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  • dpfacialfan13 November 2011
    This porno movie is a little rougher than your average porno movie. I liked this one, but there were some disturbing moments in the first scene. In this scene Kami Andrews is tag teamed by two guys with large cocks. Kami is supposed to be a mentally disturbed nymphomaniac who has to be kept in a straightjacket because she's so horny. The guys bring her into some kind of factory or warehouse and have their way with her. Now there were things I liked about this scene and things I didn't like. I didn't like the fact that Kami was wearing some kind of fishnet stockings that was covering her whole body. This girl has a good body with some nice curves that shouldn't be covered up by anything. Her face on the other hand could use some professional help. When you look at her face she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Another thing that bothered me was that at one point one of the guys took a roll of plastic wrap and started wrapping it around Kami's head. He then made a hole for her so she could suck his cock. Kami started sucking cocks like crazy with here head wrapped in plastic wrap. This just wasn't my thing. I really like scenes containing rough stuff. And when I say rough stuff I mean things like guys shoving their huge cocks down a girls throat and making her gag or guys giving a girl a long and hard double penetration. But I need it to look sexy at the same time so I can enjoy it. Kami gave a really good performance in this scene, but her dirty talk was a little over the top. When a girl starts talking about how she wants the guys to "fuck" her until she bleeds and then continue and use the blood as a lubricant, it gets a little too much for me. I don't want to moralize about these things. I'm a horny pervert who likes hot girls doing some really filthy "shit", but even I have a line. If you like things like this then fine, it's just not my thing. This scene also contained some pretty nice double penetration which I did enjoy. The part were one of the guys kept pulling out of Kami's ass during the DP and making her taste her own ass was really nice.

    The other scenes in this movie wasn't as rough as the first one, but there were some nasty stuff in some of them too. In the second one we see Hillary Scott in a boy girl scene. Although it wasn't mentioned, because that would be illegal, this scene was clearly made to look like Hillary was underage. Hillary is really young looking any way and when they have her dress like a 15-16 year old slut, she doesn't look to be any older, despite the fact that she was 22 at the time this was shot. They also have the guy dress like a teenage "wigger" punk which also proves my point. Well, this scene was really quite good and the anal sex was really hard and rough in this scene. It almost looked like it was on fast forward when the guy was "fucking" Hillary in the ass. One thing that bothered me in this scene was the oral sex. Don't get me wrong it was great and Hillary gave a really good performance during the oral sex. But anybody who has seen a scene with Hillary sucking cock won't believe her performance, despite the fact that it was really convincing. Here Hillary is playing a girl who doesn't have that great deep throat skills and gags pretty easily when a guy shoves his cock in her mouth. Well, this guy only has a normal size dick by porn standards and he only sticks it in halfway. I've seen Hillary take way bigger dicks in her mouth without problem, so seeing her gag from this was more funny than sexy. They should have brought in a guy packing 10-12 inches (25-30 cm) if they wanted it to look authentic.

    In the third scene we see Taryn Thomas in a boy girl scene. This scene is kind of weird compared to the other scenes. This isn't a rough scene at all compared to the other scenes. It could be taken from any story based porno movie for couples. In the next scene we see Missy Monroe take on two guys at once. Missy only sucks cocks in this scene and that really disappointed me a lot. I would have really liked to see this girl get double penetrated because she's fantastic in DP scenes. Well, we also see Missy masturbate and squirt during the scene.

    Luckily this movie saves the best for last. The last scene is a threesome with Kelly Wells and Georgia Southe taking on Brandon Iron. Despite the fact that this scene has some pretty long foreplay and that the girl are wearing some unnecessary costumes, this is one of the better threesomes with two girls and one guy I've ever seen. Once Brandon took out his big cock this scene really got going. First Georgia started sucking his cock. While she was sucking his cock, Kelly came from behind and started licking his asshole. After a while Brandon turned around and let Kelly suck his cock and have Georgia lick his ass. I must hand it to Georgia Southe. She totally outperforms Kelly in this scene. And that's not easy considering what kind of a dirty and filthy slut Kelly is. Georgia is hot and horny right from the start. This girl is squirting several times during the scene, including a big one at the end. She naturally got really wet and messy from all the squirting and from her saliva. Georgia just had the passion that Kelly lacked during this scene.