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  • aoperrault10 February 2010
    I love drama and when I saw that this film had an 8.3 rating... I watched it... What a waste of time.

    The acting and dialog are wooden, stunted and constipated.

    The actors should have remained in community theater in their hometowns.

    The story line jumps around all over the place.

    Unbelievable plot as the story develops.

    Pure.... description is beyond polite words.

    I have never posted on this site and just wanted to warn anyone else that this film was a waste of time. I watched it through in the hopes that it would improve. Well it didn't.

    But there is something for everyone here, adultery, pregnancy out of wedlock, holocaust survivor, LA street gangs, murder, child molester, judges and cops, rebellious rich boyfriend and last but not least a dog.

    I would never under any circumstances suggest watching this film.
  • Enjoyed this story of a young girl's search for her absente father. From beginning to end this movie is a heart warmer. The lead Cheyenne Rushing is great. Also worth a nostalgic watch to see a Nancy Kwan, John Phillip Law and Curt Lowens - all give decent performances. Sadly, Seymour Cassel and Tim Constantine's performances are not quite as memorable. All in all this heartfelt film definitely worth watching.
  • Running from the man who killed her mother, Rachael arrives in L.A. disguised as a boy. In search of the bar where her footloose father used to work she befriends an old man and meets the bar owner, played by Nancy Kwan. She begins a whole new life with a brand new family, but is still pursued by the Judge who's determined to leave no witnesses.

    A group of well seasoned actors include John Phillip Law, Curt Lowens, Ross Hagen and Tim Considine, who give strong to average performances. Newcomers Cheyenne Rushing and Zack Silva make impressive film debuts. This three generational story has nostalgia that speaks from another era.

    A heart warming, multi layered, family drama/love story that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend as a must see.