Coe: It is a U.F.O., isn't it?

Scab: Wake up, Coe! All the writing's in English.

Coe: You can read?

Terry McGinnis: I think it's some sort of military vehicle: real fast and maneuverable.

Bruce Wayne: So stop them.

Terry McGinnis: That's easy for you to say.

Dr. Price: The fuel cell has a design flaw.

Batman: Like...?

Dr. Price: A breach in the vehicle's reactor.

Batman: Reactor? As in nuclear? But that's been illegal for years. It could take out half the city.

Dr. Price: Don't you think I know that? But how was I supposed to make something state-of-the-art on the pitiful budget the government gave me? How? Look, we need to find those dregs, and you said you could help.

Batman: [seeing something outside] I'd start down there.

Jokerz Leader: [Scab lands the experimental plane] Nice ride, Scab. Where'd you get it?

Scab: My grades were good, so my folks bought me a car.

Dr. Price: Did you kill the reactor?

Batman: No. They got away. You built some ship, lady.

Dr. Price: You have to stop them.

Batman: You'll be okay?

Dr. Price: In another few minutes, it won't matter. Now go!

Batman: If we hit 'em, the reactor will blow up.

Dr. Price: No, it's shielded from impact. But right after the crash, you're gonna have to use this key to deactivate it.

Batman: Uh, hello? I don't think I'm gonna be in any condition to...

Dr. Price: Yes, you will.

[she presses a button, and his seat is ejected from the ship]

Batman: Where are they going?

Coe: [sarcastic] To grandma's for milk and cookies.

Batman: Don't want to rat out the Jokerz, huh?

Coe: They're my bros.

Batman: Yeah? Well, your bros just ditched you.

Coe: I... I...

Batman: Looks like you're an only child now.

Coe: They're going to bust up the Ts' headquarters at the old subway station. I don't know when, though.

Batman: Let's hope it's not too late.

Batman: Who are you? What's going on?

Dr. Price: That's classified.

Batman: Government stuff, huh? That's what I figured.

Dr. Price: You don't know anything.

Batman: [she starts to close the canopy] I know who jacked your ride.

Dr. Price: [opening it back up] Who?

Batman: Give me a lift. I want 'em as bad as you do.

Dr. Price: No deals.

Batman: They're Jokerz.

Dr. Price: Madmen.

Batman: No. Kids. You're gonna have to think like they do. Can you?

[she opens the canopy to the back seat]

Coe: Smoked 'em! Whoo-hoo!

Jokerz Leader: Sure did.

Scab: But there's a lot of fat butts still to kick, J-Man.

Jokerz Leader: Fat Ts' headquarters.

Scab: He can't stop us anymore, not with this thing.

Coe: Whoo-hoo!

Lee: All they had were some chains and tasers.

Scab: Well, they should've been prepared. Guess they were never in the Boy Scouts.

Batman: What are you doing?

Dr. Price: Stopping them.

Coe: Better turn, Scab. You better turn.

Scab: She wants to play chicken. That's a game I always win.

Dr. Price: I'm addressing whoever stole the experimental vehicle.

Scab: That'd be me.

Dr. Price: Who are you?

Scab: Who are you? You sound hot. Are you hot?

Dr. Price: Listen to me. That vehicle is government property. You have to return it now.

Scab: Typical babe. Ain't even met you and you're already giving me orders.

Dr. Price: Having fun with the new toy?

Pilot: Heh. You built us a winner, Doc. Wish I had one of these in the last war.

Dr. Price: I'm sure there'll be another soon enough. Now how 'bout some numbers?

Pilot: R and B pressure, 20, 40 psi. Excel pressure: 1104... fuel temp: 280... air speed...

Dr. Price: Did you say 280?

Pilot: Roger. 2-8-0. That a problem?

Dr. Price: Get out. Get out right now.

Pilot: You saying you want us to just leave it?

Dr. Price: Yes. My team will be along for it in five minutes.

Pilot: But...

Dr. Price: Land right now and get as far away from the vehicle as fast as you can.

Batman: They're Ts, another gang. Been fighting with the Jokerz for years.

Dr. Price: That doesn't mean they deserved this. It's all because of me. And it's only gonna get worse.

Batman: Nice plane. Not quite as nice as the Jokerz', though.

Dr. Price: Thanks. I built it.

Batman: Then you should've kept a better eye on it.

Dr. Price: I ordered the pilots to abort.

Batman: Why?

Dr. Price: Not your problem.

Batman: You want me to help you or not?

Scab: Gonna finish this now, Bats.

Batman: You'll go, too. The reactor's overloading.

Scab: Nice try.

Batman: Look at it. That key'll stop it.

Scab: Can't do it.

Batman: Are you out of your mind?

Scab: I'm not giving this up. For once in my life, I've got some real power.

Batman: You never had any with the Jokerz?

Scab: Don't make me laugh. They were just a crutch.

Batman: So's this ship.

Scab: Yeah, but it's a crutch with muscle.

Batman: I'm telling you, it won't last.

Scab: Maybe. Maybe not. But you won't be around to care.

Dr. Price: You all right?

Batman: Nothing a few transplants won't cure, but...

Dr. Price: Good enough.

Pilot: Ha, ha, ha! First thing they're going to do when they get back to Gotham is tell their buds that martians are coming.

Pilot 2: Second thing. First they got to get their pants cleaned.