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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Whatever you do, don't see this movie! I just screened it at the Southern Winds Film Festival and it is horrendous. I'm a big fan of comedy and I never chuckled once in this whole production. The pacing was horrible and it felt like it was 3 hours long...seriously. The dad in this movie was so annoying and he was in most of the film, which really sucked. From seeing the trailer to this I thought it could have been funny, but nope. The whole GPS thing was really annoying as well. This film was basically a guy chick flick, or a male "Sex in the City"...sounds pretty lame huh? This was also incredibly offensive and most of the audience hated it by the look on their face afterwards. The was even a discussion with the director after the film and NOBODY stayed, they all left because they didn't care what he had to say.
  • I loved this movie! I laughed more times then I could count. The dynamic between the father and the son is just a rip-roaring laugh-fest. The role of Eric Bremer, a lovable, perfectionist, metro-sexual, takes you on a joy ride while you watch him have to deal with the ups and downs of life which we all know never comes in a clean package. His buddies who are anything but perfectionists create a dynamic that is just side-splitting. Bruce Weitz who plays Lou Bremer, (Eric's father,) does an outstanding job of playing an aging parent that is also declining mentally with age. He brings compassion to the role that at the same time is charged full of gut-busting fun. This film is not only filled with contagious hilarity, but it is also heartwarming. I highly recommend The Metrosexual. This is one I want in my DVD collection.