[first lines]

Voiceover: The estimated value of the stamp known as 'The Damsel of Freedonia' is about three million dollars. Not the most valuable stamp, but certainly one with the most colorful history. Some philatelists doubt the very existence of this legendary stamp and most certainly doubt its reputed curse.

Bill Johnson: Find something interesting?

Secretary: Oh I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. That stamp just caught my eye.

Bill Johnson: You're probably wondering why that valuable piece from the city stamp collection is in my briefcase.

Secretary: Well, you know...

Bill Johnson: Well, I'm stealing it.

Secretary: You're what? You're joking, right?

Bill Johnson: Not at all - but I wasn't expecting anyone to notice until I left the country.

Bill Johnson: Now I just have to make sure I make a clean getaway.

Secretary: What are you going to do?

Bill Johnson: Oh, don't worry. I'm just going to tie you up and gag you.

Secretary: Oh, no. Jenni!

[Johnson grabs Alexis' arms and binds them behind her back]

Bill Johnson: Jenni can't help you right now. She's a little tied up herself.