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  • Michael Raven documents the making of "Dark Sins" in a 36-minute BTS featurette on the DVD, and it's more illuminating than the finished film.

    Project was designed as Volume 2 of his erotic series for Wicked Pictures titled "Love Stories". Nikki Fritz, the great '90s softcore star who married Jonathan Morgan and retired from acting, shot and edited the informative BTS.

    In a 3-Day shoot, Raven created three vignettes, titled "Dirty Pictures", "The Swap" and "Heaven", to make up the volume of love stories. But release version as "Dark Sins" rejiggers the content into a vehicle for Keri Sable to mark her debut as a Wicked contract girl.

    We see her reading, surrounded by candles, as she voices over a mystical view of things and the vignettes are incorporated into the storyline. But Raven has edited out much of his original material, hints of which are presented in Fritz's BTS documentary.

    One major change is the much-trumpeted "first d.p." for Keri, shown in the BTS but omitted from the final film for unspecified reasons. This is in the "Heaven" segment, which editing makes confusing - Keri's placement in a drawer in the morgue as a corpse is omitted, and all we see is doctor Alex Sanders reviving her and humping her, including anal sex but with the unidentified extra actor for d.p. gone.

    One revelation occurs in the filming of "Heaven": Wicked superstar is shown carefully applying prosthetic make-up effects to Jezebelle Bond's face which turn her into a monster for a horror sequence set in a haunted hospital with Keri observing Jez masturbating in a wheel chair. Again, this scene is garbled in the final version.

    Julia Ann is credited in many films as just "Julia" for her make-up work off-camera, and Fritz's BTS proves the connection.

    Another omission is the dialogue and a wonderful cameo in "The Swap", as finally edited. Nikki shows us the filming of a scene of Herschel Savage at the tiki bar of a couples "clothes optional" resort, impressed with Brooke's nude came ordering a drink, but their dialog and Brooke's entire role didn't make it into the final print, only into the BTS. Two sex scenes result from the swingers' wife-swapping involving Cassie Courtland and Alexis Malone, with Grant Michaels as the other husband.

    For "Dirty Pictures", Keri gets humped by a water tower by Evan Stone in a stylish if pointless segment. She also fantasizes life on the other side of the tracks, humped by "salt of the earth" type Rod Fontana.