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  • Personally I'd given up on the beeb ever producing a solid working class drama again. So when I glimpsed Drop Dead Gorgeous' first series when it repeated on BBC1 I thought it must be a British film that had previously passed me by but to my surprise it was a series.

    And what a series it is. Cracking along at a pace more in line with Channel Four's output, yet grounded with a definite representation of real life, it manages more in its hour slot than some movies. It's so good to see the beeb producing TV that is consistently funny, exciting and moving whilst feeling highly contemporary. Seeing as the people behind the show are credited with the likes of Shameless it's not hard to see where this bold style of drama is coming from.

    With only one episode currently remaining it's obvious that, with the right exposure, the first two series of Drop Dead Gorgeous will be regarded as TV gold.
  • I really like this series and was gutted when I missed the first two episodes of series 2.The BBC just has not promoted it. Performances are great all round particularly Lee Boardman (ex-Corrie)as Murray and Kathryn Hunt (also late of Corrie) as the mum. Connor McIntyre (Terry) is just as good an actor as it is possible to be. The story lines are believable and engrossing. There is more excellent dialogue in this series than most other TV dramas and it sounds real not contrived. I hope there is no truth in the rumour that it may be axed. My only gripe is that it has been buried way in the schedules of BBC 3. The powers that be need to move it to BBC 1 or 2 immediately in a post-watershed slot.It appeals to me as an almost 60 year old and my work colleagues who are in their 20's-that speaks volumes about the quality of the writing and acting. If you haven't seen it try to, you will not be sorry.
  • tenchgirl1 March 2012
    I loved this series, it wasn't just a show for the yoof, adults connected too, 2 series were never enough, I still want to know did Howard jump, & what are Pol, T, Kerry, Val, Murray, Nana & the rest up to now. Did Pol & T's marriage survive there are so many unanswered questions that need resolving.

    its been one the best working class dramas in the last 10 years And the BBC were idiots not to push for more. Even tucked away on BBC3 it was still must see telly.

    Please Auntie Beeb, if you wont commission more at least re run it. The adult characters were really interesting and as a viewer you felt you could connect to them.