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  • The first episode was a delight and so much fun to watch. They have managed to pick a fantastic buddy team that has perfect timing. Plenty of hearty laughs with this one.

    It's unusual for a pilot to have well developed characters, but Psych does dispose of this stereotype.

    The series does give us (the audience) a chance to think for ourselves and allows us to figure out "who dun it?" before Sean does. There are even little kinks here and there to throw us off. I like that.

    I can't wait to see more episodes, and I'm setting up a season pass on the DVR.

    Good job USA!
  • Great comedy-writing characters continue on USA! What a wonderful first episode! I am hooked. Shawn Spencer is my new hero-sleuth! The first episode managed to mix the introduction of all the characters into a deftly woven plot full of fun.

    I enjoyed James Roday's timing. He's got a character down pat on the first try. Dulé Hill is wonderful as Roday's partner in crimes. The rest of the cast is very good. The dating cops and the female interim Chief of Police round out a good cast that will welcome Corbin Bernsen as Spencer's ex-cop dad.

    Once again, there is a reason to stay home on Friday nights!
  • dmitrirlc20 July 2006
    It is unusual to find an intelligent comedy out there in the TV wasteland, but 'Psych' is unusual in many aspects. The writing is quick, intelligent and witty plus the acting is fast-paced and done in an almost believable way even though the premise would be considered far-fetched by some. The storyline does cause the watcher to look at the clues that are given and try to figure out who did what and to whom. James Roday is perfect for the part that he plays, bringing to the part some of the comic timing and zaniness that he showed in 'Repli-Kate', one of his earlier movies. This series shows that he has refined his craft since then. I hope that this series is given the respect and audience that it deserves
  • robert-head-123 December 2006
    Where did James Roday come from? Wow. I haven't seen anyone with this much star potential since Tom Cruise came onto the scene.

    The show's premise is refreshingly plausible, despite the seemingly dozens of shows in recent years in which detectives with 'special powers' solve crimes. The twist is that he *doesn't* have special powers beyond excellent training by a dad with burdensome expectations.

    Somehow it manages to combine youthful thirty-ish banter between buddies (Friends-style) with Monk-ish sleuthing and to charm our pants off at the same time.

    The only weakness may be the cartoonish antagonism of officer Carlton Lassiter, who hates Shawn Spencer and denies his results beyond all reason. Hopefully, the writers will find a more comfortable space for the character to occupy.

    Can't wait for the next season.
  • WinBear8 July 2006
    I thought this was a pretty good pilot. I was laughing pretty consistently throughout. I also enjoyed his observational skills and the way the special effects team highlighted them. The buddy relationship between Shawn and Gus was fun and I liked the dramatic tension between Shawn and his Dad, especially considering dad's feelings on psychics and private investigators. The supporting cast at the police station was adequate with the chief really shining compared to the two detectives having an affair.

    I also liked how they used Gus' very focused vocation-based observation skills to give Shawn a hand at solving the crime at the end. The whole conversation about Shawn needing Gus to take notes because Shawn zones out really rang true for me, plus Shawn occasionally needs the 'everyman view' for something he hadn't considered.

    I give this a thumbs up. It's one of the few summer shows I've picked up and so far, it is clearly the winner.
  • eba1213 July 2006
    Psych truly is a show for everyone. It's use of sarcasm and witty repartee is hilarious which obviously shows that USA Network knows how to define characters. I love the fact that they rely more on character performance rather than the solving of the crime, because it allows you to know the character and relate to him or her. Knowing a character really gets you involved in their life, whether it be your best friend, or someone on television Friday nights. If you want to fall out of your seat laughing, this show is definitely for you. Next weeks episode "Spellingg Bee" looks more promising than the premiere, if that's even a possibility. All else we can really do is welcome Psych, because it's obviously here to stay!
  • What can I say about Psych? A great, great TV series that has class written all over it! I've been a big fan of Dule Hill's since She's All That and he compliments James Roday's equally fine comedic talents.

    The series doesn't depend on punch-ups and curse words to get its point across (sorry HBO!)Instead you have top-notch people like Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Maggie Lawson (the ever so hot Juliet O'Hara!) and Corbin Bernsen that make up such a wonderful ensemble. Plus, the stories are inventive & fresh.

    I love the banter between Shawn Spencer (Roday) & Burton "Gus" Guster (Hill) and then Shawn vs Lassiter! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time and one can only hope this will get a much deserved DVD release in the future (with blooper reels guys!) The only gripe I have is that they could make the opening theme tune longer, have more of Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer and get Shawn a decent girlfriend who's not connected to the crime he's investigating! Love this show and it gets 10/10 from me! PS: Why is the color green associated with the show?
  • A funny CSI? The return of Moonlighting? PSYCH has great fun combining crime show and buddy picture. James Roday and Dule Hill are well-cast as best friends and hesitant investigation partners, and it is fun to see Corbin Bernsen in the role of gruff and demanding father - in stark contrast to his early "pretty-boy" work on L.A. Law. Very well written, with a fast-pace through the story and humor throughout, it is smart enough to keep you thinking and accessible (and appropriate) enough for younger family members. PSYCH has become our new "must-TiVo" show because it draws the entire family - middle school, high school, and parents - to the TV.
  • I thought that this show was really good and entertaining. A lot are saying that its like Monk, but I honestly don't see any real similarities, the story lines are completely different, and Psych adds a new kind of humor which I found hilarious. The only real likeness is that they are both detective shows. The main characters work very well together, and there was enough going on to make me want to keep watching, without being overwhelmed. The man playing Shawn Spencer (whose name I forgot) I thought was great and adorable, and I'm looking forward to watching him every week. I think it is a perfect companion show for Monk, a show I admire also. I gave it a 9 out of 10.
  • Psych is one of the most interesting and comedic series to come out this year. After watching the pilot episodes with one of my friends we were both hooked. James Roday brings his character, Shawn Spencer, a laid back cynical sleuth to life. The witty dialogue is enough to keep anyone entertained for the duration of every episode so far. The character of Gus played by Dule Hill is a brilliant contrast to Raday's character, creating excellent chemistry showcasing how opposites make great television. Over all Psych is a clever, interesting, and hilarious show. Although its not completely original and some concepts are a little far fetched, I think it will entertain anyone who takes the time to tune in Friday evenings.
  • aucoinandrew18 July 2019
    Featuring one of the best on screen friendships ever created, psych has pretty much all you could want in a tv show: action, comedy, romance, mystery, etc. Personally, its my all time favorite show and i may be a little biased because psych might not be for everybody, but its massively underrated. While the acting isn't out of the park, the witty banter and overall enjoyability makes up for it. James Roday and Dule Hills chemistry is the driving force of the show. The amount of inside jokes makes it hard to jump in halfway through but makes the whole journey that much better.
  • This show is the best comedy, best drama, and best detective show all at once. It is funny all the time, but strictly serious when it needs to be. No other show has made me laugh as hard as Psych does. Do yourself a favor and give this show a chance.
  • I still watch Psych episodes several times a week! With so many channels and shows on television, I really have tried to watch them...I just can't. Psych was original, funny, sarcastic, messy, pick a word...

    The episodes never get old, no matter how many times I watch them. Definitely buy the DVD's, they're worth it!
  • joshw179612 May 2019
    One of the few shows I watched with my dad and both my brothers. A favorite and a classic
  • I have no idea why this show didn't win a series of Emmy awards cos honestly it stands way out...whacky, funny, great comedic timing, rib tickling references, d acting of roday n hill...i watched the entire 8 seasons, then watched it again, n once more after that, n im positive im gonna watch it a fourth time. The only other comedy that leaves me in splits is Seinfeld n psych is now right beside Seinfeld in my all time favourites. Its grown on me n I absolutely love it. N to all d detractors "ur obviously jealous of why it made others laugh n not u...word of advice: maybe ur d one NOT FUNNY n in need of a crash course on humour" !!!!
  • Following after Monk (if you watched/loved him) was a nice way to ease into this show because both have intense and unique crime solving main characters.

    Even after being off air for years, Psych is one of the few shows that I still find binge worthy years after being off air. Shawn and Gus have the most intriguing, hilarious, and dynamic friendship I've ever seen on any show. They way they're both so in sync all the time adds significantly to the humor of this tv show.

    It's an absolute must watch. There are a ton of 80s references I don't always understand, but that is in no way a deal breaker, plus there's still humor in them. Hands down this is an amazing show, definitely one for the ages.

    To this day, friends and I still quote lines from Psych. Give it a shot if you're unsure, bear through the Pilot, and then fall in love.
  • This show is one of my all time favorites. I have seen every episode multiple times and it never gets old. The 80's references, the goofy names Shawn gives Gus, the guest starts, are all amazing! It's funny, sweet, funny (yes, I know I already said that), and so entertaining. The writing and acting is top notch. I freaking LOVE Psych!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Definitely a great series. One of the funniest shows I have ever watched and I must say, the show's rare attempts to create a series, dramatic episode were well done. There were a few, not much, horrible episodes, namely Polarizing Express(worst episode IMO) that really hurt the show, including Lassie Jerky(bad casting choices), Shawn and the Real Girl(second worst episode), Psy vs Psy(another one with horrible casting). But if you want a show with lots of laughter, especially crass humor, this show is for you.
  • An amazing show from start to finish. Shaun and Gus are chemistry is second to none. I can't recommend this show enough. 8 seasons and a movie (and a second in production right now) I'm glad they keep making more...
  • cheribomb-295251 April 2018
    I just started watching this on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. I was unsure at first but now I am hooked! Love the characters and the plots!
  • acedj29 October 2019
    This show is absolutely great. The pilot episode is not the best in the series, so don't let that stop you. This show is full of jokes, puns, whit and nostalgia for anyone in their 30s to 50s to enjoy. James and Dule play very well off each other and the entire cast has great chemistry. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is a fan of sitcoms as well as crime dramas. This show centers around Shawn Spencer, a man in his mid to late twenties that has issues holding down a job. His dad, a retired detective for the Santa Barbara police department had trained Shawn as a kid to be hyper observant. Shawn had been using this ability to help police solve crimes by phoning in tips. In the pilot episode this ends up having Shawn pulled in for questioning. In a panic, he tells the police he is psychic. They test this claim out and he uses his powers of observation to solve a crime, and he opens a detective agency with his childhood friend Burton "Gus" Guster. Unfortunately the show only lasted 8 seasons. It is definitely in my top ten favorite shows. Be sure to check out Psych the musical!!!
  • My writing skills don't support parsing this down into a point-by-point without putting a lot of time into it. I simply look forward to the goofiness that is Shawn. It appears that Shawn is just an extension of James Roday's personality, and I do appreciate that Shawn and Gus seem to click/enjoy themselves even more as the series goes on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Be forwarded, this review may contain some spoilers. I will try my best not to spoil it too much

    I for one enjoyed the show. It was full of funny antics while keeping the viewer guessing what's going to happen next. It is full of some of my favorite guest stars, such as the cast from the original clue. It always made me want to keep watching. The story and the plot of show were well written in my opinion. The characters were great and had great personalities which helped add to the shows humor.

    My only thing I did not like about the show was the character Burton Guster. In my opinion, he was a pretentious, know it all full of useless information and a sad lonely loser who was also inconsiderate on many occasions and in every case a wuss. Many times while watching there were times where I would just say to myself "I really hate you Gus".

    But overall I really enjoyed the show, it was full of laughter and kept me on my toes. I still rewatch every season on occasion for a good laugh
  • dancer-319646 June 2018
    Easily my favorite show. Tons of jokes, super fun, great for a crowd
  • This show was mostly lighthearted and fun ,but also had its meaningful moments. It was very entertaining and kept me on my toes. It was very interesting to see James Roday and Dulé Hill's representation of Shawn and Gus' long-time friendship. I definitely recommend watching it if you haven't already.Although I enjoyed the big news given to viewers, the end of the series was a major cliffhanger ,and it left me craving more.
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