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  • I enjoy watching films that remind me of home. Germans and Turks just make great partners, they love and hate each other - just like two people who have been married for a while ;0) The people displayed in this movie are so real, their language, their accents and wonderful sentence structure :0) Makes me think how my English works for natives here :0) I loved every minute of watching it. Cute main actors. Altogether a great cast, yummy 'Curry Wurst' and cool Turkish and international music. Funny and Real. I am definitely going to watch the movie with my Turkish girlfriend again and we will crack up once more. One has to be German or a Turk raised in Germany though to understand the fun in every little thing in this movie - sorry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Contains some spoilers (characters, props)***

    I rarely had so much fun watching a TV comedy. I was constantly laughing out loud while watching this film (yesterday on German TV). A fast-paced really funny piece of entertainment. Very often, such "ethnic" Comedies are just rehashing clichés, and are not feeling "real" at all. But this one did feel real, funny without going over the top. Well, maybe the Turkish-gay-policeman brother was a bit over the top, but still great. Every one of the concerned parties (Turks, Germans, the Traditionalists, the Religious, local salesmen and German Gutmenschen) got, what they deserved, no false respect, equal opportunities. Hilarious! Forget "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", watch this one instead. I would watch it again, if only I had videotaped it.

    Oh yes, Horst's T-Shirt slogans get an extra point. "Versuchstier", "Bin (im) Laden" (pun on "shopkeeper's in"), and many others. I was just waiting for Horst to show up again, to see the next one!
  • cata-118 November 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    it was so stupid and bad movie that i could not stand to watch. i had to leave. the movie is reflecting typical German racist mentality for turks. all turks are reflected as Arabs. German characters are very nice, clean, kind people. But turks are shown rude, stupid, fundamentalist. Anybody in the street who does not know of turks, can think that there is no difference between an Arabic country and Turkey. Turks seems snaky and unreliable during movie. The director is doing his job very well covering his real intention insulting to a nation. more than waste of time or a good opportunity to see how Germans are racist as always they were in the past.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a slightly-over-90-minute television movie from almost 10 years ago starring Florian David Fitz. You may have seen his film "Vincent will Meer" if you are interested in German cinema. Also there are some supporting players here who have been in notable projects such as "Der Schuh des Manitu", "Goodbye Lenin" and "The Lives of Others". The film's director wrote "Bang Boom Bang". Actually, he is more of a writer and has not directed another film since 2006. The writer here is not really prolific. This was only the second feature film he came up with.

    The music here is not really what you would expect. There are sequences of Turkish traditional music, but for most of the film they go with Fatboy Slim, Johnny Cash, Madonna and Blur. In terms of the actors, I already mentioned Fitz and there are also Kathrin Saß, Charly Hübner and Hilmi Sözer in here. The actress who plays the female central character is stunning, but fairly unknown unfortunately and also does not really act anymore these days. At least not in movies. Half of the cast are Turkish actors, probably even more. One of them, Hilmi Sözer (the girl's dad) is really not a good actor at all, neither in drama nor in comedy. Fitz is slightly better, but not a revelation either. Hübner (personal favorite) and Saß steal the show in this one whenever they are on screen. The fact that this film did not really wow me was not their fault, but really mostly due to the script, which certainly could have been better and less over the top on many occasions, especially all the drama at the end. The way this was made it is no movie which helps in getting rid off boundaries between Germans and Turks in Germany, but it really makes them stronger again, which is basically the worst that they could achieve. Many stereotypes in here and they are only rarely funny. One of the negative moments was when Fitz' character is already a full-blown Muslim and yet he still hasn't told his mother for some reason, despite her being the only family he has to quote him from a later scene. They can't be that close then, can they? I am a bit surprised to see this film actually won an Adolf Grimme award, but movie makers can take this as an encouragement that you really do not have to come up with great quality anymore to do so. Not recommended.
  • I watched this movie as a Turkish woman who is about to get married to her German boyfriend. I had much fun :) Culture difference between Germans and Turks is big and some scenes in the movie reflect so well how nerve wracking and crazy that can get for a couple. Still, the movie is not so dramatic. It's simply fun to watch with some cool romantic scenes here and there, like the Berlin skyline scene with music from the car :)

    I find Götz, the German boyfriend (whose name means nearly "ass" in Turkish) a well crafted character. Actually Florian David Fitz who plays Götz brought me to this movie and he pulled Götz off with grace. Aylin, the Turkish girl played by a non-Turkish actress, is more of a shallow character. Wish they put more emphasis on her. A gem was Charly Hübner as Horst, the cynical best friend! Quoting: "Die Welt is schlecht, Frauen sind böse, and Maenner sind dumm." (The world is bad, women are evil, men are stupid.) Also found Katrin Sass as Götz' mother realistic and well played.

    Some people say this movie is a little racist, stereotyping Turkish people. Yeah, stereotypical, but I didn't get offended as a Turkish person watching it.