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  • Jim Powers takes an in-joke approach to the Squirting porn genre in this edition of a Sin City/Mayhem series, but the real kicker comes in the very brief BTS short subject on the DVD.

    We are shown the actresses between takes loading up with water bottles that have spouts affixed in order to squirt out fresh bottled water from their pussies when Powers' main camera rolls. Comical captions about "Hiding water?" etc. are superimposed, and we have the evidence of how the fake phenomnon of squirting as "female ejaculation" is achieved.

    Main feature is shot by Powers using POV camera technique, in which various faceless studs take over for him, as cameraman, to sexually service the actresses without the guys showing their faces. It plays almost like a BTS itself, with familiar crew members like Johnny Thrust and Dante getting screen time.

    Brit Porn icon Michelle B. brings beauty and her big boobs to the show, while Luscious Lopez is definitely luscious in her deep throat action while also conforming, if less dramatically than her female peers, to token "squirting".