Dave Buckell: [Dave knocks on the Playpen door, and Mona answers, looking fed up] I'm Dave Buckell, I live next door. I just wanted to welcome you gals and say if there's anything you need just... say the word.

Mona: And what word would that be?

Dave Buckell: Well any word really, I mean within reason.

Mona: [Her knees buckle slightly as she starts to orgasm. She moans and writhes against the door frame] Oh Gooooooood!

Dave Buckell: [She keeps moaning] Are you okay?

Mona: [Still moaning and orgasming] YES!

[She moans]

Dave Buckell: Want me to come in?

Mona: [Her orgasm increases in intensity] YES! YES!

[She pulls him in, and writhes against him]

Dave Buckell: Wow! You're really into me, aren't you?

Mona: [Her orgasm gets even stronger] OH MY GOD!

[She drags him into the house]

Dave Buckell: [a shot of the outside of the house] Let's get you out of those clothes.

[Her orgasm ends, and she pushes him out of the front door]

Dave Buckell: What! What'd I say?

Walter Buckell: [while using the Genie to imitate Dave] Sorry, it's my brother's cell phone. It's malfunctioning.

[He turns to the Genie]

Walter Buckell: It's supposed to be generating soothing sounds and vibrations that make your erogenous zones tingle with sexual desire.

[She nods and gives him a thumbs up]

Brittany Wood: Ooooo...

[She moans as she starts to feel her body be sexually stimulated by the Genie's power]

Brittany Wood: Oh!... Oh my God... Ooooo Woooooow!

[She moans]

Brittany Wood: That's a pretty cool cell phone! Oh! Do you know where I can get one of those?

[She continues moaning]

Walter Buckell: [Awkward, as Brittany keeps on moaning in pleasure in front of him] It uh... hits the spot, huh? The uh... the G-spot?

Genie: Locating G-spot now.

Brittany Wood: [She feels her pleasure spike] Oh my God!

[She squeals and moans]

Genie: Activating G-spot.

Brittany Wood: [She writhes as she has a sudden orgasm] OH YES! WOOO YES! OH MY GOD! Oh!

[She calms down as her orgasm ends]

Brittany Wood: Hey you know what that idea of yours, sounds really good. You and me, right here, right now.

[She leans in to kiss him, and she grabs his groin. He backs away, and realises he's soft]

Brittany Wood: What's wrong?

Walter Buckell: Nothing...

Brittany Wood: Well, seems like you're the one who's not in the mood!

Walter Buckell: Just gimme a second, okay? I'll be right back.

[He walks off into the kitchen]

Brittany Wood: Hurry up.

[She smiles, and takes her bikini top off, leaving her topless]

Genie: What's wrong? Wasn't she sexually stimulated enough?

Walter Buckell: Oh yeah, she's ready.

Genie: So, then what's the problem?

Walter Buckell: I'm not! I mean... it's hard. I mean it's not hard.

Genie: I don't understand.

Walter Buckell: I was wondering... can I use this mind control power on myself?

Genie: Yes, but why would you want to?

Walter Buckell: Because... I wanna give myself a...

[He gestures to his groin, and she understands]

Walter Buckell: You know. I want it to last a long, long time. No one-minute wonder man, not with her.

Genie: My data states that the human brain is the most powerful sexual organ in a person's body. So it should work.

Walter Buckell: Then start humming.

[He relaxes, and lets the genie do her magic]

Genie: I wanna know about human emotion! Sexual stimulation! What an orgasm feels like!

Agatha Miller: Woah there big girl! You can't just explain things like that. You've just gotta feel them.

Genie: How about you feel them, and I take notes?

Agatha Miller: I can try.

[She concentrates, thinking about various boring aspects of human life]

Genie: I'm still a little vague on the orgasm part.

Agatha Miller: To tell you the truth, so am I.

Genie: Perhaps I can help!

Agatha Miller: Oh I don't think-

[the Genie smirks, and works her magic on Agatha, who begins to feel pleasure. She puts the Genie down, as her face turns from one of confusion to one of pleasure]

Agatha Miller: Oh... wow.

Genie: Just lie back and let me observe.

Agatha Miller: [Agatha's moaning increases now, as her pleasure begins to increase. She lets out a loud howl as it erupts into a full orgasm. She pulls her jacket off, and lays back in pleasure, as the Genie enjoys the sensations that Agatha is feeling. Agatha is in full sexual bliss now, her face of of ecstasy, and she writhes around on the bed, moaning loudly] Oh my God! Oh I need a cold shower!

[She lets out a series of pleasurable squeels, and rolls off the bed as her orgasm ends]

Walter Buckell: [Agatha is laid in a peaceful, post-orgasmic sleep on her bed. Just then, Walter bursts into the room in nothing but his underwear] Agatha! I've been looking for you.

Agatha Miller: [She stands up, obviously not quite composed] And I've... been waiting for you.

[She slaps him]

Agatha Miller: Disgusting creep!

Walter Buckell: What did I do?

Agatha Miller: Why don't you ask your electronic friend? She has it all committed to memory and I've... felt... every minute of it!

Dave Buckell: [He logs onto the Playpen live feed] Okay... Now, can you...

Genie: Yes, and I am already making the connections.

Dave Buckell: Alright. But how did you...

Genie: Know what you were thinking? And how do I know what you're thinking now? I am picking up your thought patterns through that earpiece.

Dave Buckell: You can read my mind?

Genie: No, I can interpret your thoughts.

Dave Buckell: Close enough.

[the live feed has loaded]

Dave Buckell: Oh baby. This is gonna be good. These Playpen girls have been teasing, taunting and frustrating the public for months now. It's time for them to get theirs.

Genie: As you wish.

Mona: [a phone goes off. The girls all check theirs, but Mona finds it's hers] It's me, ya'll!

[She answers it]

Mona: Howdy.

Walter Buckell: [Over the phone] The Big O will happen to you whenever you hear the word "in", and will stop whenever you hear the word "out".

Tracy: Who was it?

Mona: I dunno, prank call, wrong number, who cares.

June: [Her phone rings] How does he keep getting our numbers?

[She answers it]

June: Look buddy...

Walter Buckell: I hear that money turns you on.

June: Yeah, so?

Walter Buckell: Whenever the subject comes up, you will play with your boobs, and not even know you're doing it.

June: That is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard.

Walter Buckell: [Walter sees a young, attractive woman jogging in a grey tracksuit. He pulls out the Genie] Call her.

Sexy Jogger: [Her phone rings, and she answers it] Hello?

Walter Buckell: Pretty warm out here.

[She strips down to her underwear. Walter looks on in glee as she keeps jogging and her boobs jiggle]