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  • Thousand thanks too the realizers.

    This is a TV Comedy which is Oscar worth. All but all is perfect when perfect is possible. Book, Regie, Stage-craft, Actors (including the two dogs) Images, Pictures, Sites, Flashes a.s.o. Once more also with little budget real creators are able to make a Masterpiece. Why not the Swiss. On of the best and deepest Analysis of poor and rich in the actual situation in western society. Here when you need some more comment to obtain minimum 10 lines: What i think about this film. Communly we say it's only movie when we came out a movie-room touched on the deepest of ourself. You read a comedy of Shakespeare...,when you are able emotions, you must stay in admiration of such genius analysis. The same you must be able when you came out a movie such this one. Is this enough?

    This TVComedy is an Cinderella translated in modern time.

    Thanks too all the Realizers.