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  • tigerdub19 June 2006
    This is a great racially diverse feel good movie for all ages. It triggers every character and viewer to look within themselves to conquer the challenges that each face in their daily lives! The writing on this film is Excellent! The twists and turns in the writing keep the viewers surprised and thirsty for more! This movie was very inspiring and heart warming. There is truly not another film playing in theatres now that covers the life challenges like this movie does! I would highly recommend this film to anyone! I truly enjoyed this film! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Steven Kennebrew-Turner Writer/Poet
  • urbanhomeent9 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I heard this movie is a labor of love for the whole cast it was started in o6 and final post are finished last year 2011 Hoping to see in stores soon . Its an amazing film about forgiveness and redemption . Saw it at a film festival in 2011 n 1977 the Cardinals - a little league baseball team (aka the Bama Rascals)- won the championship game against the Braves... Years later, the Bama Rascals return to Lake Cory because their coach has died. Bobby Jackson, who led the Bama Rascals and is now a Pastor, has been asked to plan Coach Billy Adams' funeral but he doesn't feel worthy because of a bad choice he made. The other five - Ricardo, Jay, Candy, Lisa Moon and Brian - are all dealing with their own issues. Most of them hate Lake Cory, but is this little town really the problem?

    I'm watching the church scene in the beginning and I'm enjoying the music and the sermon and then this woman walks in. It seemed everyone in town knew who she was and after seeing their expressions I sure wanted to know what was going on there. I have to say that what happens to this woman later on is her own fault. I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it at that.

    There's a guy named Chad, who was on the Braves team all those years ago. I think it was childish of him to challenge Ricardo to a re-match, but that just shows how people hold onto things. What Bobby said to Ricardo after the game wasn't necessary, but Ricardo was too old to keep blaming others for his problems. I realize he had childhood scars and I felt bad for him, but he needed to start taking responsibility for his own actions.

    The Eulogy Pastor Bobby Jackson didn't feel he was worthy to give wasn't just an opportunity to honor a man he loved like a father but also to forgive himself for a past mistake and to encourage his friends to make peace with the past. That part of the movie was very touching and uplifting.

    I'm familiar with Leonard Roberts' work (Joe and Max, Heroes, Drumline, Love Jones) and I think he's a very good actor, so I bought this DVD to support him. The picture quality isn't the best (after watching the movie trailer online, I didn't expect this) but the story was interesting, entertaining at times, and thought-provoking. I listen closely to words when I watch a film. My favorite line in this movie: "Yesterdays mistakes never take you from the Lord today.