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  • bwdude28 October 2007
    Ist this really it? The one we've been waiting for? The worst movie of all times?

    Well, let's say it could be very well it! To be honest, even if I am usually more toward "good" movies, I very much enjoy a good comedy once in a while. Like American Pie or most of the Farrelly Movies.

    Being a guy - what can I say - I even more enjoy a comedy with pretty girls and even some nice b**bs in it. I'm only human ...

    But not even the bared breasts which are shown throughout the movie, without any reason I might add, can be reason enough to live through the torture of this brainless, heartless, meaningless piece of youknowwhat.

    My advice? Don't, Don't! DON'T !!!!!
  • redcup30 November 2008
    Pretty Cool Too made me laugh. It's campy comedy with nudity. That's a winning formula in my book. Plenty of babes run wild on camera. Many of them are head turners. My favorite was Jennifer Day. She is the cat's meow. If I ever saw director Rolfe Kanefsky in a bar I would buy them a beer and say I was a fan. Once again my GF complained that Pretty Cool Too was mindless nudity in a plot less movie. She has poor taste in movies. She thought Animal House was stupid. Pretty Cool Too has plenty of laughs and nudity if you are in to that sort of thing l am. Rolfe Kanefsky wasn't trying to make Ghandi. This is a great rent when you want to tune in and tune out without having to think to much.
  • I liked Pretty Cool one a lot more, had some great comedy, this one didn't seem to have a plot or story, the best actress was the science girl, she has potential to be a good actress I think. And I also noticed one of the actresses was the only one to run around with her top off all of the time displaying her silicon all of the time (perhaps that's all she could do to get the part & that's as far as her acting skills go) pretty sad, this guys other movies look a lot better. to top it off the DVD froze toward the end, it was the only one available at blockbuster, guess they only carry one copy at a time. I see this guy's next movie will star Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, that one looks like it will be one worth watching in theatres, not just because of the talented actresses but because it sounds like it has a great plot and story. I suggest you all check that one out as well and pass on this one if you haven't already.
  • This is the type of goofy, sexy romp Cinemax used to show on weekends in the 80's (before they switched to soft porn). It's not going to rank up there with Dr. Strangelove or Tootsie, but it's good for some silly fun. The lead actress Julia Lehman is very cute, and I hope to see more of her. If you enjoyed the teen comedies of the 80s like Weird Science, Screwballs, HOTS, and Loose Screws, this is a movie for you. It's a bit short; they could have added some more scenes away from the primary two locations and spent more time at the webcast house. I would recommend it for a weekend rental. If you like silly laughs to counter all the serious dramas flooding the market and to take the edge off the rat race, this is a good movie.
  • Pretty Cool Too can be labeled as a screwy comedy with nudity. I don't believe writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky was trying to win any awards. A movie like this is for people that want a fun watch that they don't have to think too much about. Feels good to shut your mind off not having to follow a complicated story.

    Angela Dodson and Jennifer Day are amazing eye candy. I hope to see a lot more of them in more movies. This is the type of movie that would go over at a frat house while drinking beer and eating pizza. Well worth the rent to watch Angela Dodson and Jennifer Day display their curves.