In lieu of a typical story line, the cast reminisces about Jack Soo, who passed away earlier that year. At the end they all toast Jack Soo with his character's famous coffee.

Aired four months and 6 days after the death of Jack Soo.

Jack Soo 's birth name is Goro Suzuki, and he was placed in a detention camp during the Second World War for being an enemy alien, or a person of Japanese origin.

In Memoriam: Max Gail: That [final] scene (Barney Miller: Christmas Story (1976), Yemana makes contact with the Japanese hooker)...We finished about 2:30 in the morning...I think and all of us were here and all of that camera people and directors and other people it takes to make the show we're here and you could go through all of those people and all the people who encounter Jack away from the studio in real life and not find anyone that he hadn't touched in some way at some time. Because his love for Humanity and people was always stronger than his anger at the things people have done to him and that's why he was able to give us the gift of Yemana . Hal Linden : No one actor in the show is indispensable and Barney Miller will continue without Jack. But, it will be different. There will be times when in the middle of a crisis, Nick should make a joke but will not will not; or exasperate Barney but will not, he'll be missed .

The tainted brownie episode is called Barney Miller: Hash (1976) ( Season 3, Episode 11 ; Original Air Date :December 30, 1976). Also, the episode involving the Rorschach or the ink-blot test is called the Barney Miller: The Psychiatrist (1976) ( Season 2, Episode 20 ; Original Air Date : February 26, 1976) .