• WARNING: Spoilers

    Warning: This synopsis contains spoilers.

    Walter stuffs his ears with cotton wool, and drives off. The Genie shouts at him to turn the car around. They arrive in the desert, and Walter starts digging a hole to bury the Genie in. She starts threatening him, but he just ignores her. He takes one ear plug out to listen to her pleas. She apologises, and tries to make amends by making a sexy girl in a bikini appear. Walter tells her it won't work, but then she transforms into an even sexier girl, who seductively eats a banana and lactates milk.

    Walter is aroused, but snaps out of it. The Genie then makes him think back to how they met...

    As a graduation present, Walter is given the Genie, currently just a robotic voice on the phone. Walter then selects the female voice, and it changes to one. Walter's brother Dave then walks in, and introduces his girlfriend, Brittany Wood. Walter is awestruck by her, and imagines her dancing seductively. When Walter talks to her, he accidentally takes a photo of her cleavage with his phone.

    Walter tries to get rid of the picture, and ends up pasting his face onto her cleavage. Dave sees this image, and Walter quickly tells the Genie to log onto the internet. Dave isn't happy.

    *To be continued*