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30 May 2012 | dpfacialfan
| Tawny is hot, sexy, beautiful and slutty!
I absolutely hate condoms in porno movies. A porno movie is supposed to be dirty and hot and there is absolutely nothing dirty and hot about a "fucking" condom. This movie has a condom in every scene except the lesbian scene. Despite the fact that I hate condoms I got to admit that the scenes were pretty hot. I also like the fact that we get good lighting in all the scenes and not too many close ups, so that way the condoms aren't visible that much during the scene. But without the condoms this would naturally have been a way better movie.

But enough about the condoms, lets get on to the actual movie. The best thing about this movie is absolutely Tawny Roberts. This girl has the kind of beauty that is meant for porno movies. She has that slutty look to her that makes my dick hard. I love to see this girl with a big dick in her mouth. She has a spectacular body and a beautiful face. I even like her tit job and think that it fits her quite well. Tawny did look great before the tit job too, even if she was quite flat chested. There are some other hot women in this movie as well. Roxy Jezel and Mikayla looked great in this movie and Trina Michaels looked hot too. Trina is kind of a difficult case, sometimes she looks hot as hell and sometimes she looks very plain in her scenes.

The movie starts out with a threesome with Roxy Jezel and Tawny Roberts taking on one lucky guy. The scene had quite a lot of foreplay before we get to see any action. Roxy was the girl in charge in this scene and Tawny was more submissive. Roxy gave a great performance during the scene and outperformed Tawny with ease even if Tawny performed really good too. But that was probably just because I find the loud, take charge kind of girl hotter. Both Tawny and Roxy enjoyed the penis and I loved the look on Tawny's face as she took it up her ass. The scene ends with the guy blowing his load on Tawny's hot body. I must say that this was a great threesome.

In the next scene we see Trina Michaels take on one guy. It's really weird seeing Trina in a condom scene with one guy. Usually when I've seen this girl she's involved in threesomes and gang bangs with plenty of rough double penetration action. That is also were Trina shines the most. Even if she gives a good performance here it doesn't even come close to when she gets double stuffed hard by two huge dicks. Well, this was still a good scene. It started out with Trina teasing the guy a while before she started sucking his dick. The guy gives Trina a licking before he starts pounding her pussy. He also gets to pound her asshole in this scene. I liked the cumshot at the end, even if it wasn't huge. It just hit the target nicely.

In the next scene we see Liza Harper take on Evan Stone and his big dick. I didn't find Liza all that attractive but she gave a great performance. I liked when she gave head and Evan gave her a great hard pounding too. The next scene was a lesbian scene between Mikayla and Victoria Sin (Vic Sinister). Unfortunately this was the scene that really let me down. Mikayla is a really hot babe but we don't get to see that much of her body. We get way too many close ups and Victoria had forgotten to shave her beaver before doing this scene. All in all this was the scene that disappointed me the most.

The last scene wasn't all it could have been either. Here we see Tawny Roberts in a boy girl scene. The problem is that Tawny gets stuck with Steven St. Croix, who has a really small dick. Even if Tawny has a really tight looking pussy and tries to perform at her highest level, you can see that she is disappointed. There is a few extra scenes on the DVD with Tawny and other guys and you can clearly see the difference. It is mostly seen when she sucks Steven's tiny dick. Tawny just looks so disappointed when she sucks on that tiny little thing. She looks much more satisfied in the other scenes when she gets to take on some bigger dicks. Well, Tawny is a great performer and she does make me enjoy the scene even if she didn't have much to work with. Would have been nice to see what Evan Stone would have done to her in the same scene. All in all Tawny hotness is what makes me give this movie a 8 out of 10. Too bad to see talent like Tawny wasted in movies like this. This girl should join Trina and try out some gang bangs with rough double penetration and huge messy facials.

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