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  • TJ Myers did a brilliant job! The emotion that she had was amazing. When the cops came to tell her that her husband was dead. I started crying. She was so real. And, the conversation between her and the guy, Patrick Williams that was playing her husband was wonderful, too. They brought you to that moment. That moment of not knowing if your spouse was going to die or not. I felt it. I love it when an actor's that good, and she is. I also want to commend producers and directors for doing a movie on such wonderful subjects as the true miracles that happened on 9-11. There was a part in the middle where the girl with the long, dark hair was talking and the two cops were reliving their experience. Those parts dragged out a little, but all in all it was good.
  • The Miracle survivors of 9/11/01 is the most accurate film out that I have seen and because it is a docudrama it kept my attention. I cried during the Flight 93 segment with Tom and Deena Burnett. This film touched me because instead of dwelling on the devastation, it promoted the miracles that came from the worst US encounter of all times. When Deena Burnett said, "During times of terror we can find God" I teared up and when Tom Burnett said, "Pray, just pray" I teared up. The footage of the towers coming down was authentic and the Pentagon being attacked was authentic. The survivors of the towers and then having a baby reminded me that thinking about the future generation is important and releasing the past.