• kfo949424 October 2012
    A good ending but just too long to get there.
    Heath is captured by a strange religious cult that is lead by a man only known as Hermit. They believe that Heath is responsible for the death of one of their members years ago. So now they have their own court and sentence Heath to be a slave the rest of his life.

    It seems that the member that died was to have married one of the woman members named Bettina. So Heath is to be her slave. At first Bettina is hateful toward Heath but as time pass she begins having feelings for the young Barkley. It will be those feeling that will lead to an unexpected ending to the story.

    The episode appeared to be long. There was little supporting action but much unimpressive dialog. The ending was good but nothing else to support the show.
  • bkoganbing2 May 2016
    Something of a let down
    Another story from the murky past of Lee Majors before he claimed his Barkley birthright is what this episode contains. It seems like Heath might have killed this religious cult member a few years back.

    Well the group headed by Charles Tyner has been hunting him and they kidnap while he's riding fence. Tried by their own kangaroo court, Lee Majors is sentenced to be a slave. But the widow of the man Majors is supposed to have killed, Quentin Dean is burning for vengeance. She's also burning for something else too.

    This story built up to a climax and in the end was something of a let down.