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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tony Picard goes to the police and frantically tells them that his girlfriend, Elyse Brown has disappeared. The police refuse to help him but later Rex and Cal agree to undertake a search for the missing Elyse. Tony insists that Elyse wasn't the type of girl to simply run away (an acquaintance of Elyse's later says of her "She invented driven snow"). Elyse worked for Duffy Construction, a company that does road work deep in the Bayou. Investigating the site, Rex comes across a couple of shady Bayou characters named Gator Joe and Big Red (played by the wonderful Denver Pyle). Amidst all this, the levees break and there is terrible flooding; the stock footage of this was excellent. As the investigation proceeds, secrets come to light but in the end, after some tense moments, Elyse is found alive. Again in this episode, Eddie Cole (Nat King Cole's brother) appears as jazz musician 'The Baron.' The supporting cast is very good. In addition to Pyle, there are the always reliable character actors Jeannette Nolan and Raymond Bailey as Tony's parents. And Mary Tyler Moore has the brief and uncredited role as Elyse.