (taught by his cop father Corbin Bernsen) and a colossal lie in which he masquerades as a psychic detective gets them in the inner circle of the Santa Barbra police. This gets him close to beautiful detective Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and raises the ire of her by-the-books partner Lassiter (Timothy Omudson).

    If you're asking you're self the question "if he's got such a keen eye for details then why does he have to pose as a psychic detective?" with confusion, snarky skepticism and anger, abandon this review now and surf over to the closest "CSI" rerun. Steve Frank's "Psych" is not for you. But if you asked that same question with a knowing laugh at how much fun a show can be when it is so loony from the get-go that it doesn't care that the fundamental premise about collapses on itself, sit back and enjoy.

    "Psych" is a loony funhouse ride through the crime series, a perfect compliment to USA's other irreverent crime comedy "Monk". A live-action cartoon with a perfectly manic performance from Roday and a perfectly straight-laced foil in Hill. There are a lot of odd elements that work for "Psych" - the clever mysteries, a buried unrequited crush story for Shawn and Juliet, the endless obscure pop culture references (random name dropping hasn't been this much fun since the second season of "Family Guy"), a complete lack of any self importance - but the blood that courses through the show's veins is the Shawn and Gus relationship.

    Roday and Hill play off each other beautifully. If these two don't have real chemistry then they are brilliant at faking it. Roday and Hill don't miss a beat. Shawn and Gus's banter is a tennis match of whip-fast sibling-like short-hand that nobody in the room gets but them. Roday chews the scenery like a rabid dog. He's got the one-liners, Shawn's breathless rants and physical comedy nailed. His psychically-induced spastic summations play like a much less annoying Jim Carrey - back when Jim Carrey was the big thing. Dule Hill, however, is a comic revelation. Hill bursts out of the wallflower he played for years on "The West Wing", and uses all that bent up comic energy to give the thankless, uptight, side-kick role an unparalleled enthusiasm with a firecracker delivery that makes the tiniest reaction shots hilarious. Gus' horrified reactions to Shawn's behavior make for some of the show's biggest laughs.

    Another great strength to "Psych" is that it feels so fresh and free-wheeling, but at the same time is backed by a solid and cohesive story. Shawn and Gus "Columbo" their way through the crime scenes, seemingly more concerned with making 80s movie references or bickering over fashion than solving the case, and yet, in true TV style are always able to beat the cops to the arrest. Consciously trying to one-up the cop series wrap-ups of his childhood, Shawn can't just tell everyone who did it. "Psych's" episode formula ends with TV's freshest and most invigorating wrap-up scenes as Roday can't unmask the killer without an elaborate bit of theatrics or in front of a huge group of people. It is a nearly flawless piece of organized chaos - and one of th most purely entertaining shows on TV.

    Tired of the self-contained, self-important crime dramas that chronicle interviewing witnesses, making legal deals and pouring over microscopic evidence? No? Really? Seriously, Not yet? My God. Well, I am and even with "Monk" slowly loosing interest in itself, "Psych" is just the breezy, colorful, thirst-quenching antidote I've been looking for. Much like Shawn and Gus, "Psych" is quickly laughing it's care-free way right past all the TV mystery-solving competition. Beating them fair and square with wit, charm, character and an infectious puppy dog desire to entertain. Funnier than most comedies, more thrilling than most crime mysteries.

    * * * ½ /4
  • Hailtoyin10 February 2007
    This show is simply funny. USA also does a lot to promote it. There are tons of extras on the website that allows you to understand the show and characters even better!! James Roday and Dule Hill are a fantastic team! You'll find yourself laughing at Shawn Spencer's antics and Gus's exasperated expressions. There are tons of guest stars that you might see that you recognize from other places and the supporting cast are also terrific . The flashbacks that take place at the beginning of the show allows us to see how a young Shawn because who is is now. There is really no reason he is not a cop and choose to lie about being a physic. He just likes taking the easy way out and always quit his previous jobs. Check the show out! Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as I do.
  • Psych is currently the best show on television. It deserves to win an Emmy award for Best Comedy. Two and a Half Men is the number one comedy in the US but this was NOT its best year. This year Psych was funnier.

    Psych has a great ensemble cast and excellent writers. The main character (Shawn) has consistently funny exchanges with all the other characters. He is constantly poking fun at the character of Gus (Dule Hill-who often steals the show with his perfect comedic timing).

    Not since the old TV show Moonlighting, have I seen writers utilize sexual innuendo humor so effectively. It was hilarious in the season one finale when Shawn says to Jules: "I'll need an article of clothing, preferably an undergarment." Jules responds with a sly smirk, "Don't you usually need an article of clothing from the victim." Shawn quickly replies, "It works either way."

    James Roday deserves to win Best Actor in a Comedy and Dule Hill deserves to win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
  • This series is not only one of the most entertaining, but also one of the most interesting series I've been watching.

    I went into 'Psych' a little skeptic. I had seen it around for years, but I never really gave it a chance. This was mainly due to the fact that I had only seen random episodes on the television. From those random episodes, my first impression was that it looked pretty silly and was all over the place. A little too chaotic for my taste, you could say. Of course, I didn't know the series at all, didn't have any understanding of the characters' backgrounds and didn't catch any sort of storyline whatsoever.

    However, about two months ago, I had been watching and caught up with 'Castle' and 'The Mentalist' and I needed something new to watch. Browsing through IMDb, I stumbled upon 'Psych' again.

    First off, I need to explain my skepticism. When you have never -really- seen an episode of 'Psych' and you have been following 'The Mentalist' - about a very skilled guy who used to 'be' a psychic, but, due to some horrible events, gets out of that life and denies that psychics are real - and love that series' concept, going into a series about a very skilled guy who pretends to -be- a psychic... Well, let's just say that's where my skepticism originated.

    No more random episodes. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right and give it a fair chance. So, I started at the very beginning: the pilot.

    Due to my skepticism, the first half of the pilot left me with a slightly bad taste in my mouth. Parts were interesting, but there were also parts where I felt like it was still a little too silly. By the end of the pilot, however, the interesting outweighed the silly.

    I can't say I was instantly hooked at the end of the episode, but I did continue watching.

    With every episode I watched, I got more and more enthusiastic. It didn't take long until I had entirely embraced that silliness that turned me off at first. It's not just that I accepted that it was there, I started to appreciate it and that quickly turned into me loving it. In fact, the silliest parts of the series are now one of the parts I love the most about 'Psych'. And with my 'silly' prejudice out of the way, there was nothing stopping me anymore.

    Every new season just keeps on getting better. You can really see that the cast has been together for a long time - the chemistry among them is amazing.

    Conclusion: it's exceptionally well-written and the acting is terrific.

    Oh. The Psych-outs (bloopers, improvisations, etc) are hilarious as well!
  • After missing most of the first season and catching up on re-runs throughout the summer and watching the second season religiously. This show is witty, with the lead character Shawn providing the comical and enjoyable bantering with his partner, co-lead Gus. The show provides a new life into the all to common police shows that litter television. His keen "psychic" abilities help allow the audience to try and figure out what is going on moments before he reveals the answers.

    If you are looking for another police investigative show, please pass on this, but if you are looking a new type of television show that allows the audience to be involved with a great sense of humor, stay tuned for the next season which premieres the 11th of January.
  • I never liked "Monk" very much. But from the instant this show came on right after it, I knew USA finally had something. This has to be one of the best shows ever made-- if not, then definitely one of the top comedies. It combines dramedy, mystery, the buddy dynamic, and pineapples. It's got lots of witty references, from "Airwolf" to "Smokey & the Bandit," and it features two main characters (Shawn, played by James Roday, and Gus, played by Dule Hill) who make a great duo all-around, from their great chemistry to their playful A-B Club ethics. Corbin Bernsen shakes things up as Shawn's tough-as-nails ex-cop dad. Kirsten Nelson deserves some sort of Emmy for her take on police chief Karen Vick. And as the anti-Shawn-and-Gus, Timothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson are fantastic (Lawson was a replacement after the pilot episode for the equally phenomenal Anne Dudek, who played a woman named Precious in an episode of "Friends"). This show has it all-- the humor is spot-on, the mysteries just keep improving with age, and I think we'll always be drawn to a show about a slacker with a heart of gold... and fake psychic abilities.
  • blanche-215 September 2007
    I've been a devotee of MONK since it started and am ashamed to confess that I just discovered the very funny, very clever PSYCH on USA Network. It's a familiar format - two buddies, a head honcho in the police department who resents them - but it has some great twists. James Roday is Shawn Spencer, an observant detective who somehow is known as a psychic (I am just renting the entire first season now so I don't have the whole back story). Anyway, he's a total fake but boy, can he put on a show. Dule Hill, so wonderful (and serious) in West Wing is Shawn's childhood friend and partner Gus. Corbin Bernsen plays Shawn's dad, a former police officer. Tim Omundson is the harried Lassiter.

    The dialogue is fantastic, and the mysteries are interesting enough. Corbin Bernsen is such a great sport - the show always begins with a flashback to Shawn's childhood, and Bernsen wears a hairpiece; for the present-day scenes, he's bald. He was considered such a handsome leading man in LA Law - what he is, is an actor who enjoys both leads and character roles, as well as writing and directing.

    I can't say enough about James Roday's line delivery and his chemistry with Dule Hill. Hill is excellent - whoever would have dreamed he could be so effective doing comedy? This show is great for what ails you. It will leave you laughing, and these days, you can't ask for better than that.
  • This show is all about the actors! The writing is clever but works even more thanks to the interaction between the actors! "Shawn" and "Gus" really are convincing as friends! "Gus" doesn't always agree with "Shawn" which always leads to "Shawn" motivating him into helping him! Corbin Bensen also is terrific as the father who is strict but actually is very proud of his son! The way Shawn and Gus solve these cases is a must see! Shawn is an intelligent and very observant man and Gus also intelligent has a large knowledge about medicine who is a great help to Shawn in many ways! It is also very funny to see how Shawn always manages to convince people he is a psychic! But we and his father know he isn't,but he is clearly very observant and very good in deducting like Sherlock Holmes! The show is fast paced and exciting! Great show!
  • aidosh946 July 2007
    On Friday nights, me and my mom watch Psych because it's something light and funny and makes you forget everything else. I always laugh my lounges out because Shawn Spencer is so damn funny!!! Especially when he started dancing to "Dazzle and stretch"! His friend is also funny in his own way and the combination of them is just perfect.

    I started watching the show about 4 weeks ago and my mom loves it more then I do.

    But the show still cracks me up and I would truly recommend it to anyone who has had a rough or a boring day and just wants to sit and enjoy the show.

    I hope it would last for many years and that it would continue to be as funny as it is now.

    So thank you actors and Psych-makers because it's a hilarious show and one of the best ever!!!
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