The video Drake on Josh's computer is actually from an episode of Zoey 101 when Drake Bell guest starred.

We learn it took Drake six times to get his drivers license.

Tony Hawk appears in this episode for a few seconds. Drake and Josh also steal his car.

No canned laughter was used in the movie the only time it is not used.

Three of Drake's songs, Don't Preach, Highway To Nowhere and Hollywood Girl, play at certain times in this movie.

Josh sliding the laptop, under the closed toilet where the MTV director was talking on the phone, is the same idea when Danny Partridge slid a tape recorder to get Reuben Kincaid's attention.

This was aired as a 2 hour TV-special.

The TRL/MTV bug appears at the bottom left of the screen when Drake is singing live on TRL.

The beginning where Megan is on the wrong plane, and where Josh got his Ge-O switched is a spoof of the beginning of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, where Kevin was put on the wrong plane, and Josh's Ge-O getting switched Home Alone 3 where at airport security, the luggage was switched.

Audrey & Walter are only seen in the beginning of the movie and don't appear throughout the rest of it because of the 10-day cruise vacation.

The screen size in this movie has changed to wide screen.

The title of the song Drake sings when he performs on TRL, "Hollywood Girl," is said only once when he started singing.