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  • I think better than average because it does have a twist that isn't obvious for most of the episode. The plot twist is set up early but, only becomes obvious during the trial, reinforced later in the hotel room and confirmed after the prisoner is on the run.

    Story above average, most of the acting is average or better, good plot twist and an additional plot twist at the end that ties up the story nicely with bittersweet justice.

    Besides the obvious morals of don't steal or kill, the main moral of the story is don't promise someone their dream, renege on it and laugh at their gullibility.
  • bkoganbing13 March 2021
    This episode has Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, David Canary, and Davey Davison all witnesses to a brutal killing by Michael Blodgett during the course of a robbery. Blodgett is arrested and awaiting trial. But his outlaw brother has vowed to free the brother and/or kill those who testify against him.

    This is one violent episode with the gang making several attempts on the three guys. Davison is getting real hinky in terms of her testimony.

    Blodgett's a coldblooded killer and Davison is a 19th century version of a valley girl. It a;; gels quite nicely through in a good episode.
  • The first gunfight, was very violent, and very involved, plus there were many more.

    Vicious criminals.

    One thing though, the witnesses were placed in the hotel, in protective custody, but the security to protect them, failed many times, including obvious mistakes, even by the sheriff.

    Violent episode.