Bruce Wayne: This stuff can turn a person's DNA inside out. It's toxic industrial waste. Probably buried several years ago. That's where Wallace fits in.

Terry McGinnis: You're getting a little ahead of me here.

Bruce Wayne: Don't you read the news? It was only ten years ago.

Terry McGinnis: I was seven.

Bruce Wayne: Oh. Well, back then, the DA accused Wallace of dumping this kind of chemical. Nothing was ever proved though. What did you find out about your friend?

Terry McGinnis: Not much, except that Wallace isn't her real father.

Bruce Wayne: Not her father? Now that's intere... um, promising.

Dana: You're cheating.

Terry McGinnis: Am not.

Dana: You have to be cheating. There's no way you could know something like that without a calculator.

Terry McGinnis: People used to.

Dana: You're saying you memorized the multiplication tables? What for?

Terry McGinnis: My dad was a scientist. Guess he wanted me to be ready for anything.

Dana: 15 times 15.

Terry McGinnis: 225.

Bruce Wayne: Interesting.

Terry McGinnis: Interesting? That's all you can say? It was unbelievable!

Bruce Wayne: A word I rarely use.

Terry McGinnis: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Bruce Wayne: Terry, the sample you gave me was just ordinary soil, plain old dirt.

Terry McGinnis: It was alive!

Bruce Wayne: Okay, supposing it was, do you really think last night will be the end of it?

Bill Wallace: [after telling the story about what happened to Jackie's father, Tony] He had to be dead, that's what we figured, anyway.

Jackie: Why didn't you tell me?

Bill Wallace: You were too young, and besides, it wouldn't have brought him back.

Terry McGinnis: But he is back, isn't he?

Jackie: What do you mean?

Terry McGinnis: That chemical they were dumping had catalyzing properties, it can scramble DNA with other organic materials, like the Earth itself.

Jackie: If I spent as much time studying as I do practicing my cheers, I'd actually have an education by now.

Dana: A girl's gotta have her priorities.

Jackie: My father...

Batman: He's not your father. Not really, he's... a ghost.

Jackie Wallace: Will you please tell me what is going on?

Bill Wallace: There's no time to explain. Now help me get your stuff together.

Jackie Wallace: Those... those things that came up out of the ground, what were they?

Bill Wallace: I... I don't know.

Jackie Wallace: You know. Otherwise, we wouldn't be leaving like this. It's not like you.

Bill Wallace: Sorry to interrupt the homework, but I'm trying to work on my expansion plans and I can't concentrate.

Jackie Wallace: We're being as quiet as we can.

Bill Wallace: That's why I can't concentrate. I get nervous when kids are too quiet.

Tony Maychek: I don't know about this, Bill.

Bill Wallace: The shaft's totally sealed. No way for a bleed-through.

Tony Maychek: What if there's a quake?

Bill Wallace: Tony, listen to me. We may be cutting corners now, but someday, this company's gonna be very, very big. Don't you want a share of that?

Tony Maychek: You talkin' partnership?

Bill Wallace: I am. Think of Jackie; no mother, just you. You want the best for her, don't you?

Tony Maychek: [shaking hands] Looks like I'm gonna need a rope... partner.

Jackie Wallace: You can't be. You just can't be. But you are, aren't you? You're him. You're my father.

Earthmover: Yes... Jackie.

Jackie Wallace: And this is what the accident did to you?

Earthmover: Not accident!

Bill Wallace: Tony?

Earthmover: You... left... me... buried!

Bill Wallace: I thought you were dead.

Earthmover: No! Didn't want partner!

Bill Wallace: That's not true! There was nothing I could do for you, nothing! But there was Jackie. I took care of her like she was my own daughter. Isn't that what you would have wanted?

Earthmover: You stole her!

Bill Wallace: You wanna kill me? Go ahead. I got a lot to answer for, but for God's sakes, let Jackie go.

Earthmover: She stays... and you die.

Batman: I'm at the entrance.

Bruce Wayne: Good. Keep your directional mics open. You might pick up something.

Batman: All right. I'll keep 'em open. Where do I start?

Bruce Wayne: Well, we've got a rough idea of where the house is, and we know the underground rivers can take you almost anywhere in the city. That's the good news.

Batman: And the bad news?

Bruce Wayne: Everything else.

Bill Wallace: Tony? It's you, isn't it? It had to be.

Jackie Wallace: Tony? That was my father's name. But this can't be...

Bill Wallace: Get away from here as fast as you can. Go!

Jackie Wallace: No. I want to know what this is about.

Bill Wallace: Jackie, do what I say! Tony... please... I didn't know. I didn't know!

Jackie Wallace: [Batman steps out of the shadows] Bill, tell me everything. Now.

Bill Wallace: I... I can't.

Batman: Better tell her, unless you want me to.