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  • After reading the reviews for this movie, it seems like the main reason it has been negatively reviewed is due to the unrealistic aspects of the movie. I'll admit, there are a lot of dumb moments. How does Megan get on the wrong plane when her ticket should have stopped her? How does she book such an expensive room for so long by herself? Why are the thugs so stupid? All of these things are silly, but in the end it doesn't really matter. Drake and Josh has never been a serious show, so don't take it seriously.

    Having said that, the movie itself is actually pretty good. It feels more like a long episode than a movie, but that's what often happens with movies based on TV shows. The jokes are in the traditional Drake and Josh style, with the noticeable lack of a laugh track in the background. The only complaint I have about the humor is that Josh doesn't behave like he normally does, which does take away from the fun a bit. He seems too serious and doesn't make as many sarcastic comments about Drake here, nor does he do any of his, as one reviewer put, "Josh- gasms."

    The story is adequate. It's obvious that the focus was on the jokes and not the story, and considering that the audience is composed of kids and young teenagers, this was probably a good idea.

    There are some good moments in it aside from the humor. The fight scenes are OK but nothing too thrilling, and the car chases are pretty good by TV sitcom standards. There are a few moments where I actually felt legitimately feel good and bad for Drake and Josh, which is rare for me.

    Overall, a pretty solid comedy if you look past it's obvious errors.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    By Manny Castro After almost two years on the air, Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh are such a popular show that it already inspired a movie. However, unlike Kenan & Kel (the popular Nick duo from the '90s), Drake & Josh only get a TV movie and for good reasons I may add. In the TV movie Drake Parker (Drake Bell) is upset because his band manager is booking his band in bad gigs. One of the bad gigs involves the band playing for a retirement home. Whoa! This manager must really hate the band, huh? But, his troubles will soon be solved because his step-brother Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) offers his services as his new band manager. Drake resists at first, but decides to give him a shot since Josh is a loser and FINALLY realizes when he has to write a school paper about his greatest adventure. In the meantime, however, their parents go on a ten-day cruise. Before they leave they instruct Drake and Josh to take their sister, Megan (Miranda Cosgrove), on time to the airport, so she doesn't miss her plane ride to Denver. I know what you're asking, "what parent lets their eleven-year-old child travel alone?" Nonetheless, Drake and Josh obey and take their sister to the airport. Then, when they arrive they are dumb enough to put Megan on the wrong plane. Oops! Now, Drake and Josh have to take a flight to Los Angeles to rescue their sister. At L.A. Josh bumps into a Talent Booker for MTV's TRL in the restroom. The booker had a talent cancel on him the day before an L.A. show. This guy is so desperate that he allows Drake to perform on the show. However, the story doesn't end there because Drake and Josh SOMEHOW get involved with some criminals who've stolen a U.S. currency machine and now must stop them. WOW! That's a lot for a 90-minute TV movie. "Good Burger" didn't have this much sub-plots! While I like the whole aspect of Drake getting his big brake, I think the rest of the movie was really stupid and contributes nothing to the history of the show. Viewers of the Drake & Josh program know that the show is a sitcom about the wacky adventures of two step-brothers. So, why does the film turn into some kind of crime-thriller? Ask Executive Producer Dan Schneider. Yeah, he's the same guy who wrote and produced the Kenan & Kel TV shows and movies. Hence all my references. Anyway, I honestly thought this movie had potential if it would have tried to contribute to the history of the show. On the show Drake's mother marries Josh's father, yet we NEVER learn ANYTHING about Drake's dad and Josh's mother. Wouldn't it had been better if the film tried to answer that big question? Well, maybe Mr. Schneider has that planned for the sequel.
  • Drake & Josh is simply one of my most favourite TV shows ever! Before I was going to watch the movie I knew that it would turn out to be good. But it didn't. It turned out to be better than I expected. The story was amazing when Drake & Josh were trying to get their sister Megan back after sending her to the wrong flight. It was a bit similar to Home Alone 2 but this one is better. For a TV movie it is a lot better than most films that are on the top 250.

    There wasn't a single boring or useless scene and every bit was funny especially when they both were on the flight given separates seats eventually 2 beautiful girls sat beside Drake and 2 fat people with a huge tub of chicken sat decide Josh. In the TV show Josh always complains that good things always happen to Drake and bad to him, which occurred in the movie.

    Megan was having the time of her life while her brothers were in a nightmare and was really annoying them throughout the whole film but became useful and helpful so she wasn't the real bad person which was a good thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Allow me to ask some rhetorical questions:

    -Why would ANY airport allow an 11 year-old on a plane WITHOUT CHECKING THEIR TICKET?

    -Don't you think Megan is a little too smart to get on the wrong plane?

    -Why would the most PRESTIGIOUS hotel in Los Angeles allow a single 11 year-old to stay in the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE? Without checking her credit card? Do the words FRAUDULENT CHARGES ring a bell?

    -How was Megan allowed to stay in the hotel's PRESIDENTIAL SUITE, which costs a good $15,000 a night (or more) for over a week? Gee, that's over $100,000, plus ROOM SERVICE. Her mom and dad are going to be ticked...

    -How did a couple of thugs outwit ARMED GUARDS to get a money printing press?

    And just to top it all off, it wasn't really a very funny movie...
  • This movie is quite good and it does not have the cheesiness that the show has even though it is good but the movie did a better job that's for sure this is truly the type of classic show that a movie should be made out of the show it's funny mostly an enjoyable adventurous movie it has lots of good qualities and the story by Dan Schneider and Stephen Molaro is quite creatively decided which helped the movie a lot of scenes have a lot of fun packed in them and it might have been a good movie also if it came out in the theatres it would be big or just get one-sided opinions it is that type of movie but i loved it and the characters (Drake Bell and Josh Peck) delivered a hilarious but engaging perforamnce that will be loved by fans great film with a cast unique to TV
  • This time, the two brothers accidentally send their little sister,( the troublesome Megan) to LA when she goes on the wrong plane. It is up to Drake and Josh to find her and get her back but they stumble upon a little problem of their own and will need Megan's help.

    I thought it was a decent film, but what more can you expect from a movie based on a Teen Nick show.

    It was quick moving and was obviously for kids but teens would definitely enjoy this too if they are Drake and Josh fans.

    The villains are a tad corny but once again, you can only expect that kind of behavior in something as humorous as this.

    Drake also gets to play his guitar again and fans will get a taste of his new song Hollywood Girl.

    So if you are flipping through channels or watching Nick and this comes on, try and watch it once and then you'll find out for yourself if this is for you or not.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me get this out of the way: if you're a fan of the show, then you will enjoy this movie. It has plenty of the same quirky humor the show it's based on is known for. If you can focus solely on Drake, Josh, and Meghan, then this movie is a good watch. The story, however, doesn't make much sense. The biggest example of this comes when Drake and Josh are captured and taken prisoner. Why wouldn't the thugs just kill them? What reason do they have for keeping them alive? Also, why would you keep a stolen US currency machine in the front room of a warehouse that is easily accessible? If the criminals were smart enough to steal what was surely a heavily guarded item from a government building, why would you store it in a place that could be seen simply by sliding a hatch open in an outside wall? Like I said, this movie's story isn't very logical, but it features some of the humor that makes the show so accessible. For that, it's watchable.
  • I like watching Drake and Josh the T.V. series but I thought the movie was even better. Drake and Josh get Megan on the wrong plane to Los Angeles so Drake and Josh decide to go to Los Angeles to get Megan back to San Diego. For the time being Megan Drake and Josh have checked in on an hotel and Josh finds Drake a person that works for MTV so Drake can now sing and take his career further. But on the news there is a story that the money printing machine in Washington D.C. has been stolen and the crooks that have stolen this machine are looking for Josh because the person that was sitting next to Josh on the aeroplane and Josh's G.O. get mixed up.This man's G.O. contains the password of the printing machine. Josh finds out that the crooks are up to no good when they get chased by 2 crooks. They get kidnapped by the bad guys and its up to Megan to save them. This film was great and I have no complaints about this film.
  • lph5287 January 2006
    Normally, I am a big fan of Drake & Josh. I was excited about watching them for a whole hour and a half, but this movie was just extremely bland. It moved very slow and was not as funny as the television episodes. Josh's character did not do as many "Josh-isms" as he does in the show, and the humor was not the same. And when I was a junior in high school, my parents would have never left me at home for 10 days with me and just a sibling. And in the beginning when the parents leave, and the boys have to drop Megan off at the airport, the time reads at night, but it is daylight outside, which was an extremely careless error. Overall, I was looking forward to watching this movie, but I was disappointed.
  • I like the TV Show Drake & Josh. It's a funny TV Show that can definitely keep us entertained and laughing. It's cool how they made a TV movie off of the TV show, with a different entertaining action plot with the characters Drake & Josh. This movie by all means is a great movie. If you're a fan of the TV show, then it is definitely for you. The good news about this movie, is if you look it up online, you'll see how it was the highest rated program on all of cable the week it aired, and it had 5.8 million viewers. It aired on January 6, 2006, I remember watching some of it on TV that day. I was new to Drake and Josh, and staying at a hotel with my parents. I saw this on TV and was entertained, while my parents were watching something else in the other room, wanting me to watch something else with them. I can't believe that will be 9 years ago next month. Well, this movie has a cool action plot with bad guys in it, that Drake & Josh have to face. We see them having the life in Hollywood California, which is a cool place to be. Even Tony Hawk has his name mentioned in this movie. This movie even shows a couple of things that seem inconsistent with the show, though not like it makes it bad. For example, in the TV show the family doesn't seem poor, but definitely aren't rich either. While in this movie, they seem rich and able to get everything they want. Especially Megan, an 11 year old girl being able to stay at the nicest hotel and have a limo take her around places, a little like Home Alone 2. It would seem like they couldn't afford that on the show. If you're a fan of Drake & Josh, then this movie definitely is for you. It's nice to know how well received this movie has been among critics and fans, even when it aired on TV. While I'm guessing that almost everybody reading this review that's watched Drake and Josh has seen the movie, where even if I do write a spoiler, it wouldn't be a spoiler if you saw the movie, I still won't write a spoiler, and hopefully nothing I wrote so far counts as one. But, seriously if you haven't seen the movie, but watch Drake & Josh, definitely see it. It comes on TV every once in awhile where you can TiVo it, and this is definitely a funny movie that will leave you feeling happy at the end. I give it a 10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the part where Megan hits one of the thug's head with the fire extinguisher! It was so funny and I love her character! If I could, I would totally switch places with her for a day, or maybe even for a week, month, or year. I don't get why Megan would want to take that money because it's they stuff that the thugs printed illegally. If I were Josh I wouldn't have taken that G-O back from the guys because that's what got them in trouble but then, was most of the movie and stuff so I understand why they had Josh do that. I love Drake's song Hollywood Girl! It is so awesome and Drake is so cute!I've never noticed that Josh had one earring in the left ear. Has it always been there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't like the weird camera angles, but I got used to it after a while. Basically, the two step brothers but Megan on the wrong flight, which is sorta weird since security has supposedly "stepped up a notch" at airports. But then its a movie. And if it was realistic, Drake and Josh would've got shot while they were being kidnapped.


    Me and my brother were however cracking up at how the foreign cab driver kept looking at Megan...11 year old girl...all alone in eh? That aside, the movie was sort of all about Drake, with Josh thrown in for some comedy. DRAKE has the band. DRAKE gets to make out with 2 hot girls on the plane. DRAKE gets a shot on TRL. DRAKE makes it big. DRAKE gets another girl at the end of the movie(with Josh, of course.) I guess they could've just taken out Josh...but it wouldn't of been funny.

    Anyways, it was sorta good, sorta boring at times, but still very good.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm only giving this a five because I like the talents of Drake Bell and Josh Peck. All of the main actors involved were more talented than the lame (thanks Dan Schneider) teleplay.

    I liked the beginning scenes in the house and Drake playing at the old folks home (the apple sauce wanting senior citizen was about the funniest part of the whole movie) because it seemed the most realistic. Well, I suppose no retirement home would accept a rock and roll band as the talent. I also liked the scene in the car on the way to the airport. Drake, Josh and Miranda Cosgrove (who plays Megan Parker) really act like they could be siblings.

    Some misguides: Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) didn't know the Titanic was a real ship? Gee, no wonder he's just a weatherman. Drake and Josh trying to go past security. What one of the previous posters said about the Presidential Suite that Megan was staying in--even if Mrs. Nichols (the always underused Nancy Sullivan) had a credit card with a sky high limit there's no way Megan could stay at that hotel without parent notification first. The criminals weren't all that tough. Geez, even in The Beatles' "Help!" Victor Spinetti's character pulled a gun out on the lads. Megan being able to take the money from the currency machine after she turned on the fans (and the only people who noticed her were her brothers). There's so many errors, that you get the general idea. It seems that Dan Schneider was just putting out a product and characterization went out the window. I can't tell you how many times us fans of the show sit and analyze things to death that the powers that be could care less about because it's "Only a Nickelodeon show."

    It was also nice seeing Drake sing one of the songs from his album "Telegraph" called "Hollywood Girl". Ironic that Drake Parker gets better publicity for Drake Bell songs than the real Drake Bell. Also a minor gripe that a record deal wouldn't come that fast and he never would have been offered the chance to be on "TRL" as an unsigned artist in the first place.

    There's some funny/cute interaction between the principal players and Drake's real life music gets some TV exposure, but the movie just falls flat. It could've been a million times better.

    During one of the trailers the voice over says "their first movie"...if there should be a second, I hope it is not as terrible as this outing was.

    And calling it a movie is misleading because if you take out the commercial breaks it is only like an hour and six minutes long.

    It's a shame that some of the better fan fiction writers out there respect the characters better than Dan Schneider the man who created the show.

    "you're no Wayne Newton".

  • april_gwen5 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well I don't know about you but I loved this movie.I think that the movie is better than the TV series because they changed the TV series around in the movie.I like Drake and Josh the TV show but I think that the movie is really cool for a TV show turned into a movie.I also liked Drake's song 'Hollywood Girl'.I am happy for Drake when he gets to go on TRL by his brother Josh it is brotherly love I reckon and also because he is a really good singer. Megan doesn't give them a knife Drake can see it by the paint can and so he gets it with his foot and it is not a knife it is broken scissors which is only half off the scissors and he cuts his own ropes and he passes them to Josh so he can cut his ropes.It is a cool ending when Josh who usually doesn't have a girlfriend gets a girl and Drake gets a girl and they go riding in tony hawks car in the sunshine. What I thought was funny when Drake and Josh were going to knock the guys who were guiding their way out and it didn't work and Drake was like "Oh we thought you would fall down". I also think that it's funny when they are looking at the currency machine and then they stop them looking over the top and then they open the door and they are playing patty cake with each other and then they see the bad guys and then they say "Oh hey guys" then Drake says "What to play?" I recommend this movie to anyone because it is so good.
  • Drake and Josh's parents are going on a ten day cruise, and Megan is going on a trip to see her friend in Colorado. Josh has to write an essay about his best adventure in life, and realizes his life is boring. Later he learns Drake is upset that his band manager can't book him any good gigs. Josh begs Drake to let him be his band manager, and Drake goes along with it. The next day Drake and Josh are supposed to take Morgan to the airport. They nearly miss the flight, but and up getting Megan on a flight, to Las Angels, when she is supposed to be going to Colorado. So after trying to stop the plane, they end up getting two tickets to Las Angels so they can find Megan. On the plain, Josh's Geo (like an iPod) is accidentally switched with someone else's when a fat lady falls on top of Josh and another man. Meanwhile, Megan is getting a limo ride to the best hotel she can find, using an emergency credit card. When Drake and Josh finally get to Las Angels, they get in contact with Megan and learn where she is staying. But the man that Josh's Geo got switched with is following them, because they realized that the Geo was switched, and need to get theirs back. Back at the hotel, Josh meets a guy from TRL in the bathroom, and realizes that he needs to book a band. Josh slides a laptop with a movie of Drake's band under the stall door. Josh ends up booking Drake for TRL. When they both get into the hotel room, Drake and Josh meet Megan, and she is going to go to the hotel pool. Drake and Josh decide to listen to some music, so they get out Josh's Geo and a laptop to copy files with. This is when Josh realizes that his Geo was switched and realizes the owner of the other Geo was up to some against the law activities. Just then the bad guys storm in and attempt to get the Geo, but Drake and Josh jet in a stolen sports car, belonging to Tony Hawk, leaving Megan behind. They get pulled over by who they think is the police, but it is really the bad guys. They end up getting kidnapped. When Megan gets back to the room after swimming, she finds the room a mess, and a wallet on the floor. It doesn't belong to Drake or Josh, but she dose find a piece of paper with an address on it. She isn't too suspicious, but when the boys don't return the next day she gets a little worried and calls a limo to drive her to the address on the paper. She finds that the address is a factory. She looks in the mail slot and finds she can see the bad guys printing money and Drake and Josh tied up. She can't call the police, because her phone has no signal, so she goes inside and stirs up some things by turning on fans and giving drake and josh a knife to cut their ropes. When the police come, they thank he boys, and Tony Hawks, manager thanks them to. Drake and Josh ask for directions to the TRL studio, but they learn it is too far away and they could never make it in time. Then Tony Hawk's manager lets the boys use the stolen sports car belonging to Tony, and the police give Drake and Josh an escort. Meanwhile Megan is leaving for the airport in a limo so she can go visit her friend in Colorado. At the TRL studio, Drake performs, and at the end gets offered a recording contract. At the end Josh asks drake what it feels like to perform on TRL, and Drake asks what it feels like to be the best manager ever. Then they exchange a quick hug.
  • I think that the Drake And Josh Go Hollywood movie was a great movie. This is my own opinion so please don't take this personal. The cast are really great, the speak clear, and load and that is very important. I am 15 years old, from what I have learned in school is that actors should use good acting habits. And that bad habits are not aloud. Why I like this movie is because the cast are really great like I kind of said up above. I hope you all liked the movie too. Please if you get time watch the movie, and just do this for the actors they take there time to work on it and make it perfect. Thank you to every body who took there time to read what I wrote, and thank you to the perfect staff for all they do. Have a great summer.