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  • this show started off with such promise. the first half of the episodes were interesting and captivating. there was the kidnapping. then there was the back story of the main character relating to the death of the child of the last kidnapping that he handled. then there was the secret society ala da vinci code. it was interesting to watch and follow. then they go and kill off the lead character. it all went to hell in a hand basket after that. the last show sucked too. probably because it was slapped together at the last minute when the show got canceled. how disappointing. there were so many interesting plot lines but such poor execution.
  • amacmillen22 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. Tough crowd here. I think y'all need to lay off the caffeine or lower the blood pressure, or something.

    Now I don't see why the show was so bashed around here, I saw the pilot last night and I was hooked. Even from the pilot episode it was clear that this show is a sort of hybrid of CSI, 24, and Without a Trace, with bits of The Da Vinci Code mixed in for good measure. The basic premise is this: at a political gathering for a Georgia senator, Jeffrey Collins, his wife, Sara, mysteriously disappears. The FBI is called in, and soon it's clear that nothing is how it seems - the disappeared woman might not even be the person she says she was.

    This is the type of show that if you miss an're out. You've totally lost the stream of events, and it's nearly impossible to pick the whole thing back up. And that can be both a blessing and a curse - while it's sure to keep viewers coming back for more, anyone who misses out will just stop watching the show.

    So a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of this show: PROS 1) Great directing for the pilot episode. Mimi Leder brings chops to this project, and her background in movie director really helps develop this one out over the course of an hour. 2) Good headlining cast. Gale Harold wasn't exactly what I had in mind for the lead FBI investigator, but he fills the role fairly well. Ming-Na is hilarious and likable at the same time as the petite secondary on the case. The rest of the cast, lead and supporting, also bring a sort of depth to their roles, that make you feel as if they're hiding something (or at least not half-assing the job). 3) The pilot hinted at a larger force or story at work, above the issue of Sara Collins disappearing. This seems like the kind of mystery that will have to be slowly teased out over the whole season, giving us a reason to keep watching. 4) Really, really great cinematography. The folks at FOX have found a way to make their transitions original, their high tension scenes actually tense, and making things move along at a fast clip.

    CONS 1) As I mentioned before, if you miss an episode, you're out. Plus, this show is only signed on for 13 episodes, before 24 comes in and takes over. 2) Even in the pilot, it feels like there's a lot to be keeping up with. So many questions. Who was Sara talking to on the phone? Why did she meet Jeffrey's ex-wife? Why is Max in secret contact with his mother? Why did that dead woman turn up holding a prayer card of St. Nathan? And why did the "concierge" die so fast? (In case you haven't noticed, there are about 15 different story lines here. It's like watching a very extended version of 'Syriana.') 3) The premise feels a bit tired. I mean, there have been a lot of cop/forensic/justice/whatever shows coming out over the past few years, the media is saturated with them. It's America's new obsession. FOX will have to do some clever innovating to set this one apart from the pack.

    But even with all that said, 'Vanished' is definitely worth an hour of your time on a weeknight. If you DID miss the pilot, you're in luck. Just google 'Vanished,' it'll take you to the FOX website for the show, and you can stream the pilot episode straight to your computer. Give it a shot!
  • "Vanished" falls under a new sub-genre of action/suspense fare created by "24" and "Prison Break." No new ground here, but worth a look, if you're into serialized stories rather than seven-year-soap-operas. I have seen only the season premier, so the data are definitely not in on this one. The premier episode of any TV series is usually a shake-down cruise; you get to know the premise, the actors, the style. Gale Harold, as the star FBI senior agent, is setting the action-hero style and tone of "Vanished" and if they'll just let him run with the character, this could become the best offbeat FBI-in-action since "Bones" or "Numbers". Check out "Vanished" and see if you don't come away curious to see where it all leads.
  • kendrav23 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just came out of a meeting and everyone is talking about this. A few of us saw the show last night. I loved it! The lead character is great. Where has he been? The show is definitely interesting too. New concept, new city. They left several ways this can go and I can't wait to find out what happens. Also, I like the troubled and complex characters too. Life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect and I don't like shows that make things appear to be that way. What is up with the ten year old body being found? Did they kidnap just like ten years ago or is this something new? Man, this show is GOOD! I am not crazy about it being on Monday nights, but I will have to deal.
  • Hi. This is the kind of series that catch your attention from the beginning. some unknown cast, others not, but good argument and solid history. first of all it starts with the disappearing of the senator's "actual wife". then a mystery lies beneath senator's family. is son maintains contact with his biological mother that's separated from his father (the senator). the senator's daughter as a "strange" relationship with a boy, but as long as you go deep in the history, the more answers you will find for your questions, but doubts will appear. each episode is full of mystery, action, suspense, and in some way we can predict what's going to happen, but not how its going to happen. This series is a must see.
  • I truly enjoyed this show. It was so exciting and thrilling. I think Gale Harlod is magnificent. I thought the plot was captivating and I am definitely hooked. All the characters were well thought out and the mysteries kept coming all throughout the very first episode it just gives us so much more to look forward to for the future episodes.I am glad to see Gale back on a t.v. series. I hope this t.v. show is not canceled. I think it will be received well from the general audience. I will watch every episode this season!!! I am a big fan of mostly all the leading characters such as Gale, the lady from E.R. and Rebecca Gayheart. I liked the new faces I saw as well and can't wait to see where this series leads, hopefully to many more seasons.
  • swimmer_gina1125 October 2006
    I really and truly love this show. It's a great mystery, crime, and thriller television program. The plot is so gripping, and every episode I always think, "Why NOW? Why did they HAVE to end it NOW?". Really annoying, but it makes the show that much more interesting to have a good cliff-hanger.

    I like how it combines elements of crime shows like CSI with all the detective work, and the FBI. There's a lot of drama as well. Each episode, more history is revealed about the main characters to keep you guessing who's the culprit, who's innocent, and who's an accomplice. I honestly have no idea how anyone is involved with the case. And I'm an avid watcher. That's good though.

    I definitely recommend it, though it might be hard to understand if you've missed the first seven episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The premiere of Vanished had me hooked from the get go!!! It is stylishly filmed with beautiful location shots of Atlanta, and the atmosphere catches your attention from the first frame.

    Everyone seems to have a skeleton in the closet and the guy who has been assigned to do the digging is FBI Agent Graham Kelton. Gale Harold is mesmerizing in the role. He takes a successful leap from sexy, brooding Brian Kinney (on Queer as Folk) to serious, straight-laced Graham Kelton. The guy is uber-intelligent, he knows his job, and he's damn good at it. He's also snarky, confident and distrustful of everyone around him, which makes sense considering he seems to have been betrayed by his superiors in the past. The scene where the young boy gets blown up.... the look on Kelton's face is haunting and makes you feel for the character. Harold does good work!

    The guy who plays the senator is also good in the role. Judy Nash isn't very likable but then that is how it's supposed to be, I guess. Ming-Na fills the role of Graham's partner quite well. I didn't much care for the senator's daughter and her boyfriend... but the son is all right.

    You can feel so much brewing under the surface. I can't wait for next week!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sara Collins managed to make it to Peter Manning by selling the car she stole from the hicks. Why she went back to Peter Manning was because it was the place she ran to after escaping Encompass and the place where she found original safety. As Sara and Peter embrace on the boat, the fourteenth episode begins with a sudden shot racing through the air and slicing through Peter Manning's back bone. He drops to the ground, and Sara falls to her knees to coax him, but Peter Manning dies.

    Out of the darkness, footsteps are heard, and then the three bad guys who had chased Sara with the black SUV and the helicopter, emerge with her "counselor." Sara's shaking her head in fear as the "counselor" explains how Sara will have to be "re-treated." But then, there are four simultaneous sniper shots, killing the "counselor" and his goons dead. Sara waits for the fifth shout to kill her, but instead the swat team, led by Agent Daniel and Agent Lin, emerge. "Sara Collins," Daniel calls out, "it's all right. You can come out. This is the FBI." Sara, still terrified, eases out from the boat, and into safety.

    Back at the Senator's house, Jeffery waits with Marcy, Max, Jessica, and Ben (he was dreaming that he shot Judge Wallace Rainer). The front door opens, and Agent Daniel and Min walk Sara in. The family goes up to her, embracing her with tears streaming down each one of their faces; they are so happy to see her and she can tell it. But then there is sudden silence as Max goes up to Sara, "The police said that the kidnappers showed the tape of me saying I hate you. I want you to know, I don't feel that way anymore. I love you Sara; I love you mom." She hugs him and asks to speak to the senator in private. As they adjourn in another room, Sara breaks down and tells him about the daughter she had and about Peter Manning. The senator accepts it though, and he swears that he will help get custody for her daughter, and that he will love Sara's daughter as much as he loves Sara. They embrace, and go back out into the meeting room.

    Back at the FBI lab, a cellular phone has been analyzed. It is the receiving phone Michael Tyner called to contact the goons and tell about Sara's whereabouts. The phone lists Michael's number, Judy's boss, and Senator Collins father. They go to arrest Michael and Judy's boss, but both have hung themselves. However, they do find Senator Jeffery's father in his quarter. They arrest him. However, he manages to sneak a pill into the jail. And as Agent Daniel is interrogating Senator's Collins dad, Jeffery's father asks for a cup of water, committing suicide and taking the secret to his grave.
  • To all of you out there if you haven't learned by now that serious dramas on Fox will be yanked within the first season. To avoid further disappointments in the future just Boycott Fox unless your into Reality shows or Cartoons. which is all they show more than one season even though people don't want to Adults don't want to watch cartoons or Reality shows anymore.

    I don't buy the excuse that Gale Harlod was the tipping point to people not watching this show. After watching this great show once again I can't see any reason why it should have had a second season because the suspense was very good and trying to figure out who was a bad guy or a good guy added to the thrill of this show.

    Had this show been picked up by HBO instead of Fox I am 100% sure it would have gone much further. I for one would rather have a show like The Unit or Vanished on the air rather than Grey's Anatomy, House, Mercy, ER,Trauma or any other of The numerous medical shows out there.

    Having MS and back problems for 18 years and counting and having to see doctors weekly, I don't need to watch doctor shows 24/7. I live with it every day and I am sure many in my position feel the same way. Shows like Vanished give us a break from what we have to live with until we die.

    I gave this show a 10 because it was the first of it's kind in 2006 before the writers strike before shows like 24 and Lost which copied it style. If those shows where a hit but I have boycotted since they played on Fox and I didn't want to be disappointed again. Yes I know Lost plays on ABC but they too have a bad habit of pulling shows I like
  • Don't listen to anyone telling you different- Vanished is tied for best new show of the season with Jericho. People may say that it's not Lost- thing is- that's a good thing- the arc is far better thought out than Lost- there are intriguing teases every week that actually tie to the mystery- unlike the irrelevant baggage Lost carries around with it.

    Vanished is a very addictive show, and the fact that it follows one compelling case makes it all the more exciting- for example there are no pointless characters- like the prevalent 'comic-relief' character we get in almost every show now.

    True Vanished is not the best show of all time- some of the acting leaves room for improvement, and the senator's daughter is a little bit on the annoying side, but at least we get varied characters, which is something you only usually now get on veronica mars and grey's anatomy.

    The real tragedy would be if this show gets cancelled before it finishes its arc while Lost blunders on not ever planning to wrap up any of its mysteries.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of those frustrating series that ends without resolving anything. There are no answers to ANY of the main questions on which the series is based.

    Why do people do what they do? What is motivating them? What do they want to achieve, and do they even know what they want themselves? I'm not referring to the series. I'm talking about whoever wrote and made this rubbish.

    We seem to meet the same elements in every "thriller" series these days; but unlikeable characters, sinister secret organizations, mysterious men in big cars chasing people around and killing them, and nearly every character with a hidden agenda, does not a story make.

    This could have been a great story but for some reason the opportunity was wasted.

    At the end of the final episode the woman is still on the run, and we never find out why she was kidnapped in the first place. If that isn't reason enough to avoid this series, you've obviously got too much time on your hands.

    Ming-Na looks cool & sexy, though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This gets 5 points from me - because they killed off their excellent lead character, portrayed by the very capable Gale Harold. Harold was actually the only one worth watching - all the other actors were mediocre at best, and a lot of them seem to be just saying their lines and going through the motions (the "teenagers" are especially bad!).

    However, Fox rather wasted Harold's vast talent - it seems they just needed somebody to kick in a few doors. They should have given the character more to do, explored the subtext concerning his family more and set that off against his work. That would have been far more interesting than trying to find Sara. And yes, we get the Free Masons again, you can't seem to avoid that lot these days.

    Again - a waste of a fairly good idea, and definitely a waste of one fine actor. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of Gale Harold's fine work!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I thought the story was exciting and thrilling! Ending each episode with a cliffhanger was a great concept! But how many twists can you put in a story with relative few characters! For example I really didn't care much for senator Collin's children! The plot concerning them slowed the main story and in my opinion damaged the series! There were too many "so called" secrets that it was getting ridiculous! But in all fairness there were a lot of ideas which were great,but didn't develop so well! What happened to the "big conspiracy theory" spoiler: The main character getting killed was genius! I have not seen this done before! But how could they end the show like this! Only loose ends,no closure and not even a good cliffhanger! I thought they would continue the show! But now I found out that this show is over! Very disappointing! What is the point of watching a show like this when the story doesn't get the chance to be told and finished! Very frustrating!
  • yasmine-egle7 October 2007
    I liked it very much. Very good thing I didn't read the comments before watching. Because they all say that 'vanished' is not good. It's not true. I found it very interesting and the actors are really good. The plots are interesting and episode after episode we see how they dot the all the i. It is quite a different show from 24 or Prison Break. You don't have to watch and search for similarities. Yes, it is an action/drama/thriller or whatever show, but has it's own different characteristics. I especially enjoyed the acting of actress Ming-Na. She was really good. But I couldn't say that the other actors were worse. All were really good and I enjoyed watching Vanished.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I usually find a bright side to everything, but am I the only one who thought the last episode sucked? I HONESTLY began to think, "surely this isn't the last episode..." The ending was horrendous! I have never seen anything that left so many open holes...

    So the lady goes back to her old beau never knowing that her husband remained madly in love with her and did everything he could to get her back? The Senator never finds out it was HIS daughter that was boinking Judge Rainer? No one finds out who the traitor was? I mean the list goes on AND on!!! I was upset that they let Gale Harold go yet I stuck with it. However, this simply takes the cake...
  • If the lead character is changed... If they don't overcast the stars from other (mostly CSI) dramas. If the plot will be sufficiently twisty. And if the cinematographer maintains the quality it did in the pilot.

    ...then this show can survive, but as the other comment said, the main character is too, way too aggressive and he causes the audience to lose focus from the "good" story and other "almost there" characters.

    The main plot is kinda straightforward at the beginning, there is the Senator, his wife, who gets kidnapped (you can't know for sure she's not involved in the vanishing, especially as the pilot progresses...), there are several loose ends and characters, who you just can't put on the bad or good side so far. After a few bodies here and there, everybody start to see that it won't be a quick retrieval of the senator's wife.

    Keep an eye on it, decide for yourself.
  • FieldMarshalWarBunny21 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I actually made the time to watch this. That's an hour I'll never get back. I didn't like the "hero." *SPOILER!!!!!* In the flashback where he's there to save the little boy, and he signals the sniper to take out the kidnapper, I just KNEW he was gonna leap FORWARD grab the guy's hand and keep the DEADMAN switch from popping up and blowing the kid to kingdom come. Instead, he does the dumbest possible thing and jumps TOWARD THE KID WITH THE BOMB! Hello? Can you defuse five pounds of C4 before the dead-man lets go of the dead-man switch? NO! Now, here we are a few months later, and this is the guy the FBI taps to find a senator's missing wife? He'd have been quietly retired after a fiasco like that. The rest of the show kinda goes downhill from there. Frankly, I don't care if they find the senator's wife or not. I don't care if the hero exorcises his demons or not. I've got better things to do with my time like watch DVD's of Alias or 24.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show start as usual, we meet the family, the Senator, his young wife and his son, much later we meet his daughter, they are all nice and gentle, just one unusual phone call and that's it, next thing we know, she goes to take a fake phone call and gets snatched, 'Vanished' ensues.

    We meet the FBI agent, some guy, or boy to be more precise, with some demographically chosen confusing ethnic background, is finishing a rescue mission, the scene is actually quite good, but the filming was so bad and almost as fake as the one that happened next, the boy blows up and the agent goes flying away from the 'green screen' in front of him, then we see him mourning in a church, in front of a group of children singing while some priest tries to analyze him in a scene that beats the records of clichés per scene, next thing we know he receives a phone call, duty calls, 'I'll be there in 15 minutes' he replies to the caller.

    Gale Harold portrays Agent Graham Kelton, a bad ripoff of the usual tough flawed hero that Bruce Willis plays with perfection, from the start this guy is a piece of sh!t, he treats everybody like crap, he is overly aggressive and hostile toward everybody, and I mean everybody, Agent Graham, even tho they try to portray him as a complex character, is terribly bidimensional, and the acting of Gale Harold, or the lack of it, doesn't help, considering he has the same pose and face the entire pilot.

    Graham, after treating like crap everybody right from the beginning, including the the family of the victim, stumble into a far fetched story of a decade spanning set of murders and kidnappings, with him finding a dead woman who was kidnapped exactly ten years ago, that they immediately recognize, they found her and others with a series of numbers a bunch of clues and near the end, the Senator thanks him for his hostility and ask for him to do all he can to bring his wife home, oh yeah, that after they put the daughter, son, ex-wife and the daughter's boyfriends in a complicated web of people involved somehow with the kidnapping in a way that would make a Hercule Poirot novel look like a straight-forward book, and all that in the pilot.

    Overall, this show is awful the characters are awful, the lead character is enough to kill the show with his bad performance and worst character and the story is so fake and try so hard to look as complicated as it can, that it looks something you would expect from a bad episode of 'Lost' or 'Alias'.
  • I love the mystery, the intrigue, and the twists. Politics, sex, personal conflict, and suspense it has all these dimensions. It truly leaves you hanging and wishing for more at the end of each episode. Writers know how to build suspense. Characters are intriguing and more than one-dimensional. It manages to have personal conflicts and character development without being "soapy". Certainly better than the average TV fair. I find that I really look forward to the next episode week after week. Just when you think that you have nailed down who is guilty the writers throw a curve at you and you need to hypothesize a whole new theory.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have tried to watch this show objectively, but I can't seem to find anything, or anyone, I like about it. It's got too many uninteresting characters, played by uninteresting actors, poorly rehashing a plot that has been done several times before,,,and BETTER! There isn't any character to relate to, to like or care about. What have you got - A Senators wife missing, and the case being handled by a screw-up FBI agent. The FBI isn't exactly the number one favorite government agency to design a show around, and the lead agent isn't someone that watchable, much less to even care about. Then you have an over the hill self obsessed horney female TV reporter who spends more time getting laid than anything else...WOW... that's original! I won't waste any time discussing the rest of the characters or dumb story line as I can't see this show going the full season, and would be surprised to see it last thru October. There are better shows to watch - even reruns!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I still cant get the reason why this movie was banned, maybe because it makes the audience know more about what is going in the sinister world and the investigation world , i love the plot and twist of this movie and i still cant stop fantasizing about this movie like over 10 years ago, i haven't come any movie like this,please try and do something about this series i really wish i can help but i really don't know what to do that to let my feelings for this series known..hopefully my wish is fulfilled...Thank You
  • I watched this on Netflix. Probably couldn't have gotten through it if I wasn't doing something else while watching. The show starts well. Introduces a number of "mysteries" and makes you want to see more. The first few of the 13 episodes are good, keeping your interest. But then as the show goes on, the show seems to lose focus and the last episode ends without any of the questions being answered in a way that makes sense.

    Really, the writers didn't seem to spend any time coming up with a cohesive, sensible story line. It just got stupider and stupider until the last REALLY stupid episode. I would NOT recommend this to anyone.
  • Modblondie21 December 2006
    Were parts of this film made in Old San Juan? My husband and I stayed at the Gallery Inn, and it looks just like this hotel in the movie. It was complete with the parrots, statues, etc. It is owned by an artist named Jan. There is a courtyard at the Gallery Inn that looks just like the one viewed in the movie. Please let me know if this location was used. I also noticed that the cobblestone streets that were beside the hotel looked very similar. The streets were steep, and lined with colorful houses. We stayed in a room that was under the balcony, and it was exquisite. There was a sitting room off the bedroom, with arched windows, books, a table and couch, and exquisite antiques and art work. It opened onto the balcony, which had a breathtaking view. Above our balcony was the observation deck, which overlooked the city and docked cruise ships dotting the landscape. Gorgeous! Carole Brennan
  • I have to confess to originally seeking this out because Gale Harrold is in it - I was a big fan of Brian in Queer As Folk. He doesn't look any older although he's not quite as pretty as he was in QAF. The show is promising. It's a series rather than an episodic drama - think 24 rather than Bones. The plot is moving along nicely, and making a lot more sense than 24. Its big problem is that Gale's character, FBI Agent Kelton, is still two-dimensional after 7 episodes. We don't know how he's feeling. We can guess from the odd flashback to former cases he's worked on but the script needs to allow him to take time out to unburden to another character so that we can better understand what makes him tick. Compare and contrast Bones where we regularly see Jack and Angela or Booth and Brennan sharing thoughts, hopes, fears and concerns. We know little of Kelton's relationships (personal or professional) with the other characters. Not the best show on TV at present (that's probably Battlestar Gallactica although Veronica Mars comes close) but worth watching.
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