[first lines]

Kakyou Kuzuki: I see a dream, and inside the dream, I can see the future. Two Divine Swords, and two "Kamuis..." I know these things will come. I am Kakyou, a Dragon of Heaven, one of the Seven Angels, a dreamseer who watches the future within dreams. Where did I come from? Why am I able to know the future? And what meaning is there in it? All these questions are meaningless to me now, for everything has already been lost long ago, with the person I cherished so much.

Kakyou Kuzuki: I can never go outside. Not ever.

Hokuto Sumeragi: Nothing is ever absolute in this world. It's all right! You have Hokuto Sumeragi on your side!

[She extends her hand to him.]

Hokuto Sumeragi: Now, let's go! Out of here, and outside!

Kakyou Kuzuki: There is always only ever a single future, and no one can change it. All I can do is know that future in my dreams. I can't save even one of the many souls to be lost in the Final Battle. The destinies of all have already been determined. Even if they meet, hurt, and love one another...

Kakyou Kuzuki: Hokuto... you shouldn't come here... for if you do... you'll be killed!

[Hokuto emerges from the gloom of night, dressed in the ceremonial Onmyouji robes, and continues to walk forward until she stands beneath an incandescent cherry tree, with an dark robed figure beside her.]

Kakyou Kuzuki: No! Come no closer! What I saw in my dream will become truth! Hokuto... run!

[The dark figure runs his hand through her, dealing her a fatal blow. She falls to the ground.]

Hokuto Sumeragi: Kakyou...

Kakyou Kuzuki: Why... why? Hokuto...

[A tear runs down his face.]